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    Rick H

    First post since activation

    This is my first updated post since being activated on October 29th, I’ve been so busy working I haven’t had a chance until now. A little info about myself my name is Rick Horton, I’m 57 years old & I live in Everett, Washington. I have profound noise induced hearing loss in both ears. My left side was implanted with a Synchrony & the right side I use a hi power HA. I was activated about a week & a half ago using a Rondo2 processor ( waiting for a Sonnet2 as well) . All I can say so far is WOW!! This is the most amazing experience! I was surprised that I was able to understand speech immediately, wasn’t expecting that! Aside from the initial robotic sound of voices I was also amazed at how realistic the voices are! Watching TV ( no more closed captioning) Tom Selleck sounds like Tom Selleck & Julia Roberts sound like Julia Roberts! Wasn’t expecting that either! I’ve already had so many wow moments! I can now talk on FaceTime with my daughter! Never been able to do that! & last Friday I went thru a 3 hour class at work that 6 weeks ago would have been impossible! With the instructor constantly turning his back to us to point out slideshow or talking behind his computer monitor where I couldn’t read his lips, I sat at the back of the class & caught every word he said! Amazing!! & soo many sounds that I haven’t heard in 15 years. The sound of my footsteps, running water, & falling rain. Also the sounds of my granddaughter breathing as she sleeps on my shoulder! That one is priceless! It’s not perfect & I still have a long way to go as far as improvements but I went into this expecting to be disappointed at first & I am completely amazed at how much better I communicate already. My confidence & self esteem are quickly returning & it’s as though my old self is awakening from a long sleep! So thankful for that! I had the first mappings a few days ago & everything is so loud now that it was almost like starting over again but it settled down the next few days fairly quickly. I figure that’s just part of the process! This journey is incredible! Looking so forward to all the coming wow moments!!😁 Rick H
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    I am so scared please help.

    Hi Everyone, I'm back here I'm not sure where I've left off here, but I got implanted 2 years ago on my right side and it is awesome. I got implanted with Cochlear and not Medel tho, so I can't really speak about my experience with Medel. Anyway it's really good. Much better than any hearing aid I ever used. I am hearing very well, almost normally. Would say above 90% for speech. Sometimes I can even hear lyrics to songs I listen for the first time, and also TV shows without closed captioning. Cinemas are still a little difficult tho. Maybe it's the surrounding. As for whether I could hear instantly after switch on, at first everyone sounded squeaky and there were alien sounds. But I rmb trying not to look at my audiologist and could make out few words back then on the same day. After a few hours, I could recognise more words. It's not the same for everyone tho. Have been told mine was rly fast. Maybe it's because I'm young too? 😅 Was hearing and understanding speech within the week or so. But of course, in early days, there were still problems like differentiating male and female voices over audio. Its much better now but certain high pitch singers can still get me confused at times. Another problem was kids. Kids are still a little difficult to hear, but have been told by hearing people that sometimes it's that way for them as well. They can't really hear kids and mostly just guess what they're saying? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Then there's also the difficulty in using landline phones. It's a lot harder than using handphones for calls. Although I can stream calls from my mobile to my CI with a streamer, I still use a flathead earpiece to stick onto my processor (mines single unit, smth like the Rondo.) I can also hear quite well if I hold the phone to my processor like normal. Just that accuracy is not 100% and if the background is noisy it's still very difficult. Anyway, before panicking, best to check with your doctor if you're a candidate for CIs first. Some people might not even be able to do the CI depending on the scans/condition. Best to check to avoid any potential disappointment. Overall, I have no regrets doing the CI and it has made my life a lot better. Dating is now possible too 😅 All the best, I hope this works out for you too
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    Mary Beth

    Artone 3 Neckloop

    I am thankful for this gift of hearing that is enabling me to hear hours and hours of remote meetings and instruction.
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    MED-EL Moderator

    SONNET 2. Made For You.

