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    I have been sent 4 audiology appointments! Nice to know ahead of time. The schedule is this: surgery on 12th April activation on 1st May (nearly 3 weeks post surgery) Further 3 audiology sessions, weekly from activation. Now it's getting very exciting!!!
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    stitches. I am not allowed to wash my hair for at least 2 weeks. Today I may go home. Let's see how the daughter of 2 is going to respond to my bandage. On Facetime yesterday: daddy pain ...
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    All done and back at home! No dressing, just a cool head of staples. Gonna look awesome at work next week! I feel pretty good - bit dizzy and bit achy and my ear is numb, but overall not too bad. Just on panadol, no need for the hard stuff. Now relaxing on the couch watching Netflix 😁
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    SO excited. BRING IT ON!!!
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    Mary Featherston


    I had my interview yesterday. Spent an hour walking around the plant with the hiring manager - this is a noisy plant, it's where they make all the Scotch tape and masking tape (among other things). But I could hear Bob throughout! I put my CIs on adaptive and turned down sensitivity a bit and it worked really well. After that we had another hour in a conference room with Bob and two other guys and that went really well too. AND we went to lunch at a noisy restaurant and I even heard them then. I won't find out whether I got the job till a week from Monday, but the interview already made me really happy from the standpoint of my CIs' performance.
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    Hard to believe the day came but I went out and bought a cell phone. Find the quality a lot better than the older landline. I have been using the Artone neck loop but actually don’t find it that bad just using the speaker in a quiet setting. Telecoil seems a pain compared to the Artone. Haven’t tried the Roger pen yet but will give it a try. Been using Telephone with Confidence a lot. I actually never thought the day would come that I could hear on the phone. It’s probably 35 years or so since I lost that ability😀
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    I've only been listening on speakerphone so far. Yesterday I asked my new manager if I was getting an office or a cube, because up till now all my phone calls are close-the-door and use the speakerphone. But I told him if it's a cube I could use my neckloop and cell phone. It's an office. 🙂
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    Mary Featherston


    Update: got the job! I spoke to the hiring manager yesterday and he offered on the phone. Tomorrow I'll accept it officially and talk to my current manager. He already knows, of course - you can't apply intracompany without telling your manager. So we'll start talking about transition and what to do with my current responsibilities.
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    How have your CIs changed you?

    My CI has definitely changed me for the better. I'm far more independent. I don't need people to make or take phone calls for me. I don't dread using the phone anymore. I also find that I am more chatty. I think I had become a recluse since my hearing went bad. Now I want to go out more and enjoy life more. I have already bought tickets for two live concerts, something that was unthinkable for several years. I love being able to hear over an intercom. I don't have to be fearful when I go to KFC and wait for my number to be called. It's like a burden has literally been lifted off my shoulders. This week I realised that I would be better off with two CIs but even with one I have come a very long way!
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    Mary Featherston

    a year in a life

    I've been blogging my CI journey since well before I knew for sure I'd be able to get them; and today is the anniversary of my first implantation. I am so grateful for what I've had the opportunity to receive. https://hearinglisten.blogspot.com/
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    That's awesome @Mary Featherston You have come a long way in a year! Happy for you.
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    Rondo 2 questions!! 😁

    @MrVe9as Well I'm 6 months post activation and I listen to music in my car every single day. I love it! I think I started listening to music once again a few weeks after activation, couldn't make out much, but gradually the tunes started to sound natural. Today I am wearing my Sonnet and put it in omni and noticed that I'm able to make out more of the lyrics than I was previously. I have good results with the Rondo2 as well. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed music years ago but now thanks to my CI and processors I love music once again! Actually listening to music in my car is the only type of rehab I have been doing recently. This kind of rehab is fun 😊!
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    MED-EL Moderator

    Clubs in HearPeers?

    Hi @Mary Beth, We made a small technical upgrade to the forum last week and a new feature called "Clubs" became available. we're currently taking a look into it to see if it could be something worth using or not, but right now the feature is not properly working. I will keep you updated if we get it working and it seems useful :). Thanks, Mary
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    Mary Featherston


    Um, no. It's farther from home, BUT - we are looking to move when I retire (in about 5 years or so) and if I get the job in Hutch we'll move earlier. In fact possibly this year. Tomorrow we're going to look at a house that's in the same town as the plant where I'm applying. Well, it's just outside of town - isolated and on a lake. The property actually includes a small island in the lake. So we'll see. It would be serendipitous if we bought the house and I get the job.
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    Excellent progress @Mary Featherston! So this new location is closer than your current workplace? Wishing you all the best! CIs really are life changing for the better!
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    Rondo 2 questions!! 😁

