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    A day in my life with CIs

    Two more weeks until activation, but this made me smile...happy for you!
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    Mary Beth

    AudioLink for Sonnets

    @Melissa $20 CozyPhones flat stereo headband speakers sound terrific and let me hear on both sides with my Rondos in true separate left/right stereo. They are my go to option for my Rondos when I can not use the wonderfully easy Artone...which can be worn under a shirt and is tiny and light. So for me with my Rondos.... Artone is first choice, CozyPhones is second choice (planes or need to plug into a headphone jack) and mini battery pack with red jack DAI cable is third choice. Things sound awesome with the mini battery pack and DAI red jack cable. It just is more cumbersome. I like listening bilaterally always. (Except if I am training speech or speech in noise.) There is a bilateral red jack DAI cable which can plug into the left and right mini battery packs or plug into the left and right Sonnet FM battery cover with the Euro jack (3 holes). There is also a unilateral red jack DAI cable.
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    This new type of BT LE is expected to be in devices in the next year or so. Makes me wonder what kinds of connectivity options will then be available for CI users. Things are changing so fast. It is exciting.
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    Yes processor kits connected to surgeries are 5 years. Until this month Med-El future upgrade kits were also 5 years. That is what has changed to 3 years. Both other US brands offer 3 years for upgrade kits at this time too.
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    @DncTchr2 Tonight I am going to a Broadway musical. No accommodations needed. No assistive listening devices. Just my 2 CIs on my everyday programs. Everyone’s journey is unique. Great sounding music is a possibility for some of us. Hoping your CI journey is full of awesome music.
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