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    Every morning when I put on my processors and immediately go from hearing nothing to hearing wonderfully, I am thankful for my CIs. This morning I am extra thankful. The years prior to being implanted created insurmountable obstacles for listening to young voices. I could not understand anything young children said. It was disheartening, especially as our extended family grew. My CIs have changed all that. I hear the sweet voices of young children very well and I am so thankful. This morning I received a video message from our nephew’s almost two year old son singing happy birthday. It is the absolute sweetest birthday greeting ever. And I understood every word of his song, even when he improvised a bit! Smile Thank you @MED-EL Moderator for this wonderful gift of hearing.
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    Mary Featherston

    Rondo2 and a hat

    We just got about six inches of snow, as as my husband is two counties away, I went out to clear the driveway. I don't use the snowblower much and don't recall much about using it, so I just shoveled, the snow is light and fluffy. But I put a hat on - I'd never worn a hat over the Rondo2s before. Worked really nicely, though. Two of my neighbors walked over for a chat (nothing like everyone being out clearing their driveways to forge a bond) and we talked for a bit and shoveled for a bit. I've never been used to wearing hats because they made my hearing aids beep. It's nice to know that I can, now. Though I wish I hadn't, I ended up too warm and my head is all sweaty. Good think I had the Rondo2s on, they're more water resistant. 🙂
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    It's in!!

    Thank you! @Mary Featherston. Can't wait for activation. Don't know the date yet . Will be seeing the consultant on Monday maybe then I'll know. What I do know it will be some time in March.
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    BTW, I got an Artone 3 max. Love it.
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    Thanks Mary Beth. I ended up calling a Med-El Audiologist and she gave me the following procedure. 1. Place one of the Rondo 2 processors on the remote and start it normally and put it on your head. 2. Press the <> button on the bottom of the remote, then any other key. 3. Place the other side processor on the bottom of the remote and turn it on. 4. Both are now synched. Works every time time now. Loving bilateral hearing again! its only been 6 weeks and my new left side CI is already allowing me to hear most speech! My life has changed for the better! I did have a problem with one of my processors that stopped hearing bluetooth. But the Medel audiologist is sending me a replacement. What great customer service! I am so glad I chose Med-El! I have already had to have a MRI, too, so I am even more convinced that I made the best decision.
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    A week in your life as a CI user

    @Dave in Pittsburgh @Mary Beth While I don’t know anything about the actual program my audiologist set up, what I have (as an additional program, used only when necessary) is a program that retains my levels of “everyday” hearing in terms of voices, etc that I want to focus on but, at the same time, significantly reduces the extraneous, distracting background noises (such as in a restaurant or even in some stores). To achieve that, while she was doing the MAPping, my audiologist had me listen to a YouTube video (on her cellphone) designed to emulate a noisy bar/cocktail lounge. That allowed me to tell her what I was hearing, what was too distracting, etc and she was able to make the necessary adjustments in my program until we finally got it right. I’ve had several noise reduction programs over the years but I found listening to an actual noisy situation significantly helped her make more precise adjustments than previously.
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    MED-EL Moderator

    Rondo 2 Charging

    Hi @Tommy C , thanks for your question. We strongly recommend using the charger which is delivered with your RONDO 2, as it has been tested and approved for use with your audio processor. If you decide to use RONDO 2 with any other Qi charger, please be aware that you do so at your own risk. Best regards, Barbara PS: @Mary Beth thanks for tagging us!
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    Mary Beth

    Advantage of CIs

    Traveling today through airports. One gate set off its emergency alarm and no amount of effort from the crew could halt the loud blaring alarm. Everyone was plugging their ears. It went on for quite some time. Eventually the crew passed out ear plugs to the passengers at the gate. Thank goodness for MCL settings! Yes it was loud and yes it was an unpleasant sound.... but.....it was comfortably loud! Many thanks to my awesome audiologist!
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    Mary Beth