    Hi Everyone, Today we launched our new SONNET 2 audio processor. Designed to help you hear your best, wherever your day takes you. It seamlessly adjusts to your environment and minimizes distracting noise, so you can chat with confidence. And if you want to change settings yourself, you can do it in seconds with the new AudioKey app. With SONNET 2 you can stream music and phone calls directly to your processor using AudioLink, our new universal connectivity device. AudioLink even works a remote microphone, ideal for clear listening in meetings or classrooms. Enjoying sound has never been so simple! Rain, sweat, and dust are all taken care of thanks to SONNET 2’s water-resistant design. If you want to go swimming, just pop on WaterWear to make it fully waterproof. And with hundreds of color combinations, flexible battery options, and a modular design, it’s easy to fit SONNET 2 to your everyday life. You can find out more about SONNET 2 and how it fits to your lifestyle with this fun quiz: https://sonnet2.medel.com/. Or take a closer look at all its features with our product experts over on the MED-EL blog: https://blog.medel.com/sonnet2-cochlear-implant-audio-processor/
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    It is free but we need to register. It will be captioned. I registered. Here is the info: You are invited to a virtual HEARPEERS meeting. During this hour long webinar our MEDEL experts will be discussing listening practice and strategies to help during this time of facial coverings and masks. Many cochlear implant recipients rely on lip reading to help them understand speech and therefore may feel discouraged with their speech understanding during this time. However, there are programs and strategies that you can use to help you and I hope you are able to attend the virtual meeting. Two dates are provided for your convenience, please note that the same topic will be discussed on each day, so you will only need to register once. Upon registration, you will receive a separate email that will give you details about how to log on to the meeting. If you happen to fall in the waitlist for a meeting time, you will receive an email from our events team once space has opened up to register you for the event. You can register by clicking the link below. July 8th – HearPeers Virtual Meet Up 5pm CST, 6pm EST July 9th – HearPeers Virtual Meet Up 6pm PST, 7pm MST
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    Mary Beth

    Put my CIs to a new challenge

    Today two friends stopped by for a short socially distanced visit in our backyard. Four people all wearing masks, sitting in chairs set up at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 & 9:00 around a 12 foot circle. Seems like some crazy CI research experiment. I heard very well. It blows my mind that before getting CIs, I couldn’t follow a conversation involving 4 people even if we were sitting around a small table. I am very thankful for this gift of hearing from my bilateral CIs.
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    Somewhat similar to this. I have a coworker that I work closely with. I tend to try to start conversations, when we're in our respective offices, with skype. You know, I type, he types. But Brian is a slow typist and he doesn't really like it. Yesterday he called my office phone, and I knew it was him because we have caller ID. So I answered and said, Brian, you KNOW I'm not that comfortable on the phone! I never know if I will hear. His response? You CAN hear. I mean, sometimes he's wrong, but you know, mostly he's right.
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    Mary Beth

