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    I enjoy meeting other Med-El users in person, especially new friends I have made through social media forums. Some ways I have been able to meet others so far..... -I traveled to NC for a Hands On Hearing workshop. We organized meeting up for dinner the night before. Great times! -I travel to NYC for my CI appts. We organized meeting up for dinner and a group of us from NY and NJ had a great meal together. -I live in a rural area but there have been a few Med-El Mingle events within a 3 hour radius. I have attended 2 so far. It’s great to meet other Med-El users. -One of the first Med-El users I met traveled a couple of hours from her home to meet up while I was on vacation in Florida. A fun afternoon on the beach. Some of these friendships have extended way past our shared CI experiences. We continue to get together as friends and share good times. Some dear friends and I are still awaiting our first in person meetings. I am looking forward to those. After spending 3 days at the Med-El Meetup last month, I am reminded of how powerful and meaningful these in person meetings can be for us. I encourage you to reach out to others (through HearPeers or other forums) and meet for coffee or dinner or a walk at a park. We have a lot to offer each other on our journeys. I hope you make some lifelong friendships this way too. And maybe post a picture to share. ?
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    Activation September 20

    Here's a pic of @Jdashielland me immediately following my activation appointment.
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    My father-in-law played clarinet prior to WWII. He is 93 now and started playing again at 50. He is an attorney ( Tax) and plays so very well. He got me started in the Jazz camp we go to every July. Amazing! my point is start again. Choose an instrument- it something you can due throughout your life and a great way to listen, improvising your audio skills and memory and brain training.
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    Day 3 - We began today with group photos outside Med-El headquarters near the Med-El sign. Then we focused on digital media all morning. Breakout groups focused on topics such as: -What digital media helped us at the beginning of our journeys? -What digital media may help others? -Med-El’s multiple digital media platforms, including a new Instagram presence! -Some of us participated in filmed interviews of each other in pairs. And then it happened. You could’ve heard a pin drop as everyone realized Inge Hochmair stopped by to visit with us. We were so in awe. Inge Hochmair, the creator of the modern cochlear implant and founder of Med-El, was standing right there! I met Inge and tried to express my deepest gratitude for her life’s work which has changed my life. I thought I would have this incredible experience for a minute or two since there were 15 of us. But after I finished trying to put into words how much my life has changed and how grateful I am, she asked me questions about my hearing journey. She was interested and took time to hear my experience. I could not believe I was standing there talking with Inge Hochmair! There are no words to describe my feelings. A dream come true. Everyone of us took turns doing the same. None of us could believe this was happening. And then Erwin Hochmair joined! We owe so much to the Hochmairs. Thank you for Med-El and for changing our lives! I had passed along thank you cards to be given to the Med-El employees who made each of my specific internal components on Day 2. Our serial numbers are able to identify the exact people who made them. It turned out that 3 of the team of people who made my right Concerto implant were there and they came down to meet me. Barbara from Med-El’s social media team translated for us. My eyes filled with tears as soon as I saw them. We talked for quite awhile. I told them how much I appreciate how carefully they made my implant and how their work took my ear which had not processed any sound for 24 years and turned it into an incredible listening ear. Thanks to Barbara’s translating not only was I able to share some of my right ear’s WOW moments but they were also able to ask me things they were curious about. Teary moments and laughter ......and another chance to say thank you so much for this gift of hearing! Ideas of ways to help people on their journeys were developing as we continued to learn from each other. We could feel the excitement at Med-El. More and more Med-El employees were coming down and discussing these ideas during coffee breaks. (Which is quite funny that those times were called coffee breaks because I was so excited to be meeting and talking with Med-El employees from all different departments that I never actually had any coffee!) We enjoyed lunch together with Med-El employees and then our time at Med-El headquarters was ending. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to all the wonderful Med-El employees. Smile. This first ever Med-El Meetup created a blended group of Med-El users and Med-El employees who are all highly motivated to work together to help others on their hearing journeys. It really is a beginning and I am excited. The afternoon was spent at Med-El’s interactive museum about hearing called AUDIOVERSUM. We screamed and then screamed in pairs to try to match the decibel level of an elephant. We tried our best but the elephant won. We saw a huge 3-D ear transmit sound. We chased birds using bilateral hearing, ran into walls in virtual reality 3-D sound mazes and played music with huge interactive cochlear hairs. Later we rode the cable car up Nordkette Mountain overlooking the beautiful town of Innsbruck and enjoyed dinner high up in the Austrian Alps. Saying goodbye to everyone was difficult. Our group bonded so easily that we are already special friends. I hope our paths cross in person again someday. We will stay connected via social media. We shared an amazing experience with Med-El. I see future travel plans to far off countries where we now have friends to visit. Smile. Med-El’s first ever Med-El Meetup was a huge success! Thank you Med-El for inviting me to participate in this incredible experience!