    Rogerpen vs Audiolink

    @Valentin I have used both. AudioLink works only with Sonnet 1 and Sonnet 2 Roger works with almost all CI processors and hearing aid brands AudioLink only requires 1 piece (AudioLink) and sends the signal to an internal receiver in the Sonnet 1 and Sonnet 2. Roger requires more than 1 piece. The Pen or Select (I prefer the Select) sends the audio to Roger receivers. These receivers can be attached to processors or hearing aids (like the Roger 21 integrated battery cover receiver for Sonnet 1 and Sonnet 2) or can be a neckloop receiver (Roger MyLink) and CI/HA then need to be on MT or T. Both AudioLink and Roger Pen/Select are BT ONLY for phone calls. Both AudioLink and Roger Pen/Select can use an A2DP converter app to stream other audio from phone. The sound quality is degraded. Both AudioLink and Roger Pen/Select can be plugged into TV, etc Both AudioLink and Roger Pen/Select can be used as remote mics worn by a speaker. Both AudioLink and Roger Pen/Select can be used on a table for a small group. The Select outperforms the others in this setting by far in my opinion. AudioLink is a fixed gain mic. Roger Pen/Select adapt to the noise level. Roger Select has 3 mics which create 6 directions. It uses adaptive beamforming. The others do not. AudioLink allows the user to alter the mix ratio. AudioLink is true stereo for left/right music. Roger Pen/Select have a greater range than AudioLink.. The sound quality between these options is different. I recommend people test out these devices before choosing the best device for their needs. I also suggest people test out the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop.
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    I’ve been working on finding ways to share helpful info. Trying to make things accessible, user friendly and easy to share with others. This link has all my Artone reviews (pdf and video) in one place. -Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop -Artone Mic -Artone TVB I hope it is helpful. http://www.handsonhearing.com/user-review-on-artone-3-max-bluetooth-neckloop/ Have a great weekend! Mary Beth
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    Rick H

    New to hear peers & Choosing brands

    @Dave M hi Dave welcome to hearpeers. Be sure to read this weeks Medel blog story about being able to appreciate the color of music again. It’s the story of a man who had another brand CI, & then switched to a Medel. There is also a related story at the bottom of the article from a woman who also had a Medel & another brand as well. When I made my decision I really took to heart the stories from these types of recipients. As they are very rare people to have 2 different brands installed & makes them the real experts that can truly say if one brand sounds or performs better than another! Doctors & audiologists can tell us a lot about reliability issues, or ease of mapping or installation of CIs but both my doctor & audiologists said that all the brands seemed to be the same in those regards. But someone who actually has both installed can give invaluable info as to which brand really performs better in regards to sound quality, MRIs & so forth! I was very happy with my decision as it was but when I read stories like these it just reinforces me that I made the right choice. This next year I’ll be getting my other side done & I'm sure it will be another Medel synchrony! Do your research well & you’ll do great! best of luck to you bud & what ever brand you choose keep us posted! Rick H
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    Mary Beth

    Looking forward to ASM 3 in Sonnet 2!

    @Marcy When ASM 3 is FDA approved in the US and then released by Med-El US, our audiologists will update our Sonnet 2 processors with the ASM 3 software at a MAPping appt and set up the ASM 3 programs. So it is just a software change. The actual Sonnet 2 processors remain the same. How they treat sounds will then have the ASM 3 options.
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    Hi from a new user!

    @Mary Featherston It really is amazing! I can't believe I forgot I wasn't able to hear so many different kinds of noises until now. I'm actually happy to hear birds waking me up in the morning because that means I can hear them!
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    Hi from a new user!

    Thanks @Mary Beth! I'm sorry I missed your helpful comment until now. I need to do a better job of remembering to check my notifications! I did get a GripWear. Right now, the device doesn't slip too much from my head anymore (it only does it if I hop off the bus or train with great force!).
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    Mary Beth

    Music with CIs

    I have been intrigued by posts about music and cochlear implants recently. People talk about enjoying music in spite of the limitations of listening with their CIs. My experience with listening to music with my CIs is so different. I enjoy music because of the listening my CIs have returned to me. Music sounds awesome and I listen to music every day. All kinds of music. In all different settings. What is your experience with listening to music with your CI? Are you enjoying music in spite of your CI or are you enjoying music because of your CI? Which processor are you using?
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    @MED-EL Moderator Tgat I go is very helpful Verena. Thank you!
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    Music with CIs

