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  2. Hi @Mary Beth, I've got an answer from our product experts for you. Yes, the new, improved RONDO 2 attachment option is available now, however, if it is already available in your country depends on your local area. So it's best to check with them about the availability of the latest attachment option Best regards, Verena
  3. Hi Mary Beth,my CI was done February this year and activated in March of this....in my left ear.I got totally deaf in both ears.The model is MEDEL.I must say my rehab has been negatively impacted by the pandemic.Last Monday I had rehab since April.So I'm still learning!!!Thanks Mary Beth!!!/CI whisperer!,
  4. Thanks!!you guys for responding....when I became deaf one of the very first things I thought about was music,in fact I STILL DO.One of the greatest things is that the tunes still lives in my head!!!I'm not giving up...things will change somehow.Thanks again!!!
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  6. @Mary Featherston Someone else recently had trouble connecting their Artone to their laptop but it would connect to their phone and tablet. Does your Artone connect correctly to your phone or tablet or is it not connecting to any device right now?
  7. Since we're talking about Artone neckloops - I had a weird thing happen. It wouldn't connect correctly to my laptop (no, this wasn't our chat). The red and blue lights just carried on flashing and eventually I gave up. Anyone seen that?
  8. @Leila Riley welcome to HearPeers! When were you activated and which processor are you using?
  9. Hi,I recently got CI in my left ear (was completely deaf)in both ears....my problem is I cannot hear the phone(home phone)clearly....not even 30%clarity and not only that the television poses a problem too!!HELP!!!!!!
  10. My tinnitus began immediately after my hearing loss (both ears).Unfortunately it is extremely loud...all the times only when I'm sleeping I get a freaking break.It's like a roaring river,my processor doesn't eliminate or calm it down.To me my tinnitus issues is worse than being deaf....cause there's no cure apparently!!
  11. Music does not sound good to me either. Voices sound fine but instruments not so good. The number of instruments effects the sound quality that I hear. My Church has an orchestra and it sounds like static to me but if only a few instruments are playing it doesn't sound so bad. I have never been a big fan of music therefore I have not put in much practice time. That probably is a lot of the reason it sounds so bad to me.
  12. I’m 3 and a half years in and I still find music a struggle. A lot depends on the source. If I listen on a good system it’s a lot better than a cheap speaker or phone. But I’m reminded of one of the main reasons I finally agreed to get the implant... I realized one day I could no longer even hear Robert Plant’s voice while listening to old Led Zep albums. He was still in my head but I couldn’t actually hear him anymore. That tipped the balance. Since the implant, I still listen to a ton of music and in fact enjoy it as much, if not more, because I’m hearing stuff in music that I never knew was there. Good luck and remember the song doesn’t necessarily have to remain the same😀
  13. @Leila Riley Welcome! music was a gift slowly opened by my CIs. It took time but was so worth the wait! Tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you been implanted? One side or two? Which processor do you use? Have you worked on any music rehab with your CI? I did and it helped a lot with pitch. Here is my music and CI experience. https://blog.medel.com/3-steps-to-rediscovering-music-with-a-cochlear-implant/ .
  14. Hello everyone,guess I'm the newest member in town!!!Anyways,this may seem like not much of a problem to others but for me not being able to enjoy music is undoubtedly one of my biggest problem.....music gives me peace of mind,joy and happiness.If anyone has that same issue..NOT HEARING MUSIC CLEARLY with cochlear implant I'll be happy to her from you!!!
  15. @mertmur Thank you for your kind words. Yes my first CI is a Concerto. Eight months later when I received my second CI, the US FDA had approved the Synchrony. So I have one of each design. The Synchrony design has a rotating internal magnet that allows for MRI 3.0 T scans. Both internals sound awesome.
  16. Thank you, Mary Beth. You are such a friendly kind person. I wish all of us the best on CI journey. I have noticed that your bilateral internal implants were different. One is Concert and the other one is Synchrony..The point is to hear well and be satisfied by listening the world :)))) XX
  17. Check to be sure your version is up to date
  18. @Tracey_66 It’s still early days for you. Things will keep improving over time. Yes, using Google Meet gives everyone the opportunity to turn on captions. It is a great Google Meet feature. (Along with no time limit! Smile)
  19. Had coffee too! As for heat it has been here in the 30s and won't be long before we will get into the 40s😱 . I'll be happier end of August/September. It was interesting to see and hear how and what connectivity every one uses. I've a long way to go to get the hang of things, as only been activated for a month! I was pleased that there was captions available as everyone's voices was muffled. Nothing to do with laptop etc , just how my ear and Rondo 2 making out the vocal sounds at the moment!
  20. Hi @Mary Beth, thanks for your question. I will check with our product experts and get back to you soon Best regards, Verena
  21. @Mary Beth thanks for tagging us! @Liz We'd suggest you get in touch with our MED-EL Australia team directly. They can have a closer look at your device and if necessary, exchange it. You can get in touch via office@medel.com.au or free call 1300 744 782. Let us know if you have further questions, you can also send us a private message here on the forum if you wish. Best regards, Verena
  22. Ha. No, thanks - I'm not a hot weather person. I tolerate summers here but prefer any of the other three seasons.
  23. @liz unfortunately Medel does not refund once box is opened but I could be wrong. They will work with you on exchange until you are satisfied. My second one is so totally different from the first. Keep me posted.
  24. @LizMay I I suggest you contact you your Medel rep(different for Canadians). We do not have a rep. I am sure they will replace it. I had to go through my audiologist for my replacement
  25. Yes. I lower the volume. Definitely correct. The difference between audiolink and artone is artone definitely has more distance and cost wise much more economical. Audiolink does not have to use the fine tuner therefore one less item to put in your fannypak when walking. The only reason I bought the audiolink as you remember we received a discount which was only valid until December 2019. Again@marybeth what a wonderful chat and what a great way of meeting everyone and finding solutions to all are problems. Again thank you n
  26. It was a different brand from an electronic shop nearby, but we could try this TVB artone and see if that's a good result. Thank you.
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