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    I’m doing al right. Rough night. I could t get comfortable now the bandage is off I feel much more comfortable and have been able to sleep. So that’s what I’ve been doing all day off and on.
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    I will do my best to explain how things sound to me with my bilateral CIs. I do not have any residual hearing so EVERYTHING I hear is coming from my CIs only. Please remember that this is NOT how things sounded to me at the beginning of my CI journey. The first few months are full of adjusting to the CI input and our brains figuring it all out as we settle into our favorite map. Everyone has their own voice. I can recognize people I know just by hearing their voices. I can recognize singers voices as well in songs. I notice people's accents. I can tell when someone is playing with their voice (being funny or disguising their voice). I can tell when someone has a sore throat which has altered their voice. I hear the child voice qualities in young children. I can pick up the phone without looking at caller ID and recognize familiar voices right away. This is what I mean when I say things sound natural to me with my CI. There is no robotic, computerized, flat sound to the voices I hear. They are amazing! Again, since this is very important to keep in mind, things did NOT sound like this to me at first. In fact, I did not understand any speech at activation for either side. At some point in my journey, musical instrument voices emerged. I was sent a musical clip to listen to from a friend. I had never heard of the group before. I listened and enjoyed their sound. I thought the saxophone was a tenor sax instead of an alto sax (I had played alto sax growing up) so I looked online for information about this group and it was a tenor sax! I was so excited that the musical instrument voices were becoming so clear. Smile. Just two months ago I was at a restaurant with friends. It had a bar with live music in the section next to where we were eating. We could not see into that area but could hear the live music. My friend commented on the clarinet. I was baffled because it did not sound like a clarinet to me. It sounded like a muted trumpet. On our way out, I peeked into the bar area and it was a muted trumpet. It's so exciting! We were on vacation and my friend was speaking to someone there we had just met. Afterwards I commented on that person's strong midwestern accent and wondered if she was from Michigan. My hearing friend said her accent sounded British. Later that week we ran into this woman again and guess what? She is from Wisconsin so midwestern accent was correct. This stuff continues to blow my mind. I am sharing my experiences with you so that you can see that for some of us, CIs sound very natural indeed. It really is all up to neural survival that delivers good info to our brains and then what our brains do with this info. We can not do anything about the neural survival but we can help our brains by activiely training on aural rehab and giving our brains time to figure things out, I have been implanted for just over two years and I still train everyday. The types of training activities I do have changed over time. Right now I am training musical pitch perception. I have returned to playing the piano and have been taking weekly lessons for the past 4 months. It is so much fun and things continue to improve. Some people have asked me when I will stop training. My response is always the same. I will stop training when I see that training is not improving my listening skills. So far that has not happened. Smile. I hope it doesn't happen for a long long time as I plan on getting the best listening possible out of my CIs. They have changed my life in so many ways. Since I have shared some of my WOW moments with you I think it is important for me to tell you that there were frustrating experiences along my journey too. This is not a simple fix. Everyone's journey will have WOW moments and frustrations. I wish you the best.
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    @JewelHi everyone!! I've been implanted for 7 months. Boy did you CI vets hit it on the head when you said after implantation would be super super busy.
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    Our cat, Madison, joining in the fun.
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    @Mary Beth @Jewel @Jenni M @Daniel the Stranger @Kara of Canada @Marion nancy @Nikki hello gang and anyone I didn't tag. Congratulations on activation and or CI surgery!! It's an awesome journey. I've been busy with rehabilitation and juggling appointments. I am loving the adventure. I hope one day I may be able to go bilateral ?. Happy Sunday to all.
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    Mary Featherston

    favorite WOW moments

    !!!!!!!! I just had a phone call - didn't answer, but stood and listened while they left a message and I COULD HEAR THE MESSAGE! I haven't heard a voice mail intelligibly in years. Guys, I'm practically crying.
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    March 2018 implant surgeries

