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    Text to Speech on Android

    I have just finished another app which will be the first part of many words and sentences. Along with the idea from bendmyear I'm hoping we can produce some useful training on the android scene. It includes my version of the ling 6 test. https://sourceforge.net/projects/getanearful Get that android pad working Mary Beth. Peter
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    I’m heading to Durham in early March. Would love to hear about Ford’s experience.
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    Hi Marybeth I am in Durham as we speak and will be here the whole week. Josh and team are great! Everyone is very hospitable and I feel well taken care of...and we were just talking about you today!🙂 I think it will be a very interesting week, especially since we'll be doing some music work. Med-el Innsbruck was interesting... if not quite as engaged with engineers as I had hoped. More of a facility tour. Great town and I got to meet the folks who built my implant. They were very inspired to meet a recipient as they don't get the chance to see their work in real life too often. F
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    Thanks...I will. I was doing pretty good until today actually. I'll get it back...thanks again!
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    Mary Featherston

    A new WOW

    We were out at our new house today - we haven't moved in yet, we keep finding things the previous owners did badly and wanting to fix them. Today my husband decided that we needed an electrical outlet in the mudroom, and he also wanted a switch to control the garage lights, because the switches in the garage aren't by the door. So he connected the switch to the garage lights and also connected it to one of the outlets, and put a nightlight in that outlet (shaped like a rubber duckie, we are just SO classy) so that if the duck is lit up, we know we left the lights on in the garage and can switch them off. But it involved pushing a wire from the basement up through the wall, so he asked me to stand there by the hole in the mudroom wall, wait for the wire, and pull it out. So I was standing there and he spoke to me - through the hole in the wall, from the basement. And I heard him. I mean, we were talking. It was amazing.
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