    July HearPeers Virtual Coffee Chat

    UPDATED Date for July!!!!!! Sunday July 5 !!!!!!!! 9:30 New York time We welcome more HP members! Anyone else want to join in? @Mary Beth YES @Jewel YES @Dave in Pittsburgh YES @Kirk S. YES @Tracey_66 YES @Kylie YES @Mary Featherston YES @Valentin YES @Joan YES @Nikki YES @Megan L. YES @Watersail MAYBE @phobos512 YES Google Meet is a free app. Download it. If you already have a Google account it may already be listed in your extras. There is either (depending on device used) a CC button to select or 3 dots (...) that when you select the dots you will see the option to turn on captions. About a week before the virtual chat, I will send out a group HP mail. You can see the mail at the top of HP under the envelope icon. Looking forward to the July chat! Stay well everyone.
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    @Jewel @Mary Beth Was reading this thread and I pretty much meet the conditions in my left ear for what you were discussing ("...born with normal hearing, then hearing loss in teens or early adulthood, then profoundly deaf for 40 years, then CI") . So I figure I'll share my experience... The only thing I'm uncertain about is whether I was born deaf in my left ear or whether it progressed rapidly during early childhood (my parents have said there was no mention of hearing problems at my birth). However, I do know with certainty that I was already profoundly deaf in that ear by early elementary school (normal hearing in my right ear though) and I have auditory tests from as early as 9yrs old to attest to that. As such, I never wore an HA in that left ear (it wouldn't have helped), and it's been just shy of 40yrs before I got a CI in that left ear. So fast forward now and it's been about 10mos since my activation and my ability to distinguish sound with my left implanted ear is now fantastic. I can hear birds (different trills, pigeon mating calls, etc), cars, the creaking of wood panels on staircases or floors, water dripping, etc. I can listen to music that I've previously heard and hear both the lyrics and instrumentals quite well, certainly to the extent that I can enjoy it in that ear alone (streaming). Newer (unknown) music still presents a challenge though. Now...pure speech comprehension is another thing. With context/visuals/lipreading I can get by doing basic things and conversations with my left (40yrs deaf) ear alone. But I cannot talk on the phone with that ear and when someone covers their mouth (like with a face mask) it's very difficult for me understand anything at all. My masked word comprehension and sentence recognition would reflect this reality, still being very low-to-nonexistent scores. The reality is that words still sound a little bit too similar (dull?) to one another ... it's not easy for me to distinguish monosyllabic words, for example, and speech can be too 'fast' for that ear. But the ability is by no means completely absent. I can listen to Audible books and "hear" the sentences and find my place in the text (though it's not always the easiest thing). Podcasts similarly, I get words here and there and some sentences, I know who is talking (male/female etc), but it's not yet clear what they are saying at all times. All that said, this is leaps and bounds beyond what this ear has ever been able to do, and I think with time it will continue to improve in terms of comprehension. But do I think it will ever be anything like my right ear in terms of capabilities? Likely NOT. About 40yrs of not hearing and possibly little linguistic development on that side (though excellent linguistic development on the right ear) probably has left the pathways there a little rough for the taking and I'm not entirely sure the grooves will ever fill out properly. But I'm hopeful and I've seen fantastic progress in this ear in only 10 months already. To wrap up this long story, if anyone profoundly deaf asked me whether they should consider a CI given long-lead times of deafness I would without hesitation say they that they should jump at the opportunity. Merely getting sound recognition capabilities alone is itself a huge improvement. But those individuals should also have realistic expectations, particularly if their deafness preceded linguistic development, even if only on one side. Complete language rehabilitation might possibly be out of reach, physically speaking, though by no means appears to me to be a certainty or guaranteed insurmountable obstacle, in my humble opinion. So I hope these thoughts help some folks.
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    June HearPeers Virtual Coffee Chat

    @Tracey_66 Sorry you missed out on this time. We may be deaf but we are all chatterboxes! 😂😂😂😂 Next time you will see.
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    Both dates are fine for me. @Kirk S. we had the first meeting at 8:30 Central time, which was also 8:30 for Jewel in Jamaica, it was 9:30 for Mary Beth, and it was 8:30 (I think) PM for Kylie in Australia. So we can make it work, we don't have to make you get up at 4:00 am!
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    MED-EL Moderator

    MED-EL is here for you.

    Dear HearPeers, As the situation around the world develops due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), we just wanted to let you know that MED-EL is here for you. Our local teams continue to offer customer support in whatever way country restrictions allow them to. You can find the contact for your nearest MED-EL office here: https://www.medel.com/about-medel/med-el-offices-worldwide We are still moderating this forum during the week (Monday to Friday) so if you have any other questions you are always welcome to tag or message us. All the best, The HearPeers Support Team
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    Artone 3 Neckloop

    My department is working from home. We connect via Microsoft Teams every work day. There is video and audio. I'm amazed that I can hear what my colleagues are saying when I have minimised the window and I'm working in another app. This would not have been possible without my CI. I've been wearing only Rondo2 since last week when I started to work from home. I've also been doing a lot of Zoom meetings and hear well with just Rondo2. Artone is still my goto ALD if I'm in office and have a webinar though. Also great for listening to music!
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    Who has Rondo 2?