    Great topic! I enjoy music in the real world very well, but this is with 1 CI and 1 'normal' ear. However when I am listening plugged in to my CI it is still musical but strange sounding and I can't always pick the instruments or exact melody, though this is definitely improving. I have an impression of what I'm hearing but not all the details. I am now 9 months in. I am currently focusing on the music sections of the angel sounds training as I am keen to improve this area.
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    @Mary Beth Great video! Very informative and great job with the captions!😊
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    Mary Beth

    MRI/Medical info great resource

    You can download from here. This way you will have the info on your phone if needed. https://www.medel.com/important-safety-information
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    MRI/Medical info great resource

    Ah that's great. Thank you @Mary Beth. Roll on next month for the processor...
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    Sonnet 2 Accessories

    Thanks so much...I will try to take a look at it again tonight and if I cannot figure it out, I will reach out to you...<3
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    Hi @Mary Beth, thanks so much for sharing this. Great to read that you were able to enjoy this lovely birthday message Best regards, Verena
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    If you could choose

    The more important question - does MedEl listen to what we ask for??
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    Mary Beth

    Rondo2 and a hat

    @Mary Featherston Uou got off easy this time! We received 20 inches of snow on Friday! Beautiful but a lot all at once. I wear hats all the time when I snow blow. It is fabulous that our CIs do not have feedback issues. Enjoy your new snow! It always brightens things up.
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    FineTuner Questions and Answers

    Mary Beth, thankyou for the refresher on using my fine tuner. I was thinking that I had accidently got the keyboard lock on and was pushing buttons accordingly, (it wasn't locked) and I think the one Sonnet wasn't paired. All is going fine now. I like my Sonnets I just wish the batteries and battery covers would last a little longer. I wear my Rondos 1-2 days a week and I like them to but I don't do as well with them on the telephone and when my hair is short I have a hard time getting the hair clips to fasten good. Thanks again for your help
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    @Mary Featherston I chatted with a Rondo user who uses her Rondos almost all of the time but carries her Sonnets with her to switch to in noise. I chatted with another Rondo user who uses her Rondos for everything except work, where she relies on her Sonnets for adaptive mic setting. @Joan has special programs on her Rondo 2s for use in noise so she just switches to those programs when needed. I have been using my OPUS2 processors all of the time. They are similar to Rondo 1 and Rondo 2 since they have one omni mic and use omni mic setting. It is good that we have choices so everyone can find what works best for them.
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    A week in your life as a CI user

    @Dave in Pittsburgh Good luck! Just wish you didn’t have to wait til October!
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    LiveTranscribe has been a hit with people in my area who are in situations where it is difficult to hear well. Today I tested LiveTranscribe paired with a BT remote mic. The mic is so tiny. It works great. Using a tiny remote mic that is BT connected to an Android phone or tablet may be helpful any time you can have internet access via WiFi or cellular data and would like captions for speech. I tested it with SmartMike+ BT mic but it would work with any BT mic that can connect to your android device.
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    Thank you! 😊 @Mary Beth although apprehensive, can't wait.
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    I had been wearing hearing aids since 11. However, the crunch came nearly 4 years ago when talking to a friend in a bar and the hearing in right ear went. It was like some one had turned down a dimmer switch in a room. Odd. So left me with one hearing aid to use in left ear.Then I was really struggling, with that one ear. At the same time Dad had a stroke. Mum had trouble to get a response from me for help from house to car for example. After seeing the audiologist and our family doctor, their advice was to try for a cochlear implant. After a v. long and complicated wait, My implant operation is for this week. At the same time the surgeon decided to use the left ear which has some hearing in it rather than the right ear due to it being small with no hearing etc. At the end of the day, I am grateful for the implant. Even if in only one ear. I'm aware that I won't hear from both ears, more mono? I hope that as my parent's get older, ( they are in their late 70's) I will be of less stress for them. As I'm hoping the implant will help me respond much quicker when a situation arises. So roll on next week!!
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    If upgrading from Sonnet 1 to Sonnet 2

    I was told everything except the remote from sonnet 1 to sonnet 2 is interchangeable. Thank goodness as i lost my sonnet 1 but had bought a lot of spares so i am glad I can use them.
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    Hi I'm back!!

