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    Freshly activated, so I started with my expectation super low. All 12 electrodes are in good health and active. Currently, I hear everything super, super high pitched, like everything is beyond helium. I can detect syllables, but can't differentiate speech or distinguish different layered noises yet. Time to learn how to hear all over again
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    Roger MyLink with Rondo 1 & Rondo 2

    Hello, this is a follow-up to my previous email (posted April 1) about purchasing a Phonak Roger MyLink neckloop from Hearing Direct to use with my Sonnet in one ear and a hearing aid in the other ear. I was informed by Joan, the customer service rep, that the product was a Roger MyLink (03), so I purchased it for $180 and am completely satisfied. I apologize for not following up sooner. Feel free to let me know if you have questions.
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    Adult rehab tips page 1

    MaryBeth that’s a tough question to answer. Speech is still very unclear and foggy. I am having the hardest time finding audio books WITH text apps for my iPad. It seems I find one and the “developer has taken this app off for technical issues” . There has to be at least ONE audio book with text app for my iPad. You would think. Very frustrating ...
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    Getting the right ear done

    I am so happy I want to tell the world there are hope for people who hate needle and being poked lotss i used to come home with four or five bandages on my arms and hands i am not feeling much pain no glasses until Sunday soit is hard to read thank you very much for checking on me
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    Getting the right ear done

    I went in the hospital at 5 30 this morning and got home at 2 in the afternoon it went very well they had a med-el rep in the surgery room i asked why no one knew why this is the first time ant rep from any ci company ever went in his surgerial room same pain but nothing like last year so I am very happy activation is July 6 that the news for today best new since last year thank you very much for asking
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    Travel with CI’s

    @Mary Featherston sorry for the delay but we just returned from France. Yes, we did Omaha beach and the American cemetery. Breathtaking! i couldn’t understand a word the guide was saying but just seeing what our brave troops faced was mind boggling.
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