    I have Rondo 1 and a Rondo 2 as well as Sonnets - which I tend to use more often - due to the 2 microphones and all that offers. I use the Rondos as back up processors. I really like the Rondo 2 simply from the recharge once over night - while I sleep. Then its useable ALL day long. The Rondo1 takes disposable batteries that only last a few days AND it takes 3 batteries. I use disposable battiest in my Sonnets too because I had an issue with the rechargeable battery frame on 1 Sonnet. Despite trials and tribulations, I LOVE MY MEDEL processors and implants because they allow me to hear quite well. Without them I am deaf. Thank you MedEl !!!!
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    Thank you Joan, I continue with Rondo, reading a lot of the experiences of other users with new one... Perhaps when it's time to upgrade, It could be Rondo 3 🙂
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    Med-El CI users in Australia

    Well I am pleased to say the activation is going great! The Audi, Louse at Attune Mt Barker, seems pretty pleased with the progress - I've had two mappings and I have started the online rehab, really pleased to say I can understand words, well most of them anyway! Still have lots of odd and unusual noises but I worked out that if I turn the volume down a little, it is a little clearer. I had a bit of a problem with excessive nasal fluid and blood nose, Doc suggests that's the tubes clearing out after the op. Seems to be pretty good now. Overall I seem to be adjusting quite well, a little confusing sorting out the bedside table with all the accessories - drying box, rechargeable batteries etc.... have managed to work out the Bluetooth/ computer link cords etc. So exciting and rewarding! Thanks to you all for your help, advice and support. Cheers Lorna
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    Hi everyone i just wanted to thank everyone for sharing your experiences & advice! It really helped me to make an informed decision! I had my pre-op appointment with my surgeon & audiologists yesterday. In 2 weeks from today I’ll start my new journey & be implanted with a Med-el Synchrony with Sonnet2/Rondo2 processors! Yeah!!😀 getting nervous but I’m sure it is going to be great! thanks again Rick H
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    Well we managed to escape the monster Dorian that wreaked havoc of the Bahamas and the North florida coast as is continues to move northward. There was a lot to prepare for and later restore to normalcy. I pray for the people in the current path and and beyond.
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    I live in Miami, FL and we are bracing for another major hurricane Now usually when I put my processors on in the morning, the first sound I hear is my wife's hairdryer - UGH so loud!! This week I hear that and the latest news on Hurricane Dorian and all the madness and panic the news media creates. I do believe that we do need to prepare and evacuate, but the news media seems to create panic unnecessarily. Now if you'll excuse me I have a lot to do...
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    MED-EL Moderator

    Rondo 2 on airplanes

    Hi @Mary Beth & @Evren, thanks for the feedback and the suggestions - we'll pass them on Best, Verena
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    Big congrats. Sounds like you are doing wonderfully. I was at my one week post activation, I too have hearing very very well. It's not perfect but voices are sounding much better. The key thing for me was to be able to have conversations without lip reading 90 percent of the conversation. Good times ahead... 😋
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    3 month since activation! Wow how time flies! Time for an update. I wear my processor every waking minute and never like taking it off. I feel like half the world goes dead if I do. Every situation in my life is better with the processor than without. Including noisy rooms. My tinnitus is gone when my processor is on. I get to call myself a cyborg (and I encourage others in my life to do it too, because I am a science geek and I love it) My hearing tests yesterday were outstanding. I have great accuracy detecting words against background noise. And my localisation ability was 12 degrees, which apparently is that of a normal hearing person. Audiologist said my progress was way ahead of expectations. There are plenty of things that are still hard. But I just keep going - I commit to wear it all the time, do my rehab everyday (I really like the angel sounds program). And treat it like an essential part of my body. Couldn't be happier with how this is all going. I really hope for great outcomes for everyone in this thread who was also recently activated. Even at 3 months there is so much you will have gained!
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    Mary Featherston

