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  2. I did not have itchy ear, but I was instructed by my Doctor to avoid anything that would cause pressure on the inter ear. I was told not to blow my nose for like two weeks and if I had to sneeze, do so with a open mouth. I was told that pressure possibly could move the electrodes. With this in mind I would not try to scratch the ear. If it continues I would contact the Doctor. I am glad that you are doing well and hope the itchy ear problem go away shortly.
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  4. @MaryGP Glad your recovery is going well. I did not experience an itchy ear. I always think it is a good idea to run these types of questions through your CI surgical team. I hope it clears up soon.
  5. Hi all, I am home from getting my implant. Surgery went great and I have had no nausea or vertigo!, only mild discomfort. Praise God for the easy recovery. However, I do have a very itchy ear. Like, it itches in a deep part that you can't get to without hurting. It may be inside the cochlea. Is this normal? it doesn't feel hot, so I don't think it is infected. My activation date is a while out - 1/9. I guess with the holidays and all. Looking forward to the use of my left ear. Hope all is going well for you all. Mary
  6. @Nischal Koirala Congratulations! Everything sounded so weird at first for me too. I tell my story in this captioned video.
  7. Hi guys I was just swithed on today.Sounds are very very wierd.I can't understand 70% sound.Small sounds are very disturbing and speech are also like robot voice.Very wierd.What was your experience then???Speech voices are very funny (I am implanted in one ear only)
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  9. Hey there Cam. How are thing sounding. Did your swelling do down. I'm looking to get mine Jan-6.
  10. @Rick H My cat would do the same thing. Way too tempting for cats!
  11. Rick H


    @Mary Beth good advice on that one Mary Beth, one week after activation my Cat used my Rondo as a cat toy at night! I woke up having to search it down only to find out didn’t charge up before she found it! I was deaf for half a day that day! Lol Rick H
  12. @SWS0107 Congratulations on your activation! In the early weeks a lot of strange things can happen that are all normal. If you have any concerns, you may want to reach out to your audiologist. Are you scheduled for another appointment soon? Wishing you the best!
  13. I recently got activated with my first implant rondo 2. While the speech was definitely much thinner but clearer after my first mapping, it became quite natural in the second mapping. However, within few days the speech is becoming more and more distorted. It feels like the frequencies are overlapping with each other and I'm unable to make out speech without lipreading. Did anybody experience that? Any suggestions?
  14. @suzcohen I had so much trouble with ZeniPower CI batteries and my Sonnets. Many people did. False dead battery beeps. Terrible battery life. Quite a few of us contacted Med-El US about it several years ago. Power One Implant batteries consistently work great for me in my Sonnets. If your insurance covers batteries, you can order Power One Implant batteries through Med-El . If your insurance does not cover batteries, the exact same batteries are available online for less money. If you decide to try Power One Implant batteries in your son’s Sonnets with the Roger 21, I’d love to hear about your experience.
  15. We are currently using ZeniPower MF Implant Power 675P batteries. Have you found a brand that is most effective for you? Take Care, Suzanne
  16. @suzcohen YAY! So glad you have a work around. Definitely have your son carry extra Sonnet standard rechargeable batteries to school because people are reporting that with Roger use one standard rechargeable battery is not lasting until their children return home. Just out of curiosity, what type disposable batteries were you using? In my experience, the Sonnets are very finicky about power (disposable & rechargeable). It can be frustrating.
  17. @Mary BethThanks for all these thoughts, Mary Beth! Yes, the Roger 21 that works on his RIGHT CI side fails to work when moved to the LEFT CI side. We completely replaced every component of the LEFT CI, including new speech processor. This morning, we just tried using the RECHARGEABLE battery on the LEFT CI and we were instantly able to connect the Roger Pen to the Roger 21 receiver on his LEFT implant. A mom in Colorado had encountered the same issue. After months of replacing the Roger 21 receivers, and then systematically changing out all component parts on the LEFT CI, it never occurred to me to that the disposable batteries were the problem. Just speculating, but I wonder if some CI maps combined with the Roger DM require greater power input than the Sonnet's 2-battery disposable batteries are able to provide? I will share this with our educational audiologist so she can go back to Phonak as they had no ideas for us on how to remedy our issue. This could be an issue for other kids whose maps are very different between one CI and their contralateral CI. Thanks again for your support! Suzanne
  18. @suzcohen It is very interesting. Since the same Roger 21 will work when on the right Sonnet, it seems like the Roger 21 is fine. And I expect the Roger 21 that was working on the right Sonnet, fails to work if you move it to the left Sonnet? You said you tried a different left Sonnet and had the same problem. And you have tried different Roger transmitters to be sure the issue is not with the transmitter itself. This must be frustrating. In the meantime, if you or the school has a Roger X type (02) receiver and a Sonnet FM battery cover with 3 holes on the bottom, you can use that on the left side along with the Roger 21 on the right side. Be sure to set the Roger X (02) receiver to the CI setting for Sonnets using the Touchscreen Mic. It is easy to do and once set it will stay set. or your son could temporarily use a Roger MyLink neckloop receiver (under his shirt if desired) and put both processors in MT. I will reach out to our Phonak rep and see if he has heard of this.
