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    Mary Beth

    New releases in the industry

    @Nikki There is no limit to how often or when new CI tech or accessories can be introduced. A lot of processor generations are spaced 5 years apart possibly because most insurance plans in the US will not approve processors before then. Med-El has introduced new items every year. Recently Med-El released the AudioLink intermediary device for Sonnet and Sonnet 2. Neptune is a waterproof body worn processor by a different brand. Some of my students have it and refuse to wear it in the water because of how it sounds and because of how it’s worn. That varies person to person. Are you wondering if Med-El is planning on introducing a body worn waterproof processor? Since Med-El never announces info on future tech, we have no way of knowing. Although waterwear on Rondo/Rondo 2 can be expensive for frequent water use, I love the way it fits skin tight against the processor and absolutely love the way things sound. There are features of various CI brands that appeal to me. But from what I have heard users report, Rondo/Rondo 2 in waterwear delivers much better sound than other options. I do not even need to adjust the volume. But again, it can be expensive. Sonnet/Sonnet 2 waterwear does not fit skin tight and does not appeal to me at all. Which processors do you use in the water?
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    July HearPeers Virtual Coffee Chat

    Just downloaded the app
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    Forgot to add that I've no idea of the brand of the disposable ones. At present there does not seem to be any solution what to do with them, not sure how eco friendly they are For example. As they the masks ( in theory) cannot be recycled. I have been told that there are people who are reusing them by spraying them with disinfectant spray then leave them out in the sun on the washing line!!! The DIY one is made of breathable fabric.
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    @Mary Beth Impressive! We have the disposable ones that we get from the chemists, also a DIY type mask made locally.
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    July HearPeers Virtual Coffee Chat

    9::30 in the morning? ....Alright, count me in....But with this lockdown, like many people, I have developed a certain life style change...You know - Not shaving, not brushing my hair, wearing the same clothes that I slept in for the rest of the day...( and sometimes the day after). ... ....I am joking of course...(well not completely). But I do notice this in online meetings that I attended...People not turning on their videos...And the first thing I think is..."Is this a bad hair day for them, or did they just not bother getting up for the day...." But this will be interesting for me as I never used Google meetings, and am interested in the CC feature. I tried Zoom and a few others, but I really do not bother with them anymore as I had trouble with hearing what people were saying. Too many people speak too low, or do not know enough to talk into microphone, or just lousy reception and static. So, I will give it a shot....Unless I am working that morning (I will not know until the Thursday before). So, count me in...
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    Mary Beth

    July HearPeers Virtual Coffee Chat

    UPDATED Date for July!!!!!! Sunday July 5 !!!!!!!! 9:30 New York time We welcome more HP members! Anyone else want to join in? @Mary Beth YES @Jewel YES @Dave in Pittsburgh YES @Kirk S. YES @Tracey_66 YES @Kylie YES @Mary Featherston YES @Valentin YES @Joan YES @Nikki YES @Megan L. YES @Watersail MAYBE @phobos512 YES @Marion nancy YES Google Meet is a free app. Download it. If you already have a Google account it may already be listed in your extras. There is either (depending on device used) a CC button to select or 3 dots (...) that when you select the dots you will see the option to turn on captions. About a week before the virtual chat, I will send out a group HP mail. You can see the mail at the top of HP under the envelope icon. Looking forward to the July chat! Stay well everyone.
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