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  2. @Alfred There are two ways to do this that I am aware of. 1). Have your CI audiologist create a program for you that has each electrode set too quiet for you to hear. When you want to be in quiet just use your remote to move into this program. 2). The new remote (Fine Tuner Echo) has a monitoring mode which mutes the mics.
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  4. Give it a try, @Jewel - but yes, they may be going by your clinic.
  5. @Alfred There are ways to let you do this. Which processor do you use?
  6. Hi, All I was born profoundly hearing impaired in both ears (essentially sound-free without H/As) and have always worn the strongest hearing aids available. A couple years ago, my right ear shut off and I have since been fitted with an implant. I've had it now for about 9 months and I LOVE IT, but I don't wear it very often. All my life I've had the 'ability' to turn my hearing off and on at will and CI has removed that option for me as there is no way to turn it off short of removing the magnet from my head. If I do this, the magnet then dangles at the end of its tether and swings around like a rogue earring, so I have to take it off to prevent that. Then I have to do something with it, because it's valuable and expensive and I don't want to just shove it in my jeans pocket, so then I have to carry a case to put it in and then put the case in my pocket. So if I do this, it becomes an issue to get it back out, turn it back on (pull the casing off and put it back on) and place it on my head. This is far too laborious for lazy me. I've found that rather than go through that, I only wear the processor on special occasions, which is sort of defeating the purpose. I've spoken to my audiologist and the whole team agrees I should just put it on and leave it there and not turn it off ever. I'm 55. I've been doing this my whole life. Now I am no longer able to turn my ear off at will? I'm afraid I've wasted everyone's time and money, because at this rate, I may just wind up never using anymore and it makes me sad to think of it, but between always-on and always-off, I tend to lean to the quieter option. The whole thing is affecting me mentally. I feel bad, like I'm disappointing everyone involved. Does anyone else have this problem? Any solutions? Is there any way to turn of a processor shy of removing the casing? Thanks for taking the time to read this. -Alfred
  7. If you have LG tv download LG TV plus application it’s available on AppStore & Google play. No need to use your original remote because it’s original application from LG but your TV should support WiFi to connect it to your router & your smartphone at the same time
  8. From your tv sound settings you can pair bluetooth, I have LG 49UH603V. I have Samsung also but there is no built-in bluetooth so I used ClearSounds QLink TV bluetooth streamer.
  9. Rarely there is lag time because it’s directly connected and both bluetooth 4.0
  10. iHM24

    AudioKey info

    Thank you dear @Mary Beth 🌺🙏🏻 I wish they release it soon with AudioLink because it will be useless for us who owned Sonnet. I thought it will be available in Middle East region and in my country (Bahrain) on next year! But I wish they release it earlier for us 🙏🏻
  11. @iHM24 Hameed, The AudioKey app is not yet available in the US App Store. Since neither the AudioLink nor the Sonnet 2 are released yet in the US, no one could use the app here at this time. I am looking forward to the AudioLink, the AudioKey app and the Sonnet 2.
  12. iHM24

    AudioKey info

    Hello dear @MED-EL Moderator I have two iPhone one of them I’m using US AppStore and second one using my local country (Bahrain) AppStore. Both of them it’s showing unavailable in my country! Maybe in Bahrain will take time but anyone download it from US AppStore or still not released in US AppStore as well?! Best regards Hameed
  13. Hi @iHM24, thanks for your question and for your interest in AudioKey. So far we have released AudioKey in more than 80 countries worldwide, however, due to regulatory reasons the app is not available in every country yet. Please check your local app store to see if you can already download it Kind regards, Verena
  14. A US Med-El rep emailed me to join US Hear Peers. I should check if it is an error.
  15. Just thought of what I thought was a genius idea. Instead or getting Bluetooth out of my Dish network (which works) or Roku, which doesn’t, I thought I should use the original remote for the TV and look through it’s settings (I have Sony enigma TV, not an LG) but nothing. So I await the TV streamer and will let you know how it is when I get it.
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  17. I’m following your TV journey with interest @Hearing Again! Keep us updated!
  18. I have an IG TV. I can’t imagine why I can hear tv when I’m using dish network but not when I’m using ROKU. The only thing I can think is in Dish settings there is an icon to turn Bluetooth on and off and to link devices. I can not find anything like that on my TV.
  19. Hello there. Yes, when I first used it it was bad. The next day I unplugged everything, waited a while and plugged it in and then the lag was hardly noticeable. On another note, my tv streamer should be hear (get it, hear) within a week or so. Can’t wait to try it out.
  20. @Mary Featherston Nope I am waiting just like you. Kind of sign up, then wait. Smile. But I have met up with quite a few Med-El users apart from Med-El events. Like what @Dave in Pittsburgh Tried to get organized in Niagara Falls. Recently I spent several days with several Med-El users who have become friends. I posted pics on FB and IG so maybe that is what you have seen. Wonderful time! Terrific people. I look forward to our paths crossing in person someday soon.
  21. Ah, OK @Mary Beth - I had the impression you'd been at one. Meet-up maybe?
  22. I think all regions are in the same spot. They are gathering members right now. I do not think any HearPeers US events have been announced yet. @Mary Featherston
  23. I'm not sure what the timeline looks like - I signed up some times ago but haven't heard anything since the initial acknowledgement. Maybe they're starting in the east and working westward?
  24. I agree @iHM24. I look forward to the new Sonnet mic cover design to make its appearance in the US.
  25. @iHM24 Do you notice any audio lag time between your BT TV and BT neckloop?
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