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    AudioLink for Sonnets

    Thank you Mary Beth for your review....
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    @Jewel https://www.phonakpro.com/us/en/products/wireless-accessories/roger-table-mic/overview-roger-table-mic.html
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    Mary Beth

    AudioLink for Sonnets

    @Jewel Look at my post directly above this.
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    @Jewel No you don’t need anything special to Connect the Table Mic II and the Pen as long as they are compatible. Read about how to do that on the Phonak Roger pages and see if it appeals to you. I will tag you where I commented on my favorite features of the AudioLink.
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    @Jewel https://www.phonakpro.com/us/en/about-phonak/technologies/roger-wireless.html
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    @Jewel Neither option is cheap unfortunately. A few things to consider..... Roger transmitters can work together and you already have the Pen. Do you have the Roger 21 integrated Sonnet receiver? So if you were to purchase another Roger transmitter, they could work together at two places on the large table or a presenter wearing one and the other on the table. Check out all Roger transmitter options, not only the Select. There is a Roger Table Mic II That may interest you. Roger transmitters adapt to the noise level in the room. This helps. Have you played around with sensitivity in those settings while using Roger? If you are comfortable playing around with your FineTuner in that setting, it may help. As far as which is better Roger or AudioLink, I can’t really answer that. To me assistive tech must match the listening situation and there is no wonder piece of tech that solves every problem for every person. If I was trying to help the meeting situations you described above, Roger would work better for me in those settings because: -I could link more than one transmitter -Roger mics adapt in noise
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    My GoTo ALDs were Artone 3 Max for webinars and Skype plus my Roger Pen for meetings at work
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    Mary Beth

    AudioLink for Sonnets

    I recently had an opportunity to review the AudioLink with my Sonnet processors. Today I asked Med-El if I could join in conversations here about the AudioLink or if I should wait until they use my review. Med-El said I could join in conversations about the new AudioLink. AudioLink works with Sonnet and Sonnet 2 processors. For bilateral Sonnet/Sonnet 2 users, the sound is heard on both sides. It is very easy to sync the AudioLink to our processors. Very similar to pairing the FineTuner remote. We can use the AudioLink three ways: 1) use the AudioLink by itself as a remote mic worn by someone or set on a table 2) use the AudioLink with cables for true stereo music (separate left/right instrumentals), listening to all audio from any headphone jack, connected to the TV via the dock 3) use the AudioLink with BlueTooth. There are two ways the AudioLink works with BlueTooth. One way is directly for phone calls. The other way is through a BT converter app (A2DP blocker) that runs in the background and allows streaming of music, audiobooks, etc. The AudioLink is not supposed to be used on planes. (Just like the Roger Select/Pen are not supposed to be used on planes.) My favorite features of the AudioLink are: * True left/right stereo for music IF the AudioLink is plugged directly to the sound source * The ability to adjust the mixing ratio * Access to a 100/0 mix ratio (sound source only) * No need to switch to MT or T so never encounter electromagnetic interference Hopefully Med-El US will soon announce a release date and price for AudioLink.
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