    I had a good meeting this afternoon with Dr. E. Post op. he did not have his phone with him so he could not provide any imagaes this time. He did say has has an X-ray showing all electrodes are in the cochlea as desired. He use a Flex 24 array this time because of size of cochlea and that he had to drill through ossified blockage. (I have Flex 28 on the right) That blockage was there prior to previous surgeries and the last implant never was able to enter the cochlea at all. Because it was near by provided me with very high frequencies only, at the outer part of the cochlea. He said he is using my case in a new research article and that he does similar surgeries, this morning he had one from another patient from out of the country. I am very happy that I chose him because of the research he does and his experience. I told him so. I also asked about obtaining research papers and he provided some web sites, my wife wrote them down. I’ll post later.
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    I too am very happy to hear this news. Best of luck moving forward, you certainly have earned a good experience going forward.
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    Mary Beth

    how do you function in meetings?

    Hi @stream2525, I am in meetings for work often and hear fine with my CIs. Some people use assistive tech, like Roger System, to help them Hear well in meetings. There is a wide range of listening performance with CIs. Some people do well in situations where other people struggle. Everyone’s journey is unique. You can help get the most from your CI by doing aural rehab and learning about assistive tech options that may help you in difficult listening situations. A good resource for that is www.handsonhearing.com
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    Hi everyone i just wanted to thank everyone for sharing your experiences & advice! It really helped me to make an informed decision! I had my pre-op appointment with my surgeon & audiologists yesterday. In 2 weeks from today I’ll start my new journey & be implanted with a Med-el Synchrony with Sonnet2/Rondo2 processors! Yeah!!😀 getting nervous but I’m sure it is going to be great! thanks again Rick H
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    WOW moment We went on a media boat ride in NYC and it was a blast! We were bouncing over waves, listening to our captain and chatting with each other all while the wind was blowing and waves were spraying. It was just fabulous to hear so well with my Rondos safely in waterwear and clipped to me with the EarGear tether. Sooo awesome! Thank you Med-El! @MED-EL Moderator
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    Mary Featherston


    I had my interview yesterday. Spent an hour walking around the plant with the hiring manager - this is a noisy plant, it's where they make all the Scotch tape and masking tape (among other things). But I could hear Bob throughout! I put my CIs on adaptive and turned down sensitivity a bit and it worked really well. After that we had another hour in a conference room with Bob and two other guys and that went really well too. AND we went to lunch at a noisy restaurant and I even heard them then. I won't find out whether I got the job till a week from Monday, but the interview already made me really happy from the standpoint of my CIs' performance.
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    Well, there you go. @Jewel covered pretty much everything. 🙂 Probably the biggest thing is the impact on just normal interaction at home with my husband. I hadn't realized till I got my CIs how much I was withdrawing and just not communicating. We talk again, and do more together again.
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    While we were at Med-El Innsbruck, Med-El filmed videos of our CI journeys. Here is a link to my video if you are interested ...
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    Daniel the Stranger

    favorite WOW moments

    Fantastic, he is all play all the time he is up. Now that we are talking about him, I realised that I can hear him breathing through his mouth when he is sleeping. He sleeps on top of the pantry next to the fridge not too far from the couch but still. Next to where he is sitting is the dinning table and next to the dinning table is the couch. I could hear him breathing through his mouth just recently because my new processor is facing his bed which is next to the fridge on top of the pantry. He is growing fast, he is now 6 months old.
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    It was incredible - like you dream something and than puf! It happens! To meet a person in live with whom you’ve exchanged so many HP and PM messages and - you’ve never seen each other... - Just imagine.... it was my privilege and honour to meet you, Mary Beth!
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    Sounds of autumn

    My kittypurr extra loud to get warm To get warm is my theory but I did hear him raving up that little motor for sure
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    Daniel the Stranger

