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    Dinner at a restaurant

    I had dinner out at a restaurant with my partner last weekend. It was quite loud, but we sat down, ate, talked. After a little while, I suddenly remembered that I left my hearing aid at home and was able to converse with my partner over the course of a meal with using just the CI. Then I remembered that I also left the remote at home, and was still using my every day program. Wow, I could hear in a noisy restaurant. I don't think I've ever had that before.
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    My employer met with me about my "medical condition." I realised that they would use my deafness to get rid of me. So I went to my audiologist who told me it was time for me to get a CI. I had been putting it off for years. I decided to go to the US and see if all I needed was the most powerful HA on the market or if I really did need a CI. Note they had told me I needed one about 6 years prior. But the meeting with my employer was the wakeup call for me.
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    Marion nancy

    Wow moments

    Another wow. Was able to understand my bridge partner in a noisy auditorium with the cards covering her mouth. Was not using any ALD🌞
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    Rick H

    New to hear peers & Choosing brands

    Hi Melissa yes I do like the streaming capability of the CA implant both in regards to their hearing aid & to the direct to iPhone as well. It was definitely one of the things that made me think of them as a possible implant choice. It seems like all the other companies do tend to catch up & get the latest technology as time goes on. It’s like when I first started looking into my CI Medel was the only one that was MRI safe & by the time I had to make my decision all 3 had that feature which really made it even more difficult. For that reason I focused mainly on the features of the implant itself as that is what stays with you while the exterior processor & their streaming technology & other features improve & are upgraded about every 5 years or so without the need for surgery. another nice feature that I liked about the CA nucleus implant was that they have the thinnest electrodes which is good for preserving any residual hearing. That’s a great feature! Also they have 22 electrodes compared to medels 12 & AB 16, even though my surgeon told me it’s not the number of electrodes but the processing that make a big difference. If you go to this website (cochlearimplanthelp.com) the article there on electrodes & channels explains the differences in how each brand processes sound (the actual way they fire their electrodes to simulate sound) . There is a big difference in the way each brand process sounds, Medels electrodes can be fired simultaneously in pairs & are further divided into different electrical band width between the pairs to give up to 250 different audio frequencies or tones. AB has 16 electrodes that also fires in pairs split between different band widths to create phantom electrodes to generate 120 different frequencies, CAs has the most electrodes at 22 but fire in succession & don’t create any phantom electrodes. I’m no audio engineer but It’s a great article to read to get some insight as to how the brands differ from each other. Medels electrodes are softer & more flexible & reach further into the cochlea they claim that this feature is also great for preserving residual hearing. In the end I chose Medel mainly because of the sound processing differences & the fact that they have had no recalls. Also hearing how satisfied the recipients were with their devices. I’m not trying to push Medel but just giving some insight as to how I made my final decision.😁 also as you do your research you will hear many simulations of what it sounds like with a CI. I used to hear these & it scared me away from doing this for so long. Don’t be scared of these, they are terrible examples of what it really sounds like! I have never heard a simulation that sounds anything like my CI! I have only had mine turned on now for about 3 months & I can tell you mine sounds very very natural to my original hearing. I could understand speech from the minute it was turned on,. There is a slight mechanical sound to them but my family’s voices sounds like my family’s voices. when I watch TV the actors voices sound very much like they used to & most environmental sounds are spot on the way they where before. i would do as much research as you can, pick a good surgeon & talk to as many people on the forums or in person with all the different brands & then go with your gut instinct! Most Everyone with a CI is very open to let you know about their experiences both good & bad. You really can’t make a bad choice! They are all good products! I don’t know how old your son is but I can assure you & your husband that he will be able to live a very normal life with his CI which ever brand you choose! Hope I’m not being too long winded with my responses but I know what a big decision this can be & I’m trying to give you as much info on my own personal experience of this. Best of luck Melissa & if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask! Rick H
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    Rick H