    We are getting there! Had two vaccinations. Next week operation.......😱
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    Mary Beth


    @Daniel-J I am so sorry to hear of your friend’s accident. Suddenly becoming deaf is quite a shock. As he recovers and explores options to see if he qualifies for a cochlear implant to restore hearing, he may find a speech to text app very helpful. If he has an android device, I recommend LiveTranscribe. It is completely free.
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    Marion nancy

    Audiolink Questions

    @Mary Bethi have reached out to the Canadian MED-EL inquiring if and what can be done to alleviate the static/crackle with audiolink specifically on mic. She is looking into this and will get back to me hopefully with an answer. Page 26 trouble shooting suggests lowering volume. Will post when I hear back for all.
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    @Mary Beth Thank you so much for that training. I have just about exhausted my old brain trying to figure that out.
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    Rondo 2 Fine tuner replacement

    Lol, I knew what you meant! Thanks!
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    Don V, I don’t know how to tag you for this response so I hope that you see this. Your story is almost identical to mine. I am male 79 years old. I had lost 88 percent of my hearing and on the speech understanding test, I got a big fat 0 percent. I was using hearing aids that was doing very little for me but I could get by with them in quite conversation. I could hear TV with the use of head phones. I had to use an FM receiver with ear buds to hear Church Services. I could not participate in conversation at family gatherings or other groups. I had been this way for about seven years and not much better for 10 years before that. I finally decided that I had no choice but to start looking into a implant so I started the process of finding a facility and doctor. The first place I went to for consultation gave me the same information and expectations that you experienced but did tell me that it would be better than what I had. They started the process by sending me to a psychologist and then a speech therapist which gave me about the same expectation as the audiologists had. I have a pacemaker so I had to get a release from my cardiologist to clear me for the surgery. I was experiencing a lot of frustration trying to get the required paperwork between the two Doctors. Like you, It was flustrating for me and I was about ready to cancel the whole thing. My Daughter suggested that we go to another facility and Doctor for a second opinion. The audiologists gave me the same pessimistic expectation that I heard at the other place but the Doctor told me that I had 12 % of my hearing and he thought he could give me 65, maybe 70%. I was still very undecided about going through with it. I then reached out on our Nextdoor neighbor forum to ask ask if there was anyone I could talk to that had a cochlear implant. A lady responded That knew of a lady that may be willing to talk to me. I met her at a Starbucks and she put my mind at complete ease. You could not tell that she was deaf. She had two implants and being a lady with long hair I could not see the processors. She answered all of our questions very positive and her Doctor was the second Doctor that I went to. So with this I got excited and it became a go for me. I was implanted on August 29, 2019 and activated on Sept 11, 2019. When the audiologists turned on the processor, (Rondo 2) I could hear sounds, tones and buzzing but nothing I could understand. The session lasted about 1.5 hours and by the time it was over I could understand the audiologists, sound funny but I could understand. In two days I could carry on a conversation with my wife, she did not sound normal but understandable, 10 days and she sounded normal, some other people had a robotic sound but a few days later they were sounding normal. I went to Church about a week later and could understand the sermon with the processor and my hearing aid on the other side, no more FM receiver and ear buds. I have had three mappings since activation and I am to the point that I seldom use the hearing aid in my other ear. As the volume has gone up on the processor I feel that the hearing is not helping. Everything sounds normal with just the processor. The only things that could be better is TV off the Speakers is understandable but does not sound good and events like football games crowd noise over comes everything else. i am very glad that I did not cancel it. Everyone’s journey is different but my experience is very similar to the Lady’s that,I met at Starbucks. Oh I forgot to mention that at my last appointment with the audiologists my speech understanding test was 80%, I believe it is better now. Sorry for the long story but I hope it helps you in your decision making process. Good Luck
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    Don V

