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  3. Isn’t it just wonderful @Mary Featherston!
  4. @Mary Beth I love when I can have those hallway conversations with colleagues. Walking in opposite directions, little quiet jokey comments. Listening to music in the car, visiting with some people that I used to work with. Just being able to live a normal life again.
  5. You are off to a great start @Evren!
  6. The sound of toothpaste dripping on the floor. My female cat meows in a funny way with a high pitched voice. Now her voice sounds clearer and funnier I listened to the sound of rain falling along the way, amazing. I just listened to Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer. Since it's mostly synthesizers, the rythm is easy to follow and the tones fit to my frequency range.
  7. @dkritter https://www.hearpeers.us/
  8. @dkritter I have a lot of family in the Madison area. I am glad you are at a great CI center.
  9. Mary Beth, I am using the Koss Cochlear Implant Center at the Froedtert Medical College of WI - in Milwaukee area. Real good outfit, great doctors and staff. I will join up with the hearpeers US group, I don't do Facebook but maybe I should. Dave
  10. @dkritter Sleeping will be more comfortable after you get to remove that. My CI center uses a softer wrap but I was happy to remove it too. I go to New York Eye & Ear in NYC. Which CI center do you go to? Yes! Definitely keep the Sonnet all sealed up for the Med-El US promotion about the Sonnet swap. I am so happy you fall into that promotion. If you follow the official Med-El US FB page, they will announce the date Sonnet 2 is being released in the US there. We typically copy and post it here too. Everyone is excited about the Sonnet 2 release date. Hopefully we will hear something soon. By the way, have you registered yet for the new HearPeers US group? It is different than this forum in that it is going to focus on ways for interested people in the US with Med-El implants to meet up in person. If not, join in. Right now we are waiting to hear of actual events. Med-El US has been gathering names.
  11. Yes good morning and thank you for the welcome. Restless sleep last night with this big plastic thing strapped to my head - oh well only one more night. To answer your question Mary Beth, I chose the Rondo 2 and the Sonnet. I'm going to activate with the Rondo 2 and hold off activating the Sonnet. I was told by my audiologist that the Sonnet 2 is being released this fall in the US and if I keep the Sonnet in it's packaging - I can upgrade at no charge when the Sonnet 2 comes out. Do you know anything about the release date of the Sonnet 2 in the US? Thanks in advance, Dave
  12. @Kylie He will need to come up with a new game! You are bionic now!
  13. @dkritter Congratulations! Which processor did you choose? Every CI center handles activation and follow up MAPping appointments a bit differently. Ask your CI audiologist for the schedule you will follow. I don’t expect you would need your audiologist the first week after activation.
  14. Good for you, @Rick H! Let us know how it goes.
  15. I had an appointment a week after activation, but you could schedule the appointments to accommodate your schedule. But I wouldn't leave it out! Use your CI, it's all good rehab.
  16. Yes you're free to go exploring the world - I wouldn't think you will need your audiologist during the week, between appointments.
  17. This morning my 10 year old son tried to sneak up on me while I was getting dressed. It's a game he plays sometimes when I think he's still asleep. He even put socks on to dampen his foot steps. But I heard him and caught him first! It was so funny!! I never used to hear him with one working ear.
  18. Hi, New guy here, just had my CI implant this morning - now at home relaxing. Bit of history, 62 years old, had severe hearing loss in right ear the day after memorial day 2018. Had the shots, no help. Had some dizziness also which eventually went away, got 2 hearing aids and was able to function mostly normal. Fast forward to March 14th 2019, took dog for a 2 hour run, when i got back to my truck, realized my left hearing aid was not working. Did the maintenance (wax build up) and no, I was deaf in my left ear. Went to ENT and my left (good ear) had a profound hearing loss. Again shots to no avail. Also some dizziness, vertigo (less then 10 min) Various diagnoses from SSHL to Meniere's and back again. In other words nothing conclusive. So I studied online, read a lot, and visited here frequently and decided to move forward with the implant which I had today with no complications. October 14th is my activation day and am looking so forward to it. I have my hopes up since I've only been without hearing for less that a half year, but also know there is some hard work ahead. But I'm willing to put that in because I really dislike (nice word) not being including in the conversations and enjoying just being in the here and now. I did have one question to the forum, two days after activation I am leaving town for a week, wasn't sure if for that first week or so you want to access to your audiologist. My thought is activate it, leave and work on rehab exclusively for a week and then if have issues see the audiologist on my return. I guess worse case i turn it off till i get back. Thanks for listening and any newbie advice will be appreciated Dave
  19. Yesterday
  20. Most days I put on my CI processors when I wake up, give thanks for this gift of hearing and go about my day never thinking about my hearing. Today I focused on my hearing. Here are my WOW moments of today. A conversation with a coworker as we were moving opposite directions on a staircase which continued even after he turned the corner to a different hallway. Multitasking in high school English and Social Studies classes, which enabled me to work on writing review sheets while also listening to the class lecture and student comments without ever looking up. Enjoying an audiobook while traveling between schools. Jamming to music in the car even with the volume turned down. Enjoying a movie at the theater and noticing how loudly popcorn crunches when the theater is quiet. Enjoying the sounds of nature with the windows open. It has been over 4 years since these Med-El CIs have returned hearing to my life. They amaze me every single day. Thank you Med-El! What have been your favorite sounds of your day?
  21. That is terrific @Rick H! looking forward to hearing all about your journey! Feel free to ask any questions at any time.
  22. Hi everyone i just wanted to thank everyone for sharing your experiences & advice! It really helped me to make an informed decision! I had my pre-op appointment with my surgeon & audiologists yesterday. In 2 weeks from today I’ll start my new journey & be implanted with a Med-el Synchrony with Sonnet2/Rondo2 processors! Yeah!!😀 getting nervous but I’m sure it is going to be great! thanks again Rick H
  23. @Mary Beth So AudioLink provides more flexibility in terms of mixing ratios? I don't intend to buy MyLink so I am comparing Roger 21/Select with Sonnet1/AudioLink.
  24. @Jewel Roger Select with Sonnet Roger 21 receiver built into the battery door has a 50/50 mix ratio. Roger Select with Roger MyLink neckloop receiver offers more mixing ratios by adjusting the volume control on the Roger MyLink and also by going to T.
  25. @Jewel I do not know all of the AudioKey app features because I have not seen an AudioKey guide and the app is not yet available in the US. I read the AudioLink guide and it has a mix ratio. Med-El moderator said somewhere here that we can adjust the mix ratios.
  26. @Michael Drury What strength magnet do you have on the Rondo2? When was your CI surgery?
  27. @Mary Beth So you adjust the mix ratio of the AudioLink using AudioKey? I am waiting to hear reviews of persons who have Roger Select and AudioLink as I can only afford to buy one. Sonnet2, AudioLink, etc sound exciting!
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