    New to hear peers & Choosing brands

    Hi Melissa Your husband has a legitimate concern however when it comes to medical devices I would always go with the one that you feel is the best possible product that will give your son the best outcome. That is what is really important. That being said it really is difficult to say with any absolute answer as to who makes the best implant. Sometimes the company selling the most doesn’t necessarily mean your getting the best. I did a lot of research before making my final decision & the one thing I can tell you is that all the recipients from all 3 companies seem to be very happy with their choices & the reliability is very good with all of them. Medel is the only family owned of the 3 but it is also the one that has been around the longest & was the first to invent the modern multi channel CI & also the first to invent a CI that was MRI safe to 3.0 Tesla. I don’t know if Medel is the best for sure as that was my choice & I don’t know how the CI from CA performs compared to mine. There where a few people that were implanted with a CA in one side & a Medel in the other & those people said that the Medel sounded richer & music was much fuller. Those were the real deciding factors for me. I don’t know if your son is getting bilateral or just one but if bilateral that is also an option to go different brands in each side but most people usually stay with one brand for ease of use. What I can tell you is I am very happy with the customer service I have had so far & the sound quality of the Medel is very realistic to natural hearing & music comes across very good as well. Also just because a company is a publicly traded company is no guarantee that they can’t run into financial hard times as well. There really is no guarantees for companies longevity’s but I think both companies have been in business long enough & have enough market shares to where their futures are pretty certain. I really don’t think you can go wrong with Medel or CA, they are both good companies that produce a great product! One thing I can assure you & your husband is that which ever brand you choose your son is going to do fantastic with his new CI. These devices are amazingly hi tech & life changing. My sister-in-law is a special education teacher in Connecticut who has many children with CIs & she says it is amazing how well they do with them. Mine is still at the point where it still is being dialed in & adjusted every few weeks as is the case for the first 1 to 2 years with any brand. But I am thrilled with my CI so far & I’m doing great with it. I have no regrets at all about my choice & am looking forward to getting my other side done after this one is further dialed in. I wish I’d done it much sooner. Hope this helps you out & best of luck to you & your son! Rick H
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    MED-EL Moderator


    Hi @Mary Beth, Unfortunately we can't work out why some people can see this and others can't. I will investigate more, but in the meantime I have taken a screenshot of the pdf so everyone can view it. Thanks, Mary
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    Mary Featherston


    @DncTchr2 good luck! I have had tinnitus since I was 15. It's still there - right after surgery it was a bit louder but that receded and now it's at a lower volume. I don't hear it at all when I have other sounds through my processors but at night it's still there. I'm used to it, it doesn't bother me. You're at the beginning of an amazing journey -best of luck!
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    Marion nancy

    Artone mic

    Sharing a wow day after playing bridge with the same partner for a year I said You have an American accent. Says she” what now : did you not know I am from New York this was the first time I picked it up. ps: charging my neckloop will retry later
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    Bonebridge post-surgery advice

    Hi all, sorry for the late reply! Yes the swelling has gone down and it is working perfectly. The bonebridge really helps me in picking up sounds and I am very pleased with the results. Although since the operation I have developed continuous tinnitus on the left side (opposite to the implant site which is on the right) which has occurred for the last 3 months - which is quite annoying. The medical team have done investigations and there is no sound being directly emmitted by the implant, so they are unsure what has triggered the sounds that I am hearing. Perhaps it was triggered as a result of surgery but perhaps not - it could just be a coincidence that I have developed tinnitus post-op. Despite that I am enjoying the benefits that the bonebridge brings. Cam.
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    Jeff Campagna works for Med-El US and has a Med-El CI. He has presented my most favorite Med-El US event... Hands On Hearing workshops. When Med-El US used to offer these wonderful and free workshops, Jeff and his team would teach about various Med-El accessories and various third party accessories that enable us to hear our best. There was a very valuable hands on component to these workshops when Jeff and his team would work with the attendees and let the attendees try the devices. Oftentimes you would hear WOW! or see tears of happiness as people discovered how well they could hear using these options. I attended 4 of these workshops (2 on two separate days). Raleigh NC where @Angie and I got to meet in person. Smile. And NYC. Such wonderful events that helped so many people. I wish they were still offered. There is definitely a need. Jeff updated his guides for using AudioLink A2DP converter app Roger Pen Roger Select Roger MyLink neckloop receiver Roger X and Roger 21 for Sonnet 1 & 2 Here is the link http://www.handsonhearing.com/index.php/resources
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    Rick H