    Surgery on November 19 cochlear implant

    I just went through the 4 appts at IU MED CTR (Riley Hospital) in Indy. I qualify, but very nervous!! I am a 76 year old male and have lost 80% of my hearing. The audiologist tried to explain what the sounds that I will hear sound like. She said robotic and that I will never hear NORMAL sounds like voices, etc and that I will have to "learn" what each sound means. The CI would be in only one ear for now. That sounds like A LOT OF WORK! At my age I don't know if I can do it............VERY NERVOUS!! Almost ready to cancel. Is what I just described accurate?? Where can I get down to the nitty gritty of what to expect?? Thanks, Don
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    Hi @Mary Beth, great to hear that you like it! Best, Verena
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    My wake up call was: I was in sales and had to do a lot of negotiating and contracts dealsI lost a deal that I shouldn’t have I had a very understandings sales Vice President who also wore hearing aids as I did at the time and he suggested to me about seeing a audiologists that specializes in Cochlear Implants and see if I qualify which I did.I qualified. Best decision I’ve ever made next to going bilateral. I
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    Marion nancy

    Artone mic

    Big shout to Mary Beth and Ats169 for all the tremendous assistance pairing my Artone mic
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    @MED-EL Moderator Med-El released a third packet for adult aural rehab! https://blog.medel.com/rehab-for-adults-auditory-training-with-your-cochlear-implant-part-3/ I love it! Thank you Med-El !
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    Artone mic

    Make sure both loop and mic are charged. If following Mary Beth's instructions above still doesn't work, check for two things. One, make sure you haven't hit the mute button on mic, and make sure the power switch on mic is on. Two, after you push all the buttons for pairing, make sure to wait a good ten seconds or so, it seems to be slow to pair. Finally, one last tip. I was having general issues with all of it, no particular reason why. So I followed the manual's instructions on how to reset both the loop and mic: you plug the power cord in for three seconds (at the micro USB end) and then pull it out. I did it twice, once without the power end plugged into the wall and once with it plugged in. After the reset, the pairing procedure "took."
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    Marion nancy

    Artone mic

    Back to u tomorrow thx ever so much🥰
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    I am going to MEDEL Durham,NC first week in June can’t wait.
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    Warranty period on upgrade kits in US change

    Believe it or not, having a superior warranty was one of the reasons some of us picked for going with Med El. Just the other day I read something on this site about Med El having a better warranty, and commented to my wife that that was one reason I picked Med El.
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    Mary Featherston

    Hi from a new user!

    Hi @Marcy and welcome! It sounds as though you're doing well. It's amazing how many little noises there are that you didn't hear before, isn't it? Right now I'm hearing the swish-swish of a battery-powered cat toy.
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    Hi from a new user!

    Marcy congratulations on your activation. I was implanted last March and activated in April also at Mass Eye and Ear. I found the audiologists to be terrific but I must admit I didn’t know the whole process of testing so it was a bit daunting. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about what you will be going through (or at least what I went through). I have both the Sonnet and the Rondo 2 and I usually alternate processors each day. Fortunately I haven’t had a problem with the Rondo2 falling off but I actually use the hair clip just in case. good luck.
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    Hi Mary Beth i am going to Bellevue ENT. Yeah I’m not sure if the Sonnet 2 will be out yet but I’m hoping by the time I get activated which is November 5th they will be. I’m getting excited but also nervous, but can hardly wait to start this journey! My doctor told me I actually qualified for implants 5 years ago, but the doctor I was seeing then just gave me hearing aids. I started losing my hearing 20 years ago due to noise exposure from my job & it has steadily gotten worse to the point where I only have about 14% left. Watching all the videos of other people who have gone through this I can relate so much to everything they say. People just don’t realized how much you withdraw socially & how much it changes your daily life & relationships! I am so ready to give this a try! I’ve been reading all the info & forums & watching people who have been through it. Everyone is so inspirational! I think I pretty know what to expect & I know it will hard work. But I have a great doctor & team & supportive family & friends. Thanks for all the info I’m looking forward to the journey & starting a new part of my life! Rick
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    The video is my CI journey. It is captioned. This link is to a guest article about music with my Med-El CIs. https://blog.medel.com/3-steps-to-rediscovering-music-with-a-cochlear-implant/
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