    CI Ambassadors

    That's us! On Friday I had a dental appointment, and as my dentist is over an hour from my new job I didn't go to work at all - went to the dentist, had lunch with a friend, and then worked from home in the afternoon. My friend and I had a nice lunch at a Thai place across the street from my dentist's office and then popped into this shop around the corner - it's all dog stuff, treats and toys and beds and whatnot. We were buying dog treats when a woman there asked me about my CIs, and we ended up talking for almost half an hour. She was a writer, doing some stuff on contract for Cochlear Americas and just kept asking questions! And me, I talk, you know? We talked about the rehab process and what it's been like to be a CI recipient. I always like to have a chance to talk about what an amazing (but not necessarily easy) thing it is to be a CI recipient.
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    @Evren - age isn't a thing to be nervous about. I was 60 when I received my implants last year and I'm continually amazed at what I'm hearing now! My best to you and to your mother!
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    I’m registered for the 8th! 😁 are you attending @Mary Beth?
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    Mary Beth

    July HearPeers Virtual Coffee Chat

    UPDATED Date for July!!!!!! Sunday July 5 !!!!!!!! 9:30 New York time We welcome more HP members! Anyone else want to join in? @Mary Beth YES @Jewel YES @Dave in Pittsburgh YES @Kirk S. YES @Tracey_66 YES @Kylie YES @Mary Featherston YES @Valentin YES @Joan YES @Nikki YES @Megan L. YES @Watersail MAYBE @phobos512 YES @Marion nancy YES Google Meet is a free app. Download it. If you already have a Google account it may already be listed in your extras. There is either (depending on device used) a CC button to select or 3 dots (...) that when you select the dots you will see the option to turn on captions. About a week before the virtual chat, I will send out a group HP mail. You can see the mail at the top of HP under the envelope icon. Looking forward to the July chat! Stay well everyone.
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    Megan L.

    I am so scared please help.

    @Glenda At activation - I heard my Audi’s voice (who is a man) but not my own voice or my mom’s. My Audi’s voice sounded like a smurf the entire visit. Over the course of an hour mine and my mom’s absence of voice turned into ringing which would last the entire day and be gone the next. The best thing about my activation - I heard music and listened to it the entire ride home 😁 however there were no voices!!! I will never forget what Maroon 5’s “Sugar” sounded like without their voices 😂 My aural rehab 2-3 hours a day helped tremendously with word discrimination. The rehab was time consuming and frustrating at times but worth every second. It’s a journey, a very interesting one, and very rewarding! @Renachelw welcome back! I too just returned to HPs 🥳
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    I am so scared please help.

    @Glenda Hello, sorry your HA died and that there is no HA that is powerful enough to help with your hearing loss. When I was told that Cis were my only option, I refused to accept it and I wasted money buying more powerful HAs over a 5 year period in the hopes that I could prove the doctors wrong. The HAs offered me little help. I still had to rely on lipreading mostly and I still couldn't hear over the phone. I finally decided to get a CI and I'm so glad I did. I hardly have to lipread anymore and I can usually hear over the phone with ease. My deaf relatives have seen how it has improved my life tremendously. However, they won't go for the CI for themselves. Some people are afraid of the unknown but nothing tried, nothing gained. Of course there are no guarantees with CIs, but it seems that most people make improvement in terms of hearing when they get CIs. So I encourage you to do your research and see what's best for you. Wishing you well on your journey.
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    Megan L.

    Car radio with c i

    @Mary Beth I did fiddle with the treble and bass too! 😁
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    Megan L.

    Car radio with c i

    Hi @Lori m! I love listening to music in my car. I have a Fender sound system, so it has a nice full sound. I do not use any assistive tech but I have fiddled with the settings 😁 one thing I did since I do not have passengers behind me most of the time, is to turn off the sound in the back. All the sound is in the front with me. Let us know how you make out!
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    Activation!! Ta da!!

