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  2. @Mary Beth Can we change the outer processor from Rondo 2 to Sonnet 2 whaenever we like?
  3. What is the exact price of Rond 2 in Nepal I searched many places but I couldn't find it
  4. @Mary Beth Thanks and can you suggest me which will be better for unilateral cochlear implant sonnnet 2 or rondo 2
  5. @Dave in Pittsburgh what will be better for school like environment
  6. Not me, I’m south of Boston.
  7. @Nischal Koirala Congrats,I am bilateral I have the Sonnets and One Rondo 2 I will wear the Rondo2 in quite places or If I am in a meeting. I personally find the Rondo doesn’t work well for me in noisy environments due to the Omni directional mics I wear one Sonnet and one Rondo about 75% of the time. Hope this helps
  8. @mgfiest I have a similar thing going on, though not exactly the same. For me, the TV sounds really clear. But music is taking a very long time. I just noticed this week that some songs that had been sounding tinny and weird are starting to sound better - I have heard individual voices or instruments well for some time, but it's taking my brain a while to sort out harmony and multiple voices/instruments. I think it's going to keep getting better!
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  10. Hi all! Do we have any Sonnet EAS users in or near New York City? @Neil @JohnL @Laurie @C T lex @stream2525
  11. @mgfiest It seems to be entertainment through speakers for you. It does solve itself it seems. It may just take more time and exposure. Frustrating though I bet.
  12. @Nischal Koirala The majority of what impacts our hearing with cochlear implants are the internal components and the speech processing strategies. These are the same for Rondo 2 and Sonnet 2. Front end processing (how the mics pick up sounds and how the processors treat those sounds) are different for Rondo 2 and Sonnet 2. Rondo 2 uses one omnidirectional mic in Automatic Sound Management 1 (ASM 1). Sonnet 2 uses dual mics in Automatic Sound Management 3 (ASM 3) which uses adaptive intelligence and a new advanced chip set. Rondo 2 is a one piece processor worn off the ear with a built in rechargeable battery. Sonnet 2 is a behind the ear processor that uses rechargeable batteries (which do not last a full day without being swapped out) or disposable batteries. The connectivity options are different. In the end, both will be terrific processors for different people. Some people will prefer Rondo 2 and others will prefer Sonnet 2. Choose whichever one appeals to you and your lifestyle more. Wishing you the best.
  13. @mgfiest Congratulations on two years! Does this happen with all televisions?
  14. @Nischal Koirala Prices vary depending on country. Contact Med-El in your country for current prices. If you need help contacting them. @MED-EL Moderator can help you.
  15. Hi, After 2 years having this CI and with a hearing rating at 90%, my expectation is that I would not hear "robot" voices anymore. But I have noticed when watching tv and a show I have not seen or know the actor, their voices start off robotic until I tune into them. Is that normal? I would have thought my brain and CI have heard every kind of noise in that 2 years.
  16. What is rhe exact price of Rondo 2 now?
  17. Heya! I just had my second appointment with audi today. Quite a progress, first thing I tested out was music and I can hear many sounds richer and fuller. Enjoying music way better now. It's not loud enough, because I was way tooo nervous due to fainting spell at activation. So audi tried to go easy with mapping. I was having a chat with a co-worker today, who almost sound like whispering when he talks.. well I unstersood his speech quite good. I understand my wife better, without hearing aid on my other ear. She close her mouth, talk and I can make up the words. No lipreading! My own voice is much better and bass heavy. Doing my favorite voice impressions So,nNext appt is in 3 months. Can't really wait.
  18. @Mary Beth I am comparing Sonnet 2 and rondo 2 as I have bileteral profound hearing loss and due to less budget I am only doing unilateral cochlear implant so which will be better for me?
  19. @Nischal Koirala Congratulations on your new CI. Are you looking for comparisons between Rondo 2 and Sonnet or Rondo 2 and Sonnet 2?
  20. I am very eager to get my new cochlear implant I will be very grateful to all who suggests me which is better between rondo 2 and sonnet
  21. @Esteban I love that picture! Hope all continues to go great for you!
  22. Thank you. The ThinkLabs One looks to be quite good.
  23. @karenRS, @Mary Beth. I use the stethoscope with the DAI red jack cable and the audio quality is really much better, I would even tell you that better than a bluetooth connection. I suggest you look for a stethoscope with generic audio output and always use it with the DAI red.
  24. Hi all, To edit your email notification preferences please go here: https://forum.hearpeers.com/notifications/options/ (make sure you are signed in). I have not been able to work out why some of you don't always get emails, but I will ask our support team for more info. But please do let me know if this problem stops once you have changed your settings. Kind regards, Mary
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