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    I agree with you all! How much I can hear now far outweighs any pain and suffering I went through to get here. The other day I heard my dogs claws on the sidewalk! Wow what an amazing device! Or devices I should say. Lol
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    I was surprised as to how much I could hear sounds. I didn't expect to hear so many quiet sounds or sounds with very low volume.
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    Kara of Canada

    Just an observation...

    I thought we could use a little fun!!
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    Well it's still early days for me. I got my audiogram of the test done prior to activation and turns out I lost 55 dB in my implanted ear for the low tones. Although that's a bit of a downer I'm surprised at how much I can now hear with the CI and I don't have to do any lipreading whatsoever! The CI is far better than all the HAs I used. As an aside I'm also surprised that my ear is so small for the Sonnet. I really didn't expect it to be falling off from time to time. But to be able to hear like normal is worth this minor problem.
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    Daniel the Stranger

    Roger Pen with cell phone

    I'm going to get a neckloop with my second processor. I remember using the same neckloop for my hearing aids, very happy with the sound.
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    Just an observation...

    Luckily the revision surgery has seemed to work. But what shocked me was how much my hearing regressed only being turned off for two weeks. I guess the old adage “use it or lose it” applies here as well. And despite my comments about the internet and Facebook, I wouldn’t want people to think me a Luddite. I actually spent 20 years in the computer business so my mistrust isn’t entirely unfounded. ?
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    Mary Featherston

    Just an observation...

    Ha! Well, pretend you did. Normandy! I'm really looking forward to it.
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    Kara of Canada

    Synchrony Pin Implant

    Wow I just found a neat video of how the Synchrony Pin Implant is installed.
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    So as you say @Hopefulme I was in your position before I got my implants. I was depressed I withdrew from social settings and only really tried with my close freinds and family. I was very sad and alone. Now though I can hear better than ever and I got a dog! She had also helped me to not feel alone and I go for walks with her everyday! So please if you ever need to talk we’re here for you! P.s. o was a lipreader as well. But it’s difficult in a Hearing world to always be able to do that. I wish you all the best! Kara
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    Ways to keep the Sonnet on adult ears

    Thanks @Mary Beth I have attached earlobes. I have tried the activity ring and the earpiece still falls off. I will look at the other options you sent.
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    Lip reading and very understanding friends and family. I used to have to call my wife at her work to listen to my messages to tell me what they were... I steered everyone I could towards using email ... still consider the original Blackberry one of the greatest inventions ever when my company adopted them ? I just coped best I could but I wasn’t fooling anybody. But it did make me a very very observant person which was about the only positive.
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    What surprised me the most was that I actually hear better now that I’m deaf, than I did when I was hard-of-hearing!
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    Mild to profound ski slope hearing loss

    Hopefulme, I also suffer profound ski slope hearing loss and struggled to wear hearing aids since my early teens. (My next birthday I’ll be 60!). I can’t remember how many HA’s I went through until I became a CI candidate and hit the Cochlear program at Sunnybrook. They tested me and told me what I had known my entire life. Hearing aids simply didn’t work for me. They just made the din louder. I would get a new set, struggle to wear them for a few months and then abandon them to a drawer. Once implanted, wow is all I can say. The implant simply works. I’m hearing sounds I haven’t heard since I was a kid. You will hear “life changing” a lot here and be assured it’s not hyperbole. The implant is far from perfect, I’ve had a bit of trouble with mine, but at the same time I have gone from 0% word recognition to about 80% in about a year and a half. The process is actually quite indescribable to someone contemplating surgery but having made the hard decision to go ahead, the results are simply life changing ?
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