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    While we were at Med-El Innsbruck, Med-El filmed videos of our CI journeys. Here is a link to my video if you are interested ...
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    C T lex

    Helpful tips for new members

    @Mary Beth Thanks for the lessons C T
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    Mary Beth

    Need information for Surgery Implant

    @Sherri Thank you so much Sherri. Always great to see you here.
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    Mary Beth

    Need information for Surgery Implant

    @C T lex type @ followed without a space by the username a window pops up select the user it should show up then as a blue box
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    Need information for Surgery Implant

    Thanks Mary Beth for the tag. I am not often on hearpeers, so nice to connect today. I believe the reason there is not an over abundance of EAS talk is due more to the fact the procedure and EAS processor has only been FDA approved since September 2016 I have been implanted with my first EAS/flex24 array since 2010, as I was a participant in the clinical trial. I am now bilateral. C T Lex if you have enough residual low frequency hearing to try the Sonnet EAS processor, I would encourage you to do so. Back in the day when I was implanted the surgery was a little different procedure, I think they called it soft insert, or round window procedure. It was just a little different array insert procedure than the traditional implant procedure. It all involved preserving residual. The traditional procedure did not take into account residual hearing or any attempt to preserve. Check with your surgeon on qualifying for EAS. Most surgeons today are working with procedures that try and preserve residual if you have enough to be beneficial in the low frequencies. Sonnet EAS processors can be programmed with Acoustic component activated or with it turned off if residual fails. I have 2 Sonnet EAS processors. One is Full electric now as I have lost residual after 9 years, and the other is programmed with acoustic and electric programming. I have no regrets and love my Sonnets.
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    Thank you for this video @Mary Beth It was great to hear you speak, and so reassuring!
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    Mary Beth

    More Rondo 2 info

    I love my Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop. I have 2! Very easy to use. Charge it fully. put your phone in BT pairing mode/screen press and hold center button on the Artone until you see alternating blue/red lights blinking then release it should show up on your phone on the BT screen. Select it. phone will display headphone icon (iPhones do at least) place the neckloop around your neck Use the Fine Tuner to switch processor (Sonnet, Rondo 2, Rondo 1, OPUS2) into either.... MT to hear environment and phone T to hear phone only enjoy @hearagain
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    Why Med-El ?

    Hi,I haven't had my CI yet,it's coming up this coming Tuesday,Jan.15th! I also chose Med el,for my unilateral implant.I chose it for the MRI capabilities,my love of music,and I liked the flexibility.Also,I like that the Med. El company is only about 60 miles from where I live.I will post later on,as l know more about things will work for me.
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