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    Jeff Campagna works for Med-El US and has a Med-El CI. He has presented my most favorite Med-El US event... Hands On Hearing workshops. When Med-El US used to offer these wonderful and free workshops, Jeff and his team would teach about various Med-El accessories and various third party accessories that enable us to hear our best. There was a very valuable hands on component to these workshops when Jeff and his team would work with the attendees and let the attendees try the devices. Oftentimes you would hear WOW! or see tears of happiness as people discovered how well they could hear using these options. I attended 4 of these workshops (2 on two separate days). Raleigh NC where @Angie and I got to meet in person. Smile. And NYC. Such wonderful events that helped so many people. I wish they were still offered. There is definitely a need. Jeff updated his guides for using AudioLink A2DP converter app Roger Pen Roger Select Roger MyLink neckloop receiver Roger X and Roger 21 for Sonnet 1 & 2 Here is the link http://www.handsonhearing.com/index.php/resources
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    Mary Beth

    Audiolink Questions

    @Melissa Most devices have an optional headphone jack accessory so we can plug in headphones if desired. The AudioLink will be able to be plugged into those headphone jacks. AudioLink is not supposed to be used on planes per Med-El. That is true with all of those types of RF devices.
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    @Mary Beth, Where’s the thumbs up button when you need it. 😂. But how well I remember this event, having the chance to finally meet you in person. I believe this May will make it four years ago. Just wow! Great meeting others as well.
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