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  1. Lynn Agnes

    May, June, July, August 2019 CI surgery and/or activation

    Thanks so much for asking! Since I have good hearing in my right ear and used to ignoring tinnitus in my left ear, I'm finding it's easy for me to ignore the computer type tone and echos that are coming from the left implant. My audiologist said my job for the first week is to wear it as much as I can and get used to the input coming into my left ear. This has not been a problem. I do feel like I'm ready for a bigger challenge, tho and look forward to whatever instructions she gives me next week! I have played around a little with wearing an earplug in my good ear. Will keep you posted.
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  2. Sandy123

    May, June, July, August 2019 CI surgery and/or activation

    Hello everyone, My implant surgery is June 20, 2019 at University Hospital in London Ont. I am trying to decide on the Sonnet processor or Rondo 2 that I do hope is available. Any advice would be great. Thank you Sandy
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  3. Daniel the Stranger


    Things are going well @Mary Beth I can't complain, I'm really happy with my CIs. Communication at work has improved heaps and I'm not scared anymore to interact with students and staff. I don't forget that this is a long process, my Audiologist can't believe how patient and positive am I.
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