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    Seeking Implanted Musicians...

    Hi All -- I am a professional jazz guitarist/bassist and am getting first Med-El CI implant surgery on Tuesday in my left ear. My right ear has profound SN loss too but I have been practicing guitar of late plugging my left ear completely and using HA in my right ear only (to see what that's like in case it is a long path to hearing with the CI). I can still hear enough to play reasonably well with only the right ear....though pitch discrimination has been getting more difficult as time passes. I will be working hard to rehabilitate my left ear with the CI to hopefully improve my musical hearing overall but am setting expectations low. Hoping that my 40 years of music experience may help the process. I would be interested in continuing this thread and will post my impressions as they evolve. Thanks for the thread 🙂 Ford
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    Seeking Implanted Musicians...

    Hi @Geoff Read! I love live music also. I attend a lot of concerts, mainly classical. I enjoyed Messiah at York Minster (UK) very much. The resonance of the enormous choir and orchestra in that amazing space (all the stone) was incredible. I play a woodwind instrument (clarinet) and enjoy woodwind concerts as well. These instruments in particular are very resonant. I think the spaces in which such concerts take place is really important. The last woodwind concert I went to was at my old university, and the concert hall is set up in a way that maximises acoustics, with a round angular shape and lots of wood. You can see the interior here: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=jack+lyons+concert+hall+york&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiIz8mRt9bfAhW8SBUIHSduA54Q_AUIDygC&biw=1536&bih=723 I will let you know when the proceedings from the Music and Cochlear Implants symposium are published. There were many interesting talks, and one covered what makes music so satisfying to listen to (factors like harmony, melody, suspense, emotion, timbre) which you may be able to correlate with live music experiences. The next symposium will be in 2020 - perhaps you should suggest a session topic! I found that many of the researchers were surprised by how much we CI participants enjoyed (and were competent in reading/playing) music... http://www.implantsandmusic.net/ Another note (I work in academic publishing). You can retrieve a lot of peer-reviewed academic literature for free these days. Try sites like http://gettheresearch.org/ or https://unpaywall.org/
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    @Jdashiell You have Rondo 1 too right? Isn’t it amazing how much lighter the Rondo 2 feels on your head?
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