  19. Thanks @Mary Beth! Yes, we've tried to pair just the LEFT CI/Roger DM with the RIGHT CI turned off. Even with 4 different Roger 21 receivers (which work when paired with the RIGHT CI), we have had no success. My son does well with his LEFT CI in the unilateral state (72% on the AZBio Sentences-Quiet), but he does far better with his RIGHT CI (98% on the AZBio Sentences-Quiet). His first CI was his RIGHT CI at 12 months; he received his second LEFT CI at 4.5 years. Combined, he does much better in the bilateral listing condition in noise. Another mom just suggested we try using the rechargeable battery pack with the LEFT CI to see if it makes a difference. I will try that as soon as they charge up. She said she's found the Roger 21's to be very finicky as well, but I haven't heard of other adult recipients reporting that. I appreciate your comments. Take Care, Suzanne
  20. @suzcohen If your son removes his right Sonnet and only listens with his left Sonnet (without using the Roger tech), can he hear well?
  21. @suzcohen Let’s start at the beginning. Roger receivers must be paired one at a time with any Roger transmitter. Have you tried pairing the left Roger 21 by holding the Roger receiver close to it while the right Roger 21 is quite a distance away (not on his right ear or close by). Roger Touchscreen Mic (is that the transmitter used at school?) is a terrific transmitter and has a screen display showing connectivity.
  22. @Mary BethHope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! Quick troubleshooting question for Mary Beth and the group. Has anyone ever had trouble connecting a Sonnet with a Roger 21 receiver to a Phonak transmitter? My son has been able to pair his RIGHT CI to the school's Phonak Pen Touchscreen as well as to his personal Phonak Roger Pen. However, we have not been able to pair his LEFT CI to the same transmitters....we've swapped out speech processor, disposable battery cage, coil, cable and three different Roger 21 receivers (which we've verified pair with the RIGHT CI) with no luck. We're told there are no settings in a MAPPING that affect FM/DM connectivity. We're at a loss and wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Thanks for any thoughts! Suzanne
  23. Definitely keep everything out of cat reach! Easier said than done! Rondo 2 will have an charging pad and the processor just rests on top. Very enticing to cats! Possibly plug that in a room you can close off at night. Sonnet 2 will have both a rechargeable battery charger (blinking lights) and a dry kit (light). You may want to keep those in a room you can close off at night too. Everything else can go in drawers or a closet. I love the Artone neckloop do always have two of those charging up too.
  24. @MaryGP I will be thinking of you on Thursday and hoping things go as easily for you as they did for me. You may want to tell the anesthesia team about your concerns of nausea. I did and they dealt with it on the cocktail of meds they used. Worked splendidly. Tough decision..... can you choose one Rondo 2 and one Sonnet. Get activated with the Rondo 2. Leave the Sonnet unopened. Trade the Sonnet for a Sonnet 2. Then you will have one of each of the newest processors. People here have done that. I love Rondo for waterwear. It is spectacular.
  25. Hi @Valentin, thanks for tagging us As already mentioned, even though MED-EL devices have several integrated safety features, there is a small risk that ESD might harm the audio processor / implant. But in most cases wearing a wool hat or cotton cap does not cause any ESD. Kind regards, Barbara
  26. So, I'm getting my implant in 3 days. My fur babies, Niko and Simon are flame point Siamese. They are active, vocal, funny and see anything smaller than a glass of wine as a toy. I understand I will be coming home with serious paraphernalia. I think I may take an extension cord and place it inside a drawer for all the electronics. Does anyone have any suggestions? Just as a point of reference - I tried a CROS hearing aid before deciding to go with the implant. My FIRST day - yes not even 24 hours into it - Simon (the smaller one), decided it was worth eating and had it in pieces in seconds. Thankfully that was actually covered under the warranty (who would have guessed that?) . But I have no desire to repeat that drama. Don't let the sweet peaceful pic fool you - The Siamese playful nature will takeover - little devils!!!
  27. @Rick H Rick - thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement. Great advice on getting a Rondo and waiting for the Sonnet2. I have to wear safety glasses also, so that plays a factor. It is encouraging to hear the positive feedback! Thanks again!!! Mary
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