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    Mary Beth

    MRI/Medical info great resource

    You can download from here. This way you will have the info on your phone if needed. https://www.medel.com/important-safety-information
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    MRI/Medical info great resource

    Ah that's great. Thank you @Mary Beth. Roll on next month for the processor...
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    If you could choose

    I wish that the Sonnet 1 was smaller. If I wear it for 3 days straight the top of my ear hurts and gets bruised.
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    If you could choose

    The more important question - does MedEl listen to what we ask for??
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    Mary Featherston

    Rondo2 and a hat

    We just got about six inches of snow, as as my husband is two counties away, I went out to clear the driveway. I don't use the snowblower much and don't recall much about using it, so I just shoveled, the snow is light and fluffy. But I put a hat on - I'd never worn a hat over the Rondo2s before. Worked really nicely, though. Two of my neighbors walked over for a chat (nothing like everyone being out clearing their driveways to forge a bond) and we talked for a bit and shoveled for a bit. I've never been used to wearing hats because they made my hearing aids beep. It's nice to know that I can, now. Though I wish I hadn't, I ended up too warm and my head is all sweaty. Good think I had the Rondo2s on, they're more water resistant. 🙂
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    Mary Beth

    Problem in public

    @Nischal Koirala Have you seen the design covers for Rondo 2 that look like hair?
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