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  2. Since I'm selfpay I will wait for the Sonnet 3. And maybe I could trade in another processor and get the Rondo 3 too! Lol! Needless to say I am gonna have to start saving towards my new processors soon.
  3. I have InnoCaption too Technical issues tho. Rings once, disconnects. I need to troubleshoot. I use the cordless phone with speakerphone mostly. I have a daughter who seeks so rapidly and without punctuation or breathing I find id to difficult to stay on, and its usually stuff my wife must deal with. I listen to audio books in the car, currently John Adams bio by David McCullough. Other times I am listening to jazz or blues, or practicing. Just not in the car! Thank goodness I have music.
  4. @Valentin LOL. That is funny. Did it really happen to you?
  5. @Jdashiell Have you tried InnoCaption on your cell phone yet? Since they use live stenographers instead of automatic software to convert speech to text, the delay is not bad. It’s free and easy to set up an account. Cordless phones for landlines at home have pros and cons. Pros.... the area that the speech comes out of is larger than cell phones so it is easier to position it over our processor mics and they often have a speakerphone option. Cons....sound quality varies greatly. Telephone With Confidence is great phone practice. And no stress because it is just recordings. But in real life the sound quality on phones varies greatly. The best practice with accents for me was Ted Talks. Many many presenters have accents. It helped me a lot. Also audiobooks of stories by foreign authors. Scribd has quite a selection and is convenient for me for $8.99/month. Others find their local libraries to be great resources for audiobooks online. We have a trip planned and I have been listening to audiobooks from authors in those countries to practice accents.
  6. At supermarket, just when the cashier say you the price of our purchase. 🙄
  7. @Mary Featherston Although I would love to try out every single processor Med-El releases, that just is not going to happen. There will always be processors that I never experience. I plan on learning from others and then making the best choice I can each time I am able to upgrade. I think Med-El will have amazing things in store for us. Tech is changing so rapidly. It is a good time to be deaf. Smile.
  8. I have found the the Cochlear America site the most beneficial for telephone rehab. I find it and other similar sites easy to use and hear for telephone help. I use the Roger Pen to hear on the iPhone and that helps often. It is the use of the home cordless phones I find most difficult to hear, whether its family or friends. I have a CaptionCall and Captel Phones at home and should use them. I find their text delay TOOO long. For business calls I find it quite difficult to understand people especially with foreign accents.
  9. @Mary Beth - yes, someone told me that once. While I can imagine the potential for being that motivated, it would have to be a really significant improvement. Due to being at a two-processor clinic AND falling in the PlusRondo promotion I have six processors. Anything new that I'd pay for myself would have to be almost miraculous.
  10. @Jdashiell I am so happy music is back in your life. If you ever want to discuss tech for hearing on the phone, just let me know.
  11. Well I still have difficulty hearing on the the phone, 😞 working on that. However, I have music back in my life I am able to play guitar and Bass and listen to all kinds of music!!
  12. @MED-EL Moderator Sorry. I found it under settings then signature. I forgot how to do that. Sorry.
  13. @MED-EL Moderator I tried to update my info that displays automatically at the bottom of each of my posts. I went into my profile. Chose edit. Changed a few things and hit save. But the info at the bottom of my posts did not update. How do I update that info correctly?
  14. Yes I believe CVS or Walgreens can do that , they also offer flu shots for free
  15. Yup. I have had that experience too! It’s not good.
  16. Driving in traffic on the free way or turn pike, beep beep beep 😩 oh no, hope I can turn off somewhere soon!
  17. I forgot about that! I had to have pre-op visit and possible bloodwork too with my primary care physician. She also did an EKG. But my vaccinations were through my pharmacy.
  18. I had to get a pre-op visit with my Primary care physician, for each of my 4 CI surgeries. I believe I had the vaccine in the first visit. i know for certain I received both doses joe
  19. @mgfiest That would make sense if the FM sleeve uses different battery contacts for the disposable battery pack versus the rechargeable battery. Fingers crossed. keep us posted
  20. @mary beth yes I am.. and I have contacted my audio on it as well... let's hope that is my issue
  21. @mgfiest Sounds like there may be a problem with your FM battery sleeve. Are you able to contact your Med-El CSR or CI center to see about replacing it?
  22. @mgfiest You are using the Roger X (02) receiver plugged into the Sonnet FM battery cover? https://www.phonakpro.com/content/dam/phonakpro/gc_hq/en/products_solutions/wireless_accessories/roger_receivers/documents/fitting_guide_roger_med-el_sonnet_rondo_opus2.pdf
  23. @mary beth when I use the Roger Pen the cover I have is the Sonnet FM battery cover. Does that make a diff?
  24. @Mary Featherston I noticed on Med-El’s US website that sometimes they offer a discount for self-pay when you trade in a processor. It is still expensive to self pay but there have been targeted discounts for specific trade ins.
  25. I'm not even a year into this! But yes, my upgrade will be driven by insurance, though if there was a new processor that's a dramatic improvement I could actually picture paying for them.
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