    New to hear peers & Choosing brands

    Thanks Mary Beth, yes I’m enjoying it very much & am doing great. At my last doctors /Audi appointment they told me after 6 weeks of activation I was sitting where most people are at 6 months so I feel very fortunate for it to be working so well. Still waiting for the Sonnet2 to get here for the swap. I really can hardly wait to see how well does!😁 I’ll keep you posted Rick H
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    @Jewel I have a Phonak pdf that does an excellent job of showing the various transmitters for adults. If you message me your email, I will forward it to you.
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    Mary Beth

    Free PDFs from Mary Beth

    Hi all! After attempting to upload PDFs here and finding out that most members can not open them, I decided to offer the PDFs a different way. If anyone is interested in any of the below PDFs, just shoot me an email and list which PDFs you would like to receive (please include the name(s) of the PDFs and not the numbers below). Email me at: fromoneciusertoanother@gmail.com The PDFs have QR codes so just aim your camera or QR code app at them to go to the websites. This works best if you view the pdf on a different device or print it out. 1) Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop review 2) Artone TVB review 3) Artone Mic review 4) Stress free cellphone practice 5) Streaming options for Rondo1 & Rondo2 6) Tips for keeping the Sonnet on your ear (only if this is an issue for you) 7) Separate left and right musical audio with Med-El processors 8. Free online aural rehab practice 9) Rondo 1 & Rondo 2 in waterwear 10) Aural rehab that helped me on my CI journey Hope these help some people on their CI journeys. Wishing everyone the very best!
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    This new type of BT LE is expected to be in devices in the next year or so. Makes me wonder what kinds of connectivity options will then be available for CI users. Things are changing so fast. It is exciting.
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    Thanks for pointing that out!
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    New update - last mapping January 13th. previously one back in December. I am about 12 weeks in. Briefly from December to today, word recognition went from 40% to 76% sentence recognition went from 20% to 70%. I don't remember the numbers but speech in noise had as dramatic improvement but still a ways to go. So steady progress. I've also noticed the ambient noise has diminished and I am hearing more of what I want to hear. Lastly, I got an email from Med-el that the Sonnet 2 is now available in the US. I emailed them and they said there were still few weeks from putting the swap program in place but said they will email another announcement. Dave
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    I’m heading to Durham in early March. Would love to hear about Ford’s experience.
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    Thanks...I will. I was doing pretty good until today actually. I'll get it back...thanks again!
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    I do not...I will look into it after my nap...thanks very much for the suggestion...two weeks until activation. My husband and I have been texting...funny, first time he texted me I started to text him back forgetting he can hear what I am saying...a much needed laugh yesterday!
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    I pretty much did the hearing aid thing for years, upgrading and staying with the maximum power hearing aids available. It was "good enough" and let me get by in life. Last year, I noticed more-than-usual problems with hearing in my left ear. And I was struggling very much in meetings and every day life understanding people. I would be at a complete loss at understanding without my right hearing aid. I went to the audiologist and ruled out the easily fixable things (e.g. ear wax, hearing aid malfunctions, etc), and was not successful. The audiologists have been suggesting that I look into CIs for years, but I've put it off because I've been doing ok with them and heavy reliance on lipreading. But, I decided that the hearing aid in my left ear wasn't good enough for me anymore. I went in to get my CI evaluation done and implanted 8 months ago. As for timing, a lot of my hesitation was that I considered it to be a huge step since it's not really reversible back to hearing aids. Given that the hearing aid was no longer working well in my left ear, I was ready to take that step. The timing was right for me. If you ask me about my right ear, I do plan to get a CI for it, but not until my left ear is ready to stand on its own. It's still improving every day.
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    Although I was/is an avid music listener, I pulled Led Zeppelin IV from my LP collection and realized I couldn't even hear Robert Plant singing... That was it for me😀
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    @Melissa Check this out and scroll down to Med-El’s promise https://www.medel.com/en-us/hearing-solutions/cochlear-implants/reliability
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    Mary Featherston

    A new WOW

    @Mary Beth exactly. I never stop being amazed at what I can hear with my CIs.
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    Mary Featherston

