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    @Daniel the Stranger isn't it great to be hearing music again? Not everything sounds great to me but I listen in the car every day to and from work, and that gives me an hour of music listening practice! And tomorrow it should be more like two or three hours if it keeps snowing. 🙂 @Joseph - we are here for you. You're right, one step at a time, it's all you can do. And remember you're practicing listening to English every day in London, every time you talk to someone. Good luck!
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    @Daniel the Stranger and @Joseph Small steps help us reach our goals too. Some of the free online rehab sites listed in our REHAB topic are designed for anyone learning English as a second language. Maybe one of those sites will be a nice fit for you. 15-20 minutes each day. I will tag you in the post about a free website I like which is designed for English language learners and works great for CI rehab. Wishing you both the best.
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    Mary Beth,The audiologist gave me a list,which l don't have at hand now,but one was a Med El one,and there was one l believe called Angel..hearing? I will post them here, tomorrow if you like,when l have the list in hand.
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    Updates from Rondo 2 users

    Nope it lasts all day following an overnight charge ilove it for that reason
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    Updates from Rondo 2 users

    I’ve been wearing rondo and rondo2 for more than a week now and am very happy! tomorrow I am scheduled to receive my Roger MyLink from connevans via ups so I’ll be able to use my Roger Pen. i love the freedom of ear space and the extended battery life. i keep my Sonnets close by as a backup
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    Look at the top of this thread. Check out NEWS IN EASY ENGLISH @Daniel the Stranger @Joseph If you try it, let us know what you think. Good luck.
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    Thanks for your kind words @Mary Featherston, sometimes I wonder why people say I'm boring as we don't do much on weekends lol. I'm usually very tired on weekends, and perhaps this is why maybe I haven't done proper rehab since both CI activation. I'm mentally exhausted not because of the new implants but because I need to make more effort in my day to day job to be able to communicate with my coworkers. I can go to the gym after work but I don't want to do Rehab, go figure! I know at some point I will need to go to the public library and grab some ESL books with multimedia to practice the English language again. Don't get me wrong, I'm still very happy with the way things are going with my CI and in that short period of time my communication has improved a lot. And music has been a blessing, I can tell you that I used to call my dad daily during my driving to work but now I only do it twice a week... I want to listen to music!
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    That would be wonderful @GraniPeggy! Thank you!
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    CI done,Jan 15th,and I'm home!!!

    JDashiel,I'm sorry so slow replying. My activation was Feb.6th and it went great! I was hearing immediately,with some distortion,voices at first sounded like Donald duck! Lol Within an hour,while discussing everything with the audioligist,the distortion cleared up and voices still sound normal about 98% of the time.In a crowd setting,in public places,there was still some,depending on the direction of the sound.I am unilateral CI..the other ear was not a candidate.BUT,later on I'm hoping the surgeon will be willing to attempt the other ear,or possibly a different type of procedure,I'm even game for clinical trials.
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    Hi Monte,I definitely will keep in touch here and of course this group is great support for me and my zillion questions! I went out to a restaurant today,a flea market and a dept.store...those places reminded me that though I'm hearing very well considering l couldn't hear before,but I have work to do to reach my full potential.Im going to start some online programs tomorrow,and keep working for the best results l can achieve!
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    MaryFeatherston, it may be because he implanted on the side where l had a little residual hearing? Not much,but some,which was aided by a hearing aid.(The other ear is just completely stone deaf.) I went out to a restaurant today,and l did note that in a crowd situation,esp voices from behind me, there was some change,some of that Donald duck quality was back.lol I'm wondering if the fact that l can only hear from one side has something to do with that. I know l have a long way to go yet,and need to get more practice with different sounds,but l agree that I'm really blessed! I went into activation petrified it wasn't going to work for Me!
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    Mary Beth

    Dry Box

    In the US when items are under warranty with Med-El, they send shipping labels for needed returns. It is quite a quick and easy process. Terrific customer service.
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    Mary Beth

