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  1. Gemma

    Newly implanted 5-year old

    Sorry I’m not upon Children’s apps.... As she not a profiecent reader yet how about letting her watch/listen to TV shows that she knows with sound to CI alone, or using YouTube kids videos. Try 10 - 15 mins at a time. have you got any children’s audio books, or do any of her books have CD’s etc that go with them that you can play for her whilst she looks at the book? Again there are a naumber of Children’s audiobooks on YouTube too, but it’s best if you go through and select some first to make sur they are appropriate. Good luck!
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  2. Nagaraju

    Need information for Surgery Implant

    Thank you @Cara Mia and @Mary Beth for your wonderful responses. My CI Implantation is done and I am in a recovery week, seems pretty good as of now except some bizarre taste issues and clicking sound and ringing in ear. Sometimes this ringing in ear is causing to not to function (not to grasp words properly) in other ear as well might get better coming days. My Activation is scheduled for next week my audiologist might evaluate the residual earing and might determine the EAS is suited one or not, If the residual hearing is preserved I will choose the EAS one as based on the above sugges
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  3. Mary Beth

    For people who have both Rondo 2 and Sonnet processors

    A manufacturing plant is a noisy place and wanting less noise makes sense to me @Mary Featherston. I am in noisy places at work too (think lots of excited children, high school students during change of classes etc) but not in a manufacturing plant.
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