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  1. Direct..... yup direct....bilateral.....true stereo.....STREAMING for Sonnet 1 and Sonnet 2! I am sooooo excited! https://www.medel.com/hearing-solutions/accessories/connectivity/audiostream?fbclid=IwAR21qadWSv3tZmVt72AJ1k1VbIo7Dh1OHGHI4vs2t3SC4H3WB3pId9C5SJg
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  2. Megan L.


    @tmscarlett10 Its an exciting time! You should be excited 😊 Yes this website has so many great and helpful topics that you may not get any where else. The people are awesome too! In my opinion, it’s therapeutic talking about your experiences good and bad. We all are here to support each other and see everyone do well 😁 At least for me it is. Everyone has limitations and I’m sorry they said that to you. It doesn’t sound very helpful or kind. Just keep doing you and own it 💪😎 Where are you getting implanted?
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  3. Megan L.


    @tmscarlett10 I only considered bimodal! Johns Hopkins - where I was implanted, did my worse ear incase something went wrong then I’d still have a “good ear.” I qualify in my right ear but I happy for now with my HA helping my CI 😁 I’m not in the mindset to go through surgery again. Every time I get off Zoom or a Teams phone call, I say to myself “Thank goodness for my CI! What would I do without it. How could I do without it?!” It’s amazing technology. As for noise - ditto on everything @Mary Beth said! Everyone struggles in noise even the hearing people. Today, I found myself
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  4. carolinemack


    thanks for asking Mary Beth... no, still not. I kinda gave up trying.
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