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    Mary Beth

    a year in a life

    @Mary Featherston I hope your insurance covers as many MAPping appts as it takes until you reach your favorite MAPs. Of course, your April appt may solve this for you!
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    Mary Beth

    a year in a life

    Hi @Mary Featherston I read through some of your blog entries. Isn’t it so cool to have a record of your CI journey? I have one too but it is just a private journal. Four years out and I’m still entering WOW moments every month. You made a comment about a change to one side’s MAP and could that impact both sides. When we change one side’s MAP for me it impacts that side and also my bilateral sound. There is a summative effect to hearing as well. Sometimes it feels like a complex network of dominoes. A slight change to one setting has ripple effects. Smile. I hope you are able to get rid of the echo. By the way, do you hear the echo when using your Artone bilaterally or only when using the processor mics?
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    Yes Mary Beth, here a photo. I use an invisible fish line from the aligator to Rondo
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    Getting rondo 2

    I can speech read about 80% of the time i don’t have a phone just iPad thank you very much for being very kind and helpful
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    @Watersail Yes and also check out Auralia Pitch Perception app. It helped me a lot.
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    Mary Beth

    CozyPhones video

    A link to a video I made about CozyPhones. They are terrific!
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