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    Mary Featherston

    Travel with CI’s

    Thanks, @Mary Beth, we did have a great time! The cottage we rented was very quiet and remote, but close enough to Bayeux for going to dinner or whatever we needed. We did spend a lot of time driving to all the places we wanted to go to, but that's part of the deal. Discovered some places that we weren't even aware of but were really cool - the whole town of Falaise, and William the Conqueror's castle there. I have a picture of my battery charger running off the rental car's USB port. 🙂
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    CLIX is temporarily removed from the App Store while it is being updated. Those with CLIX already downloaded can continue to use it as before. Direct connecting just your CI side will be your best bet for training that ear.
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    @Mary Featherston Wow! 97% bilaterally! That is astounding and fantastic. I am curious about which electrodes you have? I can't seem to find it easily in the forum history. I see you switch between the Sonnet and Rondo2 for the processor. I assume they have similar MAPs so when you switch, it isn't drastically different to your brain?
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