    Activation May 28

    I had my second surgery on my left ear on October 10. Surgery started about 11 am and by 3 pm I was awake. This second time has been a breeze for me, I'm not feeling pain, and I didn't have to take painkillers at the hospital since I have been awake. My ear feels a lot less sore than the first time and I also don't feel the swelling like the first time.I just got home the next day about noon as I had to wait for the X Ray to confirm that the electrodes were in place and in fact, they were. This time I didn't get the copy of the X Ray as my doctor was in another part of the hospital, he just gave the order for discharge. I did see the doctor this morning about 10 am and he was pleased with the surgery.Doctor was very neat as usual, bandage was very well fit into my head and stitches also look good. Here a look at the result after bandage off: One thing I could notice is that it seems I got my residual hearing in this side. When I remove my right processor I can hear my voice in my newly implanted ear but not in the first implanted ear. It sounded cool. I can't believe how well I'm feeling to be honest, I took a week off but I'm thinking seriously on coming back to work next Monday. I don't have any balance issues and I already drove my car. Now the wait begins for activation in 2 weeks time.
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    I’m surprised at the number of people who approach me out of curiosity or to tell me their own experiences with implants among friends and family.
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    Mary Beth

    favorite WOW moments

    WOW moment today I was working in the yard and using our weedwhacker It is noisy. While I was weed whacking, I was surprised to hear the distinctive sound of a metal shovel scraping on concrete. I looked in the direction of the sound and it WAS a metal shovel scraping on concrete! A neighbor two houses down was shoveling up debris in front of his house. I love my CIs!
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    Things are going well @Megan L. speech is up there now and still working on it. I’m not loving the testing I get since I’m in a study group with my new ear. But that’s ok. Someone has to do it so that Canada will consider two implants for adults. Or at least Ontario. As for wow moments they are there but seem to be subtle these days. I was listening yesterday during training and was able to hear and not continually follow along. So it’s getting there. Also being able to have a conversation in a noisy environment is getting better too.
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    Megan L.

    Sudden-Onset Frustration

    @Mary Featherston That made me so happy to hear that the song sounded slightly better today after a few times ? it’s not how you start - it’s how you finish!! Think of hearing with a CI as a puzzle - your brain needs to match the sound to the object, music, or voice. The more practice you get the better your brain will understand. Everybody’s journey is different so embrace it and don’t compare. Only use other people’s journey as an inspiration to help you get to where you want to be ?
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    Mary Featherston

    favorite WOW moments

    Another Wow on Friday: I have been trying to use my CI only and not wear the hearing aid. When I'm with people one on one I can, sometimes but in large meetings it's just not possible. But on Friday I had a meeting with two other people, and left the hearing aid off, and was fine. They didn't sound normal, but I could understand. It was a great little bit of progress.
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    Mary Featherston

    favorite WOW moments

    New things I've heard today, six hours after activation: my computer mouse makes a clicky noise when I use the button. Ice cubes make a crackly noise when you pour a warm drink on them. And my car's turn signals also click. Apparently I've been living a more or less click-free existence, and look at 'em all!
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    Mary Featherston

    favorite WOW moments

    Ha, @Leisa - I was in urgent care on Sunday (not a biggie, I didn't break my foot, turns out I have arthritis) and the doctor and I were talking and she told me about a friend of hers who was deaf from birth, got a CI, and her WOW moments were hearing her husband's voice for the first time and realizing for the first time that her dog's nails on hardwood make a clickety sound. Pretty cool stuff. Nikki, I'm so happy for you too, your wow moments are a list of awesome. I'm counting down to activation myself. @Kara of Canada two days for you!
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    Just got my surgery date May 25
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    Mary Beth

    Excellent article Matt!

    Super article in Explore @Matt http://s3.medel.com.s3.amazonaws.com/explore/issue7/EN/med17005_Explore_Magazin_FREEDOM_EN.pdf
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    Kara of Canada

    March 2018 implant surgeries

    Today is Dave’s surgery. Best of luck @Dave!!
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    Mary Beth, great to see you pic! You did that! I missed somehow this part of the article. Sounds not very encouraging. My surgeon told me before I started my journey, my implants will serve me the whole my life. I told him that I am going to last for a very long time. He answered, that he is pretty sure about this and my implants ability to do their job well. So, I expected that CIs should work much longer that just 25 years promised for backward compatibility... That less than 20 years mentioned in the article does not work for me at all.... Ok, we have nothing to do but just prove that the article was wrong on this matter @hadron, thank you for the good read and I second Mary Beth's request for some data about the CI's real lifetime if you can find.
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    Mary Beth

    Feeling thankful

    I forgot a huge thing that I am thankful for....... my CIs have brought new friends into my life and I am so thankful for these friendships!
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    I am so scared please help.