    Surgery Next Week

    They have sales a lot. It's fun, though, you can use your own photos to make your skins. Mine are a picture of Stonehenge on my left CI and a sunset behind a tree on my right.
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    @Melissa Have you seen this yet? https://blog.medel.pro/bimodal-hearing-cochlear-implant/ @MED-EL Moderator Are you able to comment on Melissa’s concerns about the long term future of Med-El ? Med-El has a long record of commitment to our hearing. They are the only FDA approved brand that will custom design an electrode array for people with especially complicated cochleas. I believe @Jdashiell posted about a custom tool that was designed by Med-El for one of his surgeries if I am not mistaken. If you look at the Med-El website and click on their timeline you will read about how they stepped in to help people implanted with a hearing device by another company that was no longer supported. I was never concerned that Med-El would not ensure I could hear. There is so much info to sort through when choosing brands. I remember feeling very overwhelmed too. It was helpful for me to research future possibilities with the processing/electrode capabilities of the three companies. I also read about recalls. Music was important to me. I read about music experiences from CI users. In the end, I had to make a choice. I have no regrets. Listening is so easy now. We converse from separate floors. These CIs are so much better than hearing aids. In so many ways. I wish your son the very best no matter which brand you choose. Have you had an opportunity to meet some CI users in person? If you are interested, reach out to Med-El US and ask to be put in touch with the Consumer Engagement Manager for your region. My first side was implanted in Feb 2015 and activated in March. By mid-summer I was so ready to implant my second side. I do not miss hearing aids at all.
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    @DncTchr2 Tonight I am going to a Broadway musical. No accommodations needed. No assistive listening devices. Just my 2 CIs on my everyday programs. Everyone’s journey is unique. Great sounding music is a possibility for some of us. Hoping your CI journey is full of awesome music.
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    Thank you...the final post I read at 2 am was a music post...after 1.5 years, 5 years, etc, music still sounds terrible... My sign to shut it down...I will update tonight or tomorrow...grateful for your time Mary Beth... ❤️
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    Thank you so very much Mary Beth...really need to go to bed...but well, yeah, you probably know already...
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    Marion nancy


    With thanks again@ mary Beth. I agree Unfortunately my Artone stopped functioning. The new one I received is not charging properly. Smile waiting to hear from distributor. I do miss it . It is the clearest and has the best range. a wee bit disappointed with the Audiolink. Wonder if sonnet 2 users have better success. Again thx 😊
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    Dave in Pittsburgh


    It come up as unavailable for me also
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    MED-EL Moderator


    @Mary Beth: Yes, our product experts confirmed that you can use AudioKey and FineTuner Echo at the same time Best, Verena
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    Mary Beth

    Australian HearPeers members

    Thinking of you all and hoping you and your loved ones are safe from the fires.
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    Dave in Pittsburgh


    Congrats on your upcoming surgery I am bilateral my first implant 2016 and second 2018 . Both surgery were a pice of cake for me I was very lucky. Going bilateral was the best decision I made. Good luck keep us posted.
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    Sonnet 2

    Me too! I vacillate between eating healthy all weekend and eating all of my favorite foods in case I lose my sense of taste...that is a concern. No other ear surgeries to compare it to, but I have had 2 c sections...have a terrific weekend Mary Beth.
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    I am hopeful, that we'll still have both options. It would be nice if AudioKey does stream music at the higher sound resolution than it currently does through the converter apps. Fingers crossed!🤞
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    1st time flying since implant

    I recently flown over the holidays, there were no problems. I do the same thing that @Mary Beth does (CI on head, in M, CI accessories in carry-on). Had no problems with my CI. The TSA was more interested in my box of cookies than my CI.
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    Thank you Mary...mine has been loud and constant for years...not exactly sure when it started, but cannot remember not having it...cautiously optimistic. Thanks for the good thoughts! I would love that Mary Beth...I will reach out to you soon. I appreciate your time and experience...Happy Saturday ladies!
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    Marion nancy


    @Mary Beth thanks again and best wishes for 2020
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    Mary Beth


