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    I do not...I will look into it after my nap...thanks very much for the suggestion...two weeks until activation. My husband and I have been texting...funny, first time he texted me I started to text him back forgetting he can hear what I am saying...a much needed laugh yesterday!
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    Good to know...I know everyone has different experiences, but it is something to hold on to for now...I am a bit emotional/tired today too, which is not helping. I had mostly adjusted to it pre CI, but the past 2 days have been off the charts loud and my head hurts a bit today...I think I might need a nap! Thanks for being so supportive...
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    Dinner at a restaurant

    I had dinner out at a restaurant with my partner last weekend. It was quite loud, but we sat down, ate, talked. After a little while, I suddenly remembered that I left my hearing aid at home and was able to converse with my partner over the course of a meal with using just the CI. Then I remembered that I also left the remote at home, and was still using my every day program. Wow, I could hear in a noisy restaurant. I don't think I've ever had that before.
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    I pretty much did the hearing aid thing for years, upgrading and staying with the maximum power hearing aids available. It was "good enough" and let me get by in life. Last year, I noticed more-than-usual problems with hearing in my left ear. And I was struggling very much in meetings and every day life understanding people. I would be at a complete loss at understanding without my right hearing aid. I went to the audiologist and ruled out the easily fixable things (e.g. ear wax, hearing aid malfunctions, etc), and was not successful. The audiologists have been suggesting that I look into CIs for years, but I've put it off because I've been doing ok with them and heavy reliance on lipreading. But, I decided that the hearing aid in my left ear wasn't good enough for me anymore. I went in to get my CI evaluation done and implanted 8 months ago. As for timing, a lot of my hesitation was that I considered it to be a huge step since it's not really reversible back to hearing aids. Given that the hearing aid was no longer working well in my left ear, I was ready to take that step. The timing was right for me. If you ask me about my right ear, I do plan to get a CI for it, but not until my left ear is ready to stand on its own. It's still improving every day.
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    My employer met with me about my "medical condition." I realised that they would use my deafness to get rid of me. So I went to my audiologist who told me it was time for me to get a CI. I had been putting it off for years. I decided to go to the US and see if all I needed was the most powerful HA on the market or if I really did need a CI. Note they had told me I needed one about 6 years prior. But the meeting with my employer was the wakeup call for me.
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    I had sudden loss and wanted the implant from the start. But if I had any doubt it was erased when I was at a funeral - couldn't understand the speeches properly, and couldn't hear a word anyone was saying to me, even up close, in the noisy foyer afterwards. It was so awful.
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    Makes perfect sense to me @Mary Featherston. Finding a way to keep hearing aid audiologists up to speed on the ever changing CI candidacy rules seems to be very important.
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