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  2. @Mary Beth @Mary Featherston By giving everyone my cell number and using Roger Pen Bluetooth has greatly reduced my difficulty with hearing on the phone I do know it’s difficult in the business world to get people to cooperate in getting to call on different phone numbers.
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  4. @Vinod I bought mine on Amazon. It's great for audiobooks and music and phone calls.
  5. @Mary Beth - mostly due to not having a choice. 🙂 There are a couple of meetings each week that I'm in that have people calling in from other locations and I just listen to the speakerphone and it's been slowly getting better.
  6. Med-El asked me to review the Artone neckloop a couple of years ago. Here is the link to my review. I own several and have 2 charged up everyday. https://blog.medel.com/review-of-the-artone-3-max-bluetooth-neckloop/ @Vinod They can be purchased through Artone’s website or through Amazon.
  7. I am not familiar with Artone neck loop. If someone can help me and tell me what it can accomplish and where to buy one from. Also specs if needed. According to this forum it seems it can help me in telephone communication via CI in one ear and hearing aid in the other. My hearing aid does have T and MT capability. Vinod
  8. It’s great that the waterwear covers worked so well in both situations. A very clever alternative use for them.😊
  9. @Joan Actually it was very interesting. I heard the wind clearly but whenever someone spoke to me, the automatic sound management of Rondo 1 focused in on their voices and I heard them perfectly.
  10. Did you have much wind noise?
  11. And by the way.... it is amazing how great things sound in high wind with the Rondos in waterwear covers.
  12. A great idea...and great foresight!😊
  13. @Vera talks about now being comfortable on the phone in episode 6 of her video series! @Mary Featherston talks about using the phone in her successful interview process for a new position in her company! @Jewel talks about her new comfort on the phone in a recent post! How did you each become comfortable using the phone? Any suggestions for CI users who are considering tackling hearing on the phone?
  14. Vera and Nigel return for their final episode. I am so happy that your CI journey has gone so well @Vera! @MED-EL Moderator This is an awesome video series! Having both Vera and Nigel’s perspectives is so important. Our hearing loss and CI journeys impact our loved ones so much.
  15. Congratulations @Mary Featherston!
  16. @Shirsee I am sorry I don’t remember when you were activated. In the early months, while we were getting my ear to a stable spot, new MAPs would sometimes set me back for a couple of weeks while I trained them. But then they advanced further than previous MAPs. I did a lot of aural rehab everyday. If a new MAP did not settle in after 2 weeks, I knew the MAP needed to be adjusted. Now that I have been a CI user for 4 years, I know rather quickly if a MAP change will work. But everyone’s CI journey is unique. Trust your instincts. Wishing you the best.
  17. Good for you. Best of Luck
  18. Thanks, @Jewel! Our current house needs some work before we sell it - my husband has been working on some interior remodeling for a while and isn't done yet. But we can take our time. It will be fun!
  19. Jewel


    That is absolutely awesome @Mary Featherston. Congratulations. So happy for you! Guess you will have to continue with house hunting. Exciting times ahead!
  20. @Jewel same here with the intercoms. I had to go renew my driver's license today and there was quite a long wait. But this is the first time in ages that I've been able to hear them call the ticket numbers and say what window to go to. 🙂
  21. Update: got the job! I spoke to the hiring manager yesterday and he offered on the phone. Tomorrow I'll accept it officially and talk to my current manager. He already knows, of course - you can't apply intracompany without telling your manager. So we'll start talking about transition and what to do with my current responsibilities.
  22. My CI has definitely changed me for the better. I'm far more independent. I don't need people to make or take phone calls for me. I don't dread using the phone anymore. I also find that I am more chatty. I think I had become a recluse since my hearing went bad. Now I want to go out more and enjoy life more. I have already bought tickets for two live concerts, something that was unthinkable for several years. I love being able to hear over an intercom. I don't have to be fearful when I go to KFC and wait for my number to be called. It's like a burden has literally been lifted off my shoulders. This week I realised that I would be better off with two CIs but even with one I have come a very long way!
  23. I do. Currently, it's the only one I use.
  24. Music sounds better than I expected with time I thought it'll never sound quite right but my new normal is extremely enjoyable. I'm listening to music for hours every day, and feel grateful it comes in as good as I remember. Best of luck to you @MrVe9as
  25. Last week
  26. Wow, @soojjan - that's the tidiest CI bandage I've seen. I'm glad it went well! As you say, now it's time to heal and count down to activation!
  27. Today I used my Rondo 1 waterwear covers a different way. I was staying completely dry. But I was going for a long walk on a sandy beach in strong wind. To protect my Rondos from being hammered by blowing sand, I used waterwear covers. The only things on me that stayed protected from the blowing sand were my Rondos!
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