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    Mary Beth


    Today while I was walking through a courtyard up to a school, I heard a bird chirping. I looked ahead in the direction of the birdsong and saw two trees spaced quite a bit apart. One tree to my right and the other tree to my left. The bird continued to sing. It seemed strange to me that the birdsong sounded like it was coming from a high location between the trees. The bird continued to sing. There was a very tall sculpture located between the two trees. When I looked way up to the very top of that sculpture, I saw the bird singing its heart out. My CIs were right! The birdsong was coming from between the trees! Sound directionality is so much fun!
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    Lovely @Mary Beth I usually hear birds chirping outside my house but no matter how hard I look, I can never find the birds! Just goes to show why two CIs are better than one.
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    Hearing differently

    @Mary Featherston Hope you're rid of the cold soon and you start hearing as you did before.
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    You might recognise one of the surnames in the link which is my very clever daughter who is off to Innsbruck as a prize for inventing this. Unfortunately the development costs will be astronomical and far too much for us but we are in touch with a couple of other clever people who are looking at developing similar things. https://www.ideas4ears.org/meet-the-inventors/ As things stand, I know people have used baseball batting helmets although being UK based I have no idea how good a baseball helmet would be on a bike! Better than nothing though I expect.
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