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  2. @James deluca Hello and welcome to HesrPeers. Have you been evaluated at a CI center yet?
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  4. Sharing a wow day after playing bridge with the same partner for a year I said You have an American accent. Says she” what now : did you not know I am from New York this was the first time I picked it up. ps: charging my neckloop will retry later
  5. Hi. I have hearing lose in right ear with severe tinnitus will the implant help with the tinnitus. Please advise. Thanks Jim
  6. Back to u tomorrow thx ever so much🥰
  7. @ats169 When you paired your Artone Mic to the neckloop, how did you do it? Any problems?
  8. Turn them off. Try one more time from the beginning. This time start the mic first and then the neckloop. @Marion nancy
  9. They Are presently both blinking red and blue
  10. @Marion nancy Tell me what happens with the lights on both devices when you attempt to pair them.
  11. @Marion nancy How many devices do you have your neckloop already paired to?
  12. @Marion nancy ok. That’s a good sign. Smile. unplug them both. press and hold the center button on the neckloop until you see red and blue blinking lights. Let go. turn on the Artone Mic. Keep it close to the neckloop. Press and hold that mute/pair button on the top until you see red and blue blinking lights. wait and watch the lights. They should pair and then start blinking only blue
  13. I am not wondering if there is some interference in my home
  14. Yes both blink red/blue inpairingmode
  15. No I just have one. Oh thank u. Both are plugged in and steady blue
  16. @Marion nancy Do you own 2 neckloops?
  17. @Marion nancy I am willing to try to trouble shoot with you if you are interested. When your Artone Mic is plugged in, does it show a steady blue light? When you enter pairing mode on the Artone Mic are you seeing a blinking red and blue light? When you enter pairing mode on the neckloop are you seeing a blinking red and blue light?
  18. Yes and a frustrating yes. No one seems to have a solution . Thx
  19. @Marion nancy hmmm.... have you tried having the devices that are paired to your neckloop “forget this device” under your devices’ BT settings? Then pair the Artone Mic?
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  21. It does not work. My loop pairs to everything but why I do not kno this mic will not
  22. @Marion nancy First: turn off neckloop second: press and hold button on neckloop until you see red and blue alternating lights. Let go. third: place the Artone Mic close to the neckloop and turn it on. It should pair automatically. If not repeat the above steps and add a fourth step....press and hold the mute/pairing button on the Artone Mic
  23. Can anyone assist with pairing the mic to the artone neckloop😪
  24. Me too! Please state the country you are in and whether your Sonnet 2 is using the new ASM 3 adaptive intelligence features. (ASM 3 is not yet available in Sonnet 2 processors in the US. Sonnet 2 processors in the US are still using ASM 2.)
  25. Interested in hearing about your experience of upgrading from Opus 2 to Sonnet 2.
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