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    It sure would be a lot easier for all of us if there was some kind of crystal ball we could gaze into and see our lives post implant & adjustment to the CI! Smile 😊 Trust whatever decision you make. Embrace it and enjoy the journey. Life with CIs is amazing! @Melissa
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    Marion nancy

    Wow moments

    Another wow. Was able to understand my bridge partner in a noisy auditorium with the cards covering her mouth. Was not using any ALD🌞
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    @Melissa Have you seen this yet? https://blog.medel.pro/bimodal-hearing-cochlear-implant/ @MED-EL Moderator Are you able to comment on Melissa’s concerns about the long term future of Med-El ? Med-El has a long record of commitment to our hearing. They are the only FDA approved brand that will custom design an electrode array for people with especially complicated cochleas. I believe @Jdashiell posted about a custom tool that was designed by Med-El for one of his surgeries if I am not mistaken. If you look at the Med-El website and click on their timeline you will read about how they stepped in to help people implanted with a hearing device by another company that was no longer supported. I was never concerned that Med-El would not ensure I could hear. There is so much info to sort through when choosing brands. I remember feeling very overwhelmed too. It was helpful for me to research future possibilities with the processing/electrode capabilities of the three companies. I also read about recalls. Music was important to me. I read about music experiences from CI users. In the end, I had to make a choice. I have no regrets. Listening is so easy now. We converse from separate floors. These CIs are so much better than hearing aids. In so many ways. I wish your son the very best no matter which brand you choose. Have you had an opportunity to meet some CI users in person? If you are interested, reach out to Med-El US and ask to be put in touch with the Consumer Engagement Manager for your region. My first side was implanted in Feb 2015 and activated in March. By mid-summer I was so ready to implant my second side. I do not miss hearing aids at all.
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    Rick H

    New to hear peers & Choosing brands

    Hi Melissa yes I do like the streaming capability of the CA implant both in regards to their hearing aid & to the direct to iPhone as well. It was definitely one of the things that made me think of them as a possible implant choice. It seems like all the other companies do tend to catch up & get the latest technology as time goes on. It’s like when I first started looking into my CI Medel was the only one that was MRI safe & by the time I had to make my decision all 3 had that feature which really made it even more difficult. For that reason I focused mainly on the features of the implant itself as that is what stays with you while the exterior processor & their streaming technology & other features improve & are upgraded about every 5 years or so without the need for surgery. another nice feature that I liked about the CA nucleus implant was that they have the thinnest electrodes which is good for preserving any residual hearing. That’s a great feature! Also they have 22 electrodes compared to medels 12 & AB 16, even though my surgeon told me it’s not the number of electrodes but the processing that make a big difference. If you go to this website (cochlearimplanthelp.com) the article there on electrodes & channels explains the differences in how each brand processes sound (the actual way they fire their electrodes to simulate sound) . There is a big difference in the way each brand process sounds, Medels electrodes can be fired simultaneously in pairs & are further divided into different electrical band width between the pairs to give up to 250 different audio frequencies or tones. AB has 16 electrodes that also fires in pairs split between different band widths to create phantom electrodes to generate 120 different frequencies, CAs has the most electrodes at 22 but fire in succession & don’t create any phantom electrodes. I’m no audio engineer but It’s a great article to read to get some insight as to how the brands differ from each other. Medels electrodes are softer & more flexible & reach further into the cochlea they claim that this feature is also great for preserving residual hearing. In the end I chose Medel mainly because of the sound processing differences & the fact that they have had no recalls. Also hearing how satisfied the recipients were with their devices. I’m not trying to push Medel but just giving some insight as to how I made my final decision.😁 also as you do your research you will hear many simulations of what it sounds like with a CI. I used to hear these & it scared me away from doing this for so long. Don’t be scared of these, they are terrible examples of what it really sounds like! I have never heard a simulation that sounds anything like my CI! I have only had mine turned on now for about 3 months & I can tell you mine sounds very very natural to my original hearing. I could understand speech from the minute it was turned on,. There is a slight mechanical sound to them but my family’s voices sounds like my family’s voices. when I watch TV the actors voices sound very much like they used to & most environmental sounds are spot on the way they where before. i would do as much research as you can, pick a good surgeon & talk to as many people on the forums or in person with all the different brands & then go with your gut instinct! Most Everyone with a CI is very open to let you know about their experiences both good & bad. You really can’t make a bad choice! They are all good products! I don’t know how old your son is but I can assure you & your husband that he will be able to live a very normal life with his CI which ever brand you choose! Hope I’m not being too long winded with my responses but I know what a big decision this can be & I’m trying to give you as much info on my own personal experience of this. Best of luck Melissa & if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask! Rick H
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