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  2. jbautista32


    Hello- I am new here and just got activated with my Samba unit yesterday. Just one question, do any of you wear athletic hats? My processor sits about my glasses hinge.
  3. thanks for asking Mary Beth... no, still not. I kinda gave up trying.
  4. tmscarlett10


    Hi, @MED-EL Moderator, I have some questions about the Rondo3. - What accessories are compatible with Rondo3? Is there anything new/different compared to Rondo2? - What does bidirectional microphones mean? - Does the Rondo3 need to be dried at the end of the day, and how do I do this? That is all for now, but I am sure that I will come up with some more. XD Thanks!!
  5. Last week
  6. DITTO I am excited too. Can’t wait for its release!!!
  7. @Tracey_66 I am not sure how things work with Med-El in Spain. In the US, we would contact our Med-El customer service representative and it would be replaced under warranty. Does your Artone enter pairing mode? It would show alternating red and blue lights while the center button is pressed and held in during turn on.
  8. @Mary Beth Not a problem. Thank You have been soo helpful. I've not heard from Artone. Have checked the junk box in my email as well. Since Tuesday, been trying to pair with other BT devices, even tried it with another laptop still the same. The awkward thing is, it came as part of the Rondo 2 kit, which I received end of June. I stuck with it, thinking it was maybe Something I was doing. Not sure who I need to get in touch with at the moment. As I don't know who organises the kit. If you see what I mean.😕
  9. MPeake


    Thank you that is great news. Appreciate the reply
  10. @MPeake The regular battery cover does work with the micro rechargeable battery. But there is also a MICRO battery cover that can be used and it will make the Sonnet smaller.
  11. MPeake


    Thank you. I have tried the micro pack but the outer case is the same size as disposal one
  12. @MPeake There is a smaller battery pack for Sonnets. It uses the micro rechargeable batteries, which are smaller and therefore do not last as long. And micro battery covers.
  13. MPeake


    The current battery pack in my Sonnet implant is quite large. My question is will there be a smaller battery pack in the future? I have tried the rechargeable pack but it is the same size as the disposable one.
  14. I am trying to select the most appropriate bone conduction system for my situation but it has been difficult to get information. It really shouldn't be difficult to get pricing for AdHear, SoundArc and / or TransEar from a few audiologists, but I have asked and can't get it. It takes weeks to get an appointment and weeks for the Audiologist to request the order forms from MedEl or Cochlear or to find out that the local hospitals no longer allow any type of BAHA surgery (I can't figure out why). I assume: 1) Although one of the surgical implants may be the best long
  15. @2monkeys Here is info on the Rondo 3 swap https://hearlife.medel.com/en-us/local/us-pages/rondo-swap-information
  16. @2monkeys Welcome to HearPeers! The rehab process with a cochlear implant is the same regardless of processor choice. Speak with your audiologist about the Rondo 3 swap promotion if you are in the US (and Canada too I believe). Rondo 3 is expected to release by year’s end and this promo lets you start your daughter’s journey now and swap to the Rondo 3. Personally, I am very excited about Rondo 3. Wishing your daughter the best. Hearing from two ears is amazing.
  17. @Tracey_66 disregard this. I gave you the incorrect email for Artone support. Sorry.
  18. I cannot tell you which way to go. The few posts I have seen about kanso2 have been full of praise ( chosen instead of cochlear n7) However Trying to compare is impossible. I can only say whatever you choose is going to work , it's best to go for the best support you find. (I read a lot of Posts on the forums , there are many success stories.) Rehab is the same for any option. This is My personal opinion.
  19. Hello, my 10 year old daughter has SSD that we found out about 6 months ago. We can’t decide between the Rondo 2 and Kanso 2. Our audiologist said it’s up to us, but we really can’t find enough distinction (that we can understand) between the two. Any recommendations? Do both offer similar types of rehab options? Looking forward to your advice.
  20. @Tracey_66 Have you been able to pair your Artone successfully to any BT device yet?
  21. @Mary Beth I have emailed Artone support for any information e.g. types of phones that it would accept and trouble shooting the problem with the Artone itself. I've not heard from them. So will try again. I have in mind eventually to change to a different phone. The mobile that I have is weird.
  22. @Tracey_66 I have never had a problem pairing various Artone’s with my iPhone, iPad, Android tablet nor TVB. I just go to the device’s BT setting. Then press and hold the center Artone button until red and blue lights flash and release. The Artone shows up on the device BT screen and I select it. Maybe it would be helpful for you to contact Artone for support?
  23. @Mary BethBoth phone and Atone3 won't pair. Weird. When I tried to install a Bluetooth driver it won't accept that either. Even though I can send a photo from the mobile to my kindle via Bluetooth!!! 😕.
  24. @Tracey_66 Have you BlueTooth paired the Artone with your phone in your phone settings? Is it listed as paired and connected before you switch to T or MT?
  25. @Watersail I would think that info would be very helpful. You may want to ask for those changes in a MAP you use with the AudioLink only if you like your regular MAP for everyday use.
  26. @Mary Beth Sorry! Not replying earlier. I wanted to try out a few things before getting back to you. The Artone 3 still won't work with my phone, I've tried MT and T. There is no sound. I've tried it out on other mobile phones still the same. So don't know what the problem is.
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