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    Comparison of Rondo 2 versus Sonnet

    Thank you @Mary Beth & @Mary Featherston. I will talk to my audiologist and get her suggestions as well.
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    Still doing great! It is getting a little better day by day. Still sounds very mechanical and high pitched. I go in next Friday for some mapping. hoping that will help. But I am very pleased with the initial results. I'm just too impatient! Wondering how @Shaun and @GranniPeggy are doing?
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    We smile. I kept calm, explain the attendant the inconvenient. She put our purchase on hold. When I solved the issue, I came back and finished the purchase. Nothing happened 😊
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    @Monte I'm no superstar. I just like paying it forward. We are all in this together. Your journey has just started and look at how exciting it has been already! Enjoy it to the max. The best is yet to come 😊.
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