    @DncTchr2 I have had tinnitus since the age of 13. When my right ear became completely deaf following a surgery to treat Meniere’s, the tinnitus in that side became very loud 24/7. As my hearing loss in my left ear progressed, the tinnitus in my left ear grew louder and louder. Here is what happened to the tinnitus in my ears post CI surgery and then activation. Right ear Awoke from CI surgery to absolutely no tinnitus in that ear. Shocking silence. It came back but remained so much quieter. After activation I no longer noticed the tinnitus while the processor is on. But at night during the first few months when I removed the processor, the tinnitus was loud and strange. I decided my ear had a right to protest after having to process so much new sound all day and just accepted it as a phase. It stopped in time. Now it is quiet tinnitus at night only. Smile. Left ear Awoke from surgery to a strange gentle marimba sound of tinnitus. Odd but quiet and quite lovely. This ear did not experience loud tinnitus at night after activation. Now it is quiet tinnitus at night only. I hope you are as fortunate. Keep us posted.
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    I have enjoyed reading your posts...saw the one about the word recognition on the ride home...love how positive you are. I chose the Rondo 2 and the Sonnet with the intention of switching out for the Sonnet 2 when it becomes available here in US. I think my biggest concern is the post op...I am surrounded by people who want me to succeed, which I know will help immensely. Thanks very much for your good thoughts...oh so grateful!
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    @Mary Beth Thanks Mary Beth ,Great info. Hope you had a nice Christmas wish you a happy New Year.
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    Happy holidays!!

    Merry Christmas everyone!! Here's to a great Christmas and a happy new new year!!
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    Marion nancy

    AudioLink for Sonnets

    Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Peace/Light and Hearing for 2020. Happy Holidays everyone.
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    Marion nancy

    AudioLink for Sonnets

    @gerry. I am also receiving some crackle/satitical type sound when microphone is o with the audiolink. I used it today at a gathering. Heard well but some background crackle. Hope there will be a solutions for this. Love it for TV and Cel phone calls
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    Audio link with sonnets

    Thank you x
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    Mary Beth

    AudioLink for Sonnets

    @Gerry I did download the A2DP converter app and I have tried it. I don’t care for the decreased audio quality. I enjoy the better sound quality I get through other ways instead. But everyone’s experience with tech varies.
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    I've not had any problem with my Beltone Boost hearing aid and now they even work with iOS 13.. Compatibility problems may occur when Apple release a new iOS update, it should not be hard to fix as they are software oriented problems. As far as I know there are no Made for Android hearing device out there. Android users only have an option to use assistive tech. Here's a full list of made for iPhone hearing devices. It says iPhone, but they can connect to iPad, Apple Watch and even iPod. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210386 Direct streaming is almost an industry standart for hearing aids, so I say why not for cochlear implants?
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    Mary Beth

    Activated today!! So many questions..

    @lizjlong By the time I started my CI process my world had shrunk so small. I needed to speechread in one on one conversations. I was exhausted every day. I withdrew from social events. These CIs are life changing. My world is full of awesome sounds. I love group events and join in the banter. We understand. We have been there.
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    Mary Beth

    Activated today!! So many questions..

    @lizjlong I had my worse ear implanted first (it was a long standing completely deaf ear that had not processed any sound for 24 years, but had heard prior to that). My bimodal (1 CI and 1 HA) journey went like dancing partners.... early weeks my HA side led and my CI side was happy to follow before long there was a tug of war in my brain between my HA and my CI, both wanting to lead the dance then my CI won out and became the dance leader with my HA happy to follow by 5 months my HA was a distraction, like carrying around my own noise maker and I stopped wearing it at 8 months I received my second CI Life is wonderful with bilateral CIs!
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    I am a little baffled by this promised 2.4Ghz connectivity from MED-EL. Firstly the ISM (2.4Ghz) band is used by literally thousands of devices - from burglar/fire alarms, cordless phones, bluetooth and wifi, so saying "we offer 2.4Ghz connectivity" is very vague.. Why cannot MED-EL followed Cochlears' example and help all their users who are bimodal (use a hearing aid as well as CI)? They can do this by adopting and licensing one of the already too numerous 2,4Ghz remote systems like eg Phonaks Roger and GN Resound streamer. Why does MED-EL have to come up with yet another proprietary system on 2.4Ghz alongside the others. It is long overdue that we had some standardisation in hearing aid and Cochlear Implant technology - ISO and other organisations should be involved. Or could it be that there is a captive market that is being "tapped"?
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