    @Mary Beth @Tommy C. Ah, had no idea that the audiologist would do that. Something to think about for next week. Looking forward to Sunday too!!
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    @Mary Featherston Since so many of us are being called “exceptions”, it made me question the validity of those parameters too. With modern day CIs, they no longer seem accurate indicators of success. My right side had not processed any sound for 24 years and scored 0% on speech testing prior to being implanted. And the electrode array is medium 24 mm and they had to drill through my cochlea because the round window was obstructed. My right CI is awesome.
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    @Mary Beth yes, the time zones made it interesting. When we signed off Kylie said good night and that she was heading off to bed! I had just finished breakfast before signing on.
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    Makes perfect sense to me @Mary Featherston. Finding a way to keep hearing aid audiologists up to speed on the ever changing CI candidacy rules seems to be very important.
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    Mary Featherston

    A new WOW

    We were out at our new house today - we haven't moved in yet, we keep finding things the previous owners did badly and wanting to fix them. Today my husband decided that we needed an electrical outlet in the mudroom, and he also wanted a switch to control the garage lights, because the switches in the garage aren't by the door. So he connected the switch to the garage lights and also connected it to one of the outlets, and put a nightlight in that outlet (shaped like a rubber duckie, we are just SO classy) so that if the duck is lit up, we know we left the lights on in the garage and can switch them off. But it involved pushing a wire from the basement up through the wall, so he asked me to stand there by the hole in the mudroom wall, wait for the wire, and pull it out. So I was standing there and he spoke to me - through the hole in the wall, from the basement. And I heard him. I mean, we were talking. It was amazing.
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    Rick H

    New to hear peers & Choosing brands

    Hi Melissa yes I do like the streaming capability of the CA implant both in regards to their hearing aid & to the direct to iPhone as well. It was definitely one of the things that made me think of them as a possible implant choice. It seems like all the other companies do tend to catch up & get the latest technology as time goes on. It’s like when I first started looking into my CI Medel was the only one that was MRI safe & by the time I had to make my decision all 3 had that feature which really made it even more difficult. For that reason I focused mainly on the features of the implant itself as that is what stays with you while the exterior processor & their streaming technology & other features improve & are upgraded about every 5 years or so without the need for surgery. another nice feature that I liked about the CA nucleus implant was that they have the thinnest electrodes which is good for preserving any residual hearing. That’s a great feature! Also they have 22 electrodes compared to medels 12 & AB 16, even though my surgeon told me it’s not the number of electrodes but the processing that make a big difference. If you go to this website (cochlearimplanthelp.com) the article there on electrodes & channels explains the differences in how each brand processes sound (the actual way they fire their electrodes to simulate sound) . There is a big difference in the way each brand process sounds, Medels electrodes can be fired simultaneously in pairs & are further divided into different electrical band width between the pairs to give up to 250 different audio frequencies or tones. AB has 16 electrodes that also fires in pairs split between different band widths to create phantom electrodes to generate 120 different frequencies, CAs has the most electrodes at 22 but fire in succession & don’t create any phantom electrodes. I’m no audio engineer but It’s a great article to read to get some insight as to how the brands differ from each other. Medels electrodes are softer & more flexible & reach further into the cochlea they claim that this feature is also great for preserving residual hearing. In the end I chose Medel mainly because of the sound processing differences & the fact that they have had no recalls. Also hearing how satisfied the recipients were with their devices. I’m not trying to push Medel but just giving some insight as to how I made my final decision.😁 also as you do your research you will hear many simulations of what it sounds like with a CI. I used to hear these & it scared me away from doing this for so long. Don’t be scared of these, they are terrible examples of what it really sounds like! I have never heard a simulation that sounds anything like my CI! I have only had mine turned on now for about 3 months & I can tell you mine sounds very very natural to my original hearing. I could understand speech from the minute it was turned on,. There is a slight mechanical sound to them but my family’s voices sounds like my family’s voices. when I watch TV the actors voices sound very much like they used to & most environmental sounds are spot on the way they where before. i would do as much research as you can, pick a good surgeon & talk to as many people on the forums or in person with all the different brands & then go with your gut instinct! Most Everyone with a CI is very open to let you know about their experiences both good & bad. You really can’t make a bad choice! They are all good products! I don’t know how old your son is but I can assure you & your husband that he will be able to live a very normal life with his CI which ever brand you choose! Hope I’m not being too long winded with my responses but I know what a big decision this can be & I’m trying to give you as much info on my own personal experience of this. Best of luck Melissa & if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask! Rick H
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    Meeting in person