    Hi @MrVe9as I am not sure about the cap, but I can answer the other questions. Rondo2 is not Bluetooth. However you can connect it to another device, eg Artone 3 Max which is able to connect to Bluetooth devices and then stream to the Rondo2 using telecoil. I wore the Rondo2 to work today and made a phone call. I simply hold the phone up to the Rondo2 and keep moving the phone until I hear it well from the Rondo 2. I am able to hear well that way. I never use anything additional when using the phone. You have made great choices! I have both the Rondo2 and the Sonnet and I love both! Sonnet is better in noise.
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    @lizard Welcome Elizabeth. I have OPUS 2 processors too. I see you have had yours for over 5 years, right? If it has been over 5 years, your warranty is over. But until October 2019, you may be able to still purchase replacement parts. After that date, Med-El will not be selling replacement parts for OPUS 2 nor fixing them if they break. To see if you can order the cable for OPUS 2, contact Med-El USA by email or by phone. Hopefully they will sell it to you. If Med-El USA stopped selling replacement parts for OPUS 2 already, search online. There are online shops in the UK and in Europe that ship to the US. I have seen OPUS 2 cables listed. You can also join one of the CI FaceBook groups and ask if anyone has a cable they are willing to part with. I did look on the US webstore for Med-El and although the OPUS 2 cables are listed there, the online shop does not allow me to purchase one. I hope you find a cable soon. I would be so lost without my CIs. I am sorry you are in this position. You may want to talk with your CI audiologist to see if your insurance will cover a upgrade since the OPUS 2 has been obsoleted by Med-El. Good luck. Let us know how things go for you.
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    POLL: Top of your Med-El Wish List

    Looks like they've got a job posting for a mobile app developer: https://jobs.medel.com/int/jobs-overview/?iddetail=1352& It's a bit fuzzy on if this is a user facing phone app, but I've got high hopes. Unfortunately, it can be a while before we see an app since there may be extensive testing and approvals as it relates to medical devices.
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    Parent of young CI user asking for help

    Thank you so much Dear Mary Beth for posting my message here, I'm looking forward to hearing form the member of forum.
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    Learning to listen on the phone

    @Mary Beth First I dialed the number to get the date and time, then I think I used Telephone with Confidence. Then family and friends started to force me to practise on the phone by calling me instead of texting me! We didn't follow a script. Hearing on the phone didn't require much practice for me. I just found that I was able to make out what was being said on the other end and that just built up my confidence.
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    Amazing video series from Med-El

    @Mary Beth Hi Mary Beth. Glad you like it. Chapter 6 doesn’t work on the website, though. I can find it via YouTube OK but not on the Medel site. There is a button for Chapter 6 but nothing happens when you click on it. No doubt will be sorted after Easter. Vera.
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    Dave in Pittsburgh


    Good for you. Best of Luck
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    That is absolutely awesome @Mary Featherston. Congratulations. So happy for you! Guess you will have to continue with house hunting. Exciting times ahead!
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    Rondo 2 questions!! 😁

    Music sounds better than I expected with time I thought it'll never sound quite right but my new normal is extremely enjoyable. I'm listening to music for hours every day, and feel grateful it comes in as good as I remember. Best of luck to you @MrVe9as
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    You've Got A Friend

    I received an email earlier this week and thought I'd pass it along to HearPeers friends. I have always found support dealing with hearing loss with HLAA and then with HearPeers as I advanced into the world of CIs. I started the HLAA-Miami chapter because I wanted to meet other people locally who also live with hearing loss, and now with CIs as many of us progressed. I knew that I enjoyed the camaraderie and fellowship with others living in this world of HAs and CIs This article explains it well, from family and friends and now colleagues in the world of hearing loss, we all desire relationship needs to provide us with one of the following: Emotional Support – You need to be assured that you have people in your corner. Tangible Support – Are people you can call on for help on things like financial assistance, babysitting the kids so you can watch a movie, or going with you to the dentist or doctor. Appraisal Support – The people who love you enough to give you constructive and honest feedback about yourself. Informational Support – Your AuD, ENT or other professional, but also from HearPears, HLAA chapters, and CI support groups. Companionship Support – Activity friends who makes us feel socially accepted. Also from HearPears, HLAA chapters, and CI support groups. Here is the full article https://www.explore-life.com/en/articles/youve-got-a-friend
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    @Kylie and @soojjan Terrific that your recoveries are going so well. Soon the exciting times come with your activations!
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    Oh, remarkably. My hearing had deteriorated to the point that I was not functioning well at all with hearing aids. Now at work I rarely miss what's said in meetings - before I assumed I missed at least half, though I was good at following from context. As mgfiest says, having someone talk to what used to be a deaf ear is quite an experience! Just being able to have the little interchanges that hearing people take for granted - a short exchange with a co-worker in the hallway, or a discussion with my husband without stress OR shouting. I have a little seating area on one end of our bedroom where I keep my laptop and when I sit there I often need to close the door because Ron's TV in the living room gets annoying. Which - honestly, I hadn't even been able to hear it before, let alone be bugged by stupid TV show theme songs and whatnot. It's a whole new life.
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    I never remove the clip, I retrieve the loop from the pin, It's more easy, I never unclip the alligator from loop. First times I forgot it, but now it is a mechanical movement 🙂
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    Getting rondo 2

    I can speech read about 80% of the time i don’t have a phone just iPad thank you very much for being very kind and helpful
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    Hi @MallaRuth, I have checked your setting and you should be getting an email notification when someone mentions you. Perhaps the emails are going into your junk folder? Kind regards, Mary
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    Travel with CI’s

    rI called America Airlines to ensure that my seats are all on the aisle. The receptionist transferred me to an operator within “Special Seating “. I explained that I have Cochlear Implants and will need to sit in a aisle seat. I was given upgraded seats to aisle seats and she ensured every seat was away from the engine. They see being deaf as a disability, even though I don’t. But because of this, I was not charged extra for these upgrades. All airlines do this. When you call reservations simply ask to speak to someone in special sitting. Explain you wear Cochlear Implants and cannot sit near window and the engine. @Jewel I hope this helps you and others as you fly.
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    Mary Beth

    CozyPhones video

    A link to a video I made about CozyPhones. They are terrific!
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    For me it was immediately. Peter
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    Mary Featherston

    Travel with CI’s

    @Mary Beth Exactly! I usually start planning the next one as soon as we're home.
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    Remote- volume and sensitivity adjustment

    @Mary Beth Thank you for getting back to me. I believe the issue is just as you said , the Fine Tuner settings accidentally got deactivated . The Fine tuner works fine when I pair it to my back up processor. The back up processor has MAP different setting and I'm able to adjust the volume and sensitivity levels. I appreciate your feedback!
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    You have been waiting a long time @Kylie and now it is almost here! YAY!
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    Yes I do have a D coil and DL coil. I prefer the D coil. I find the DL coil and the Synchrony implant with the spinning magnet doesn’t grab onto the right spot all the time. I have to fiddle with it more.
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    Dave in Pittsburgh


    @Mary Featherston. All of your good work and positive outlook has paid off. Congrats 🎊🎈 Good Luck on the interview I am so glad I don’t have to play that game any more
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    Lots of new HP members

    My name is Vinod I had one ear (left) CI surgery on March 4th, 2019 at Mayo in Jacksonville, FL My first programming appointment/activation was on March 26th Audiologist gave me Rondo 2 and Sonnet processor
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    Al West

    Lots of new HP members

    I'm from Corvallis, Oregon. Implanted right ear June 2017, Synchrony, Sonnet, Quattro Q-4 (wish I had taken Roger Pen).
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    POLL: Top of your Med-El Wish List

    App for mobile to manage processor options. (finetuner on app mobile) 🙂
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    Found out about one next month! I've put it on my calendar.
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    Roger MyLink with Rondo 1 & Rondo 2

    Thx Mary Beth, appreciate all the info, have Appt with audiologist this afternoon...will discuss options with her and provide any info she provides..
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    MED-EL Moderator

    Rondo and High Humidity

    Hi @Jewel, thanks for reporting. I have blocked the user. Kind regards, Verena
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    Rondo 2 USA kits

    @Mary Beth the Roger MyLink works perfectly, as expected, with my Roger Pen or Roger Select when I am wearing my Rondo2/ Roger1 processors. I use the FineTuner set to MT or T telecoil setting as the MyLink is a neckloop which requires setting the the telecoil option on the processors.
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    Rondo 2 USA kits

    @Mary Beth I checked all my devices before ordered the MyLiknk type 02 Connevans $378 Amazon $500
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    Speech to text options

    WOW! The technology is evolving but can be complicated depending upon what we want to accomplish. We just need to figure out what will work for each of us and then learn to use it effectively. Thank you @Mary Beth for the link.
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    Mary Beth

    It's the Little Things

    @Mary Featherston It sounds like you have entered the awesome zone when both CIs work well together. I am happy for you!
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    Mary Featherston

    CozyPhones video

    Oh, and by the way, I love the little glimpses in the video. The turtle pictures on the wall are wonderful and I love the little kitty nose and ear poking into the vid.
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    Oh, that is nice that it is 90/10, it'll be nice to shut off the ambient noise. Simple solutions sounds great too Thanks for the feedback!
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