    Dry Box

    Replacement dry space kit just arrived. Fingers crossed it is quiet like all of yours! @Jewel @Nikki
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    @Daniel the Stranger and @Joseph it wouldn't have occurred to me to think about the impact of getting your CIs in a country and a language that's not your native ones in either case. I will say, though, that I have an enormous amount of respect for you guys - not just the CI rehab, but even moving to a new country and living with communicating in a new language. I've spent quite a lot of time in Spain, and quite a lot of time in Israel too, and though I was reasonably proficient, if not fluent, in Spanish at the time (it was a long time ago and most of my vocabulary has, like Elvis, left the building, as I'm reminded every time my friend Jose Miguel posts on my Facebook page) but I could understand. But that's a far cry from being able to communicate on a level that would make me employable, and adding CI rehab to the mix - well, you guys, as I said, you have my respect.
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    Hi @Joseph English is my second language. I was first implanted 8 months ago and second implanted 3 months ago. My understanding of Spanish has improved a lot, I can talk much better on the phone and I have made progress understanding speech in music. I think I still have a long way to go. However with English the story is very different. I'm going to give more time (1 year with both sides) to make sure whether I have to go back to school to practice my listening and speaking skills. The conclusion I''m getting from this experience is that the English language I was taught while using my hearing aids was very different to the one I'm hearing with the implants. So in other words, I think I have to relearn my listening and my speaking as if I was a new English student. I have to say that English sounds much better with the implants. I have felt progress at my workplace but I feel they are still very small steps. Thanks @Mary Featherston for calling, writing these kind of experiences is helpful to give it a thought on what to do to improve our hearing.
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    Hi @Joseph, Welcome to HearPeers! As Vera says, our MED-EL UK team should be able to help you with this. Their details can be found here: https://www.medel.com/en-gb/about-medel/united-kingdom You might also find some of our English rehabilitation blog posts handy. You can find them here: https://blog.medel.com/tips-and-tricks/ Kind regards, Mary
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    Hello Joseph. I live in Skipton, in northern England. I’d go to my GP or indeed to the nearest Cochlear Implant Centre and explain the problem. The National Health Service is the provider for almost all CI users here. They run regular follow up services for us, after the initial year of rehab is over, usually to see an audiologist once a year for a check/remap if necessary etc. I don’t think there is a limit to this in terms of numbers of years since the implant. I have a friend who moved from a different part of the U.K. after getting her CI and she just transferred to the nearest centre after she moved. I don’t see why that wouldn’t be the case for someone who got their implant in another country. I know you said you didn’t want to burden the NHS but, given that almost all of us have implants paid for by the NHS, I don’t think there is an infrastructure of private audiologists specialising in CIs that you might find in other countries. You could also contact the National Cochlear Implant Users Association and ask them or indeed contact the MEDEL U.K. people in Sheffield, who I’ve always found enormously helpful and supportive. Good luck. Vera
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    Welcome to HearPeers! I will tag a few people who may be able to put you in contact with centers that offer aural rehab for adults. You may also find our topic REHAB helpful as it lists websites, apps, etc that many of us found useful. Wishing you the best. @MallaRuth @MED-EL Moderator @Vera
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    Mary Beth

    Need information for Surgery Implant

    @Cara Mia I love your last line....just choose the right color! Made me LOL. I agree that MAPping a CI is a science as well as an art. And having a great working relationship with our audiologists is so important.
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    Cara Mia

    Need information for Surgery Implant

    Hi CT Lex, Personally, I have no experience with Rondo. I use only Sonnett in a form of CI (electric stimulation only)and CI EAS (combined electrical and acoustic stimulation). For me, EAS provides deeper, richer sound and easier speech understanding in noise. But with good mapping that compensate correctly for frequencies that were supported by EAS component, it is also possible to hear very well with just elecrtric stimulation regarding sound quality and speech understanding in noise. Without EAS the sounds are also natural, but a little bit flat. Speech in noise not so crist clear, but still comfortable for understanding. My point was that it should be differently mapped programs for processors with EAS function and without it as it helps to hear comfortably faster when switching between these two modes. Rondo or Rondo2 have no buid-in EAS component, so they cannot enhance any residual hearing with Acoustic amplifying. But geting a good adjusted mapping for electric stimulation with one omnidirectional Mic in use still allows to hear well and comfortably in the different settings. About programming - I don't know about different approaches to programming for electric and acoustic components. My audi uses a some sort of device to translate my test results for residual hearing into programming parameters. After it done we work on fi ding the comfortable livel of loudness for active electrodes and then, i check a new created programmwe to see if I am comfortable with the result or some adjustment should be done. I think that programming is a mix a technical process and art. So, your audiologist knoweledge, intuition, and a good rapport with you equally contribute in a good hearing regardless what processor you choose because it is a lot about our brain plasticity to shape our cognitive skills in sound processing and our adjustment time in different settings besides the technical side our implants support. It is exiting, but also frustrating because nobody can tell exactly how things will work for you until you try it. But unfortunately, we gave to make some choises when there is no way to get our own practical experience. C T Lex, sorry for such long monologue and good luck! Med-El processors are so advanced that it is hard to make a wrong choice especially with professional advise of you CI team. Just choose the right color
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    Mary Beth

    Comparison of Rondo 2 versus Sonnet

    @MallaRuth Looks like it’s time to replace those batteries according to the Med-El manual.
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