    Thanks @Mary Beth and @Megan L., i feel more assured now. Hopefully I will be able to get used to it. @stream2525, I'm from Singapore and will be doing my surgery here in a public hospital. I'm sorry but I cannot disclose the identity of my surgeon here. As for my processor, I am still unsure. Looking at Rondo as well as Cochlear's Kanso. I might eventually end up using Cochlear as it is the more popular option here. If I do, I am sooo going to miss this medel community here Seems like Cochlear doesn't have such a wonderful forum where I may easily reach out for help. sigh.
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    Kara of Canada

    favorite WOW moments

    @Mary Beth I lately have been enjoying Whitney Houston! Took a few times to get clarity but it sounds just as I remember it.
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    Hi. I think it has a good chance to improve. I had several (2 or 3?) adjustments (almost monthly) after first fitting. I think partly its your brain has to get used to the new signals. I had only about 40% before vibrant but now I would say it's 85-90% and very good quality.. I would suggest you talk to the audiologist about adjusting it.. ? Hope this is helpful. Rgds. Jon
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    Ivana Marinac

    I am so scared please help.

    Hi @Renachelw, your questions are perfectly justified - patient should choose to go for a surgery when a maximum of confidence has been reached with a surgeon: both objectively or subjectively. After surgery we feel broke and sometimes even a small amount of pain made us to focus on it. I have seen lots of situation when people needed just a little support to endure their procedures. Although, I am not as @Adam regarding the number of surgical interventions - I have had lots of and ... to be frankly, it's like cleaning your house: when everything has its shelf - everything will go better. But, to be more specifical: list of side-effects of the op is an legal act - not just that a doctor protects against you than it works reversely. How? An informed patient can work with innerself. I am telling you as a patient but also from the surgeon's perspective. Meningitis - an opening into a cochlea will be done, no matter what is done to prevent that, there's a chance for that. Facial nerve damage depends of patient's anatomy - sometimes it could be closer to a extremely tiny space to approach a cochlea: a direct hit today is unlikely, but a reversible impairment because of tissue damage (of temporal bone) also could happen - but it's highly unlikely. On top of that, today a facial nerve monitors are presented in each otosurgical OR and it's highly unlikely to damage it permanently. Same works for a "taste nerve", or as Hadron said - for chorda tympani. However, this nerve has greater anatomical variation and although more often it's reaction is as a consequence of surrounding tissue damage, sometimes it can be hit directly. For a closing, don't think about these minor percentages - if you're scared, you will never flip a new page in your life. Leave that side of worry to your surgeon - he is surely competent to do an implantation: CI ops are not spot where you start your career than only high-skilled surgeons can qualify to do this task. Good luck!
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    Kanso or Rondo users please advise

    Thank you Valentin!! Very much appreciated! I spoke to my audiologist and we have decided to go ahead with the Med El so I am super relieved to have made a decision! Thank you everyoneforyour advice and support! ?
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    Cara Mia

    I wish my CI.......

    I like this game and I like Mary Beth's and Kara's ideas. Waiting for that features being available, too. But I also dream that someday our CIs will be fully implantable with processors hidden under the skin. I see it is able to follow our voice commands and communicate some basic info with us without any use of a remote control (yes, I want our CI to hear and talk at the first, then communicate directly with our mind). It would be good to be able to change some our processor settings and make more substantial adjustments besides just loudness and sensitivity. And of course, it would be great to have some long-living power source invented (kind of an implantable power generator). Perhaps, our CIs will learn how to use an electric energy our body generates to support our internal systems. And I think that in the future the scientists find out how to transfer the electrical signal from processors to a brain without electrode insertion. I don't want to sound unreasonable, but the size of implants should be no more that a penny. Or implant could be injected in a form of some liquid substance that after crystallization get the ability of what we know a computer chip with input/output through our cognitive perception with an ability to generate life-long power supply. This thing will be advanced enough to get phone calls like our cell phones do it now. As well as play music/podcasts etc at our wish. Why, then not to use it to manage our smart homes and keep our daily tasks (calendars, reminders, internal clock). Ha-ha, I need to stop. Don't want to overwhelm our dear MED-El with to much tasks
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    New to Heer Peers, Hello from Delaware!

    Welcome Megan. my activation is on Wednesday. We are at the end of the Countdown.
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    Well the sound is everything I was warned it could be at first , for a few minutes just sensations and beeps really ,then the audiologist kept talking for 1 1/2 hours and by the end he just sounded like he was breathing helium and kinda artificial . Then I had another hour with another Audