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    Hi johnl I have found reading while listening to text helps. The Angel program provides this with small sentences. You listen to the test, what did that say?? Then up comes sentence plus sound, oh yes, I knew that.... My logic says if I can understand it with the text displayed, it's just a matter of practice. The voices available on google read text very well. I started with the kindle, even though the punctuation was hilarious, it helped a lot. On android I can do text to speech easily. Hope it comes right soon.
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    No disposable batteries in dry kits!

    Mary Beth, I think they want to avoid people forget rechargeable battery (that are a serious problem) mantain inside of dryer. New people when receive the kits are no familiar with batteries, procedures, drying. For avoid issues, MED EL, indicate neither batteries on drying, and they avoid some or a lot of problems.
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    I'm using this one for my Rondo. it's more than enough in weight and size. I'm sure I'll have line for a few years 🙂 I don't wait to the line broke itself, I change it every 6 months.
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    MED-EL Moderator

    SONNET 2

    Hi @Jewel, thanks for the question. The dimensions are the same as SONNET. The main improvments with SONNET 2 are internal, for example the new Automatic Sound Management 3.0 with Adaptive Intelligence for more comfortable hearing. Kind regards, Mary
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    Mary Beth

    SONNET 2

    @Jewel Yes Sonnet 2 can still use the Roger devices the same way Sonnet 1 uses them. Check out the Med-El International website for lots of info on Sonnet 2. It has cool features.
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    My audiologist tells me the store is temporarily out Rondo 2 leashes and clips together and have back ordered them. Also, she had a tool which greatly simplified threading a leash and clip the way Mary suggested. If anyone is interested I'll find out exactly what the tool is. I intend to use fishing line as described by Thomas. C T lex
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    @thomseabrook Thanks for the last email Thom. That is very clever. By looping at the hinge of rubber port there's little tension on the port cover. Thanks a whole bunch. C T Lex cc: @Mary Beth
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    It is a leash from a RONDO 1. They attached to a pair of small holes on the side and the loop held it secure. On RONDO 2, open the rubber port on the bottom, loop the loop around the lower part where it hinges and close it back up. I'm not taking credit for it but it is a very good solution.
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    I was at the clinic yesterday for routine check over and we got talking about this. Not necessarily about the breaking as I have not had that issue but the fact that it is very difficult to get the leash back on wen you change covers. The 'solution' (which should address breakages too) they use is to go back to the old fishing wire type leash (a la Rondo 1), make a loop in the end and loop it round the comms port cover, then close it. Working fine so far and won't come of when the cover needs changing.
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    Mary Beth

    Med-El article on Fine Hearing

    https://www.audiologyonline.com/ask-the-experts/does-finehearing-work-and-what-25424 I love the bass sounds I hear in music with my bilateral CIs. Sooo cool!
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    Hi @C T lex, I heard back from our experts here and they advised that most people prefer to replace the whole Attachment Clip rather than just the Leash. However, if you want to replace just the leash you can do the following: 1. Pull one end of the leash through the loophole of the clip 2. Using forceps, carefully open up the loop on one end of the leach. 3. Pull the other end of the leash through the open loop. Kind regards, Mary
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