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  2. Hello from rainy and more rainy and more rainy SCRANTON PENNSYLVANIA. Hearing again hear (pun intended), Will do. Thanks.
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  4. I signed up - And thanks, Mary Beth, for reaching out to me via Messenger. Where do we log in to see it?
  5. Exciting times @MrVe9as! I like the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop for BT connectivity. It works with Rondo 2 and Sonnet. Works great with my iPhone. Med-El sells a sports and with pockets for the Rondo 2. There may be a connectivity option coming in your activation kit. Just with your Med-El rep or audiologist to see what will be included in your kit. Kits change all of the time.
  6. @Dave in Pittsburgh @Kara of Canada @Megan L. @Mary Featherston @Carolmarie @Cara Mia @Sandy @Logan @Jdashiell @mgfiest @Hicksy @Neil @Artsy @Julesrdh @Les new Jersey @Hearing Again @knappster @sassychele02 Just tagging some members to get things started.
  7. Med-El is going to help us meet more Med-El users! Cool! I joined. I hope every HearPeer member in the US and Canada joins too. Wouldn't it be cool to get to meet each other?!
  8. Good afternoon everyone I will be getting activated on 7/30/19. I just have a few questions. What are my options for sweatbands or headbands for the rondo 2? Also again what is the best Bluetooth device that will work great with my iPhone, rondo2 and sonnet? Does anyone know if I will be ok wearing my fitted caps over my rondo2 without having to sacrifice a lot of sound quality?
  9. Another very good point,, I'll be doing more research this evening. 🙂
  10. @Sandy123 Maybe it helps to think about how it is the internal components that have the biggest impact on how we hear. In our lifetime we will use several different external processors. But it is a hard decision.
  11. I agree with your comments, I really need to decide what features I would like best. Still on the fence but I have to make final decision tomorrow...
  12. @Sandy123 Choosing a processor is a tough decision. There are happy Sonnet users and happy Rondo 2 users. Some users have both and prefer Sonnets. Some users have both and prefer Rondo 2. Look at their features and choose whichever one feels best for you. There is not a wrong choice.
  13. Thank you so much, Thursday is the big day for me....
  14. @dongtuuyenblackpeony and @Sandy123 Wishing you both the best on your CI surgeries this week. When you feel up to it, let us know how things go.
  15. Hello everyone, I am trying to decide on the Rondo 2 or Sonnet processor... I have chosen the Rondo 2 however if I wish I can let them know at London University Hospital that I would prefer the Sonnet. I was convinced that I wanted an off the ear and rechargeable processor however I learned yesterday that the Sonnet also comes with 3 rechargeable batteries. My main goal is to be able to hear and understand speech, I wonder if the Sonnet would be better suited for me?? Hard decision..
  16. @Gerry Let us know what you find out. Good luck
  17. Thanks Mary Beth, i emailed Artone but did not receive a reply yet, was not sure if i had the correct contact information for them but will try again if i don't hear from them in the next little while
  18. @mshaley2 yes. I use waterwear, EarGear covers with tether and clip and a Nammucap at the same time with my Rondos and it works great.
  19. Hi! I started using my Artone in summer 2016 and it is still going strong. I do not know the typical battery life. Artone responds fast to questions so you can ask them directly and see what they say.
  20. I just bought water wear for my son and a head band... can they be used at the same time?
  21. I have had the Artone 3 Max bluetooth neckloop for 2 years with my CI and it has been amazing. However it seems it will no longer charge... no lights at all and will not connect to the Artone app. Does anyone know if it is normal for the battery to fail after 2 years and if it is possible to have a new battery installed?. Thank you!
  22. This is great @Mary Beth! Thanks for letting me know. Gonna download it on my ipad so I can return my friend's ipad.
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