    @Jewel email me and I will connect you with our MedEl Miami rep
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    @Valentin @Mary Beth i just concluded my experiment of charging just one Rondo2 per night on the portable charger. I got EIGHT nights of charging, leaving the charging pad plugged in to the portable charger eight to nine hours per night...double what I got when charging two Rondo2s simultaneously! This portable charger is great! I would highly recommend every Rondo2 user have one...for travel, for camping, for power outages or other emergencies, etc. Thank you Mary Beth for leading me to it!😊
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    Nischal Koirala

    Hi from a new user!

    Hi! @Marcy Congratulations on your activation and Can you hear all type of voices in all type of places without any problem? As my activation day is coming nearer and I'am also planning for Rondo 2 I want to know something from a new user too 😃
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    Michael Drury

    Audiolink / Batteries ??

    @Mary Beth At the start it was very hard and frustrating cause before the accident I was involved in my hearing was perfect then when i came to it from the coma I had nothing at all..... Then 3 weeks after I had a little hearing on my right side which was only about 15%. Then it only lasted about a week tyen woke up and gone. But since havin both sides done it's great cause sometimes you just want to hear nothing and some days I run with nothing it's great lol. And yes that's the remote I have and it was what I used at the table and worked absolutely awesome..
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    This is a great article that explains and shows various electrode array designs by different CI brands and the result on insertion trauma to the cochlea as well as hearing ability with the CI. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0378595517302940
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    Birds outside my window - a really nice sound! :)
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    Neil, Everyone is different and must make do with their own situation and decisions. I had a different situation, My first CI on the right side went in flawlessly and I felt over that first year being bimodal with a CI and a HA was better on the CI side. In fact, I wanted to get the second CI as soon as possible because of the excellent hearing with the CI. I lost my hearing as an adult, my hearing was flat across all frequencies in both ears, so adapting to CIs was relatively easy for me. My right CI was implanted without issue, however, my left side was not. It took three implant surgeries to get it implanted properly, due to a bony buildup in the inner ear. My point is every one is different. Find a good ENT who does research well for each case. Then do your own research on adapting to CIs - follow through with any and all audio rehabilitations exercises you can. Patience, Practice and Perseverence
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    We know this has been something that many of you have wanted to for sometime! We are glad you are excited :). Kind regards, Mary
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    My new sound was also crickets. Had to ask the spouse what I was hearing. They sure can be noisy!
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    @Mary Beth Actually I do have tinnitus after taking off my HA's by night, but it sounds like very low buzzing of an air conditioner but post-op one is infinite ringing in my ear. It's slightly decreased now and it doesn't affect my sleeping quality, so I'm OK with that. @Mary Featherston thank you, yes we both doing fine. better than expected! can't really wait for the activation
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    Dave in Pittsburgh

    Rondo 2 Tethers

    I found black or brown hair clips in WalMart and couple of drug stores my wife is a sewer she had clear nylon thread so I cut it to the length off MEDEL fish line success
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    Mary Beth

    Hearoes NEW aural rehab app free

    I finished testing out this app today. There are a few glitches....for example the activity that plays two musical tones and asks if the second tone is higher pitched or lower pitched only plays ONE tone ....... one of the activities is not storing the completion data so it is not unlocking the next level even though it was mastered. But there are some cool listening activities that are very different to other apps. Like the date and time activity and the ordering food activity. Some of the environmental noises are a little odd. I know our car does not sound like that. Smile.
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    Mary Beth

    Hearoes NEW aural rehab app free

    Be patient when setting up an account. There is quite a delay between steps and the screen doesn’t change so you tend to think the command didn’t go through but it did.
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    Yesterday I went to the Arboretum and walked and looked at the trees and flowers. And the bees. And listened to birds! My walk took me through the woods at some places and the birds were just chirping away. And I was so glad to have my Rondo2s because it was warm and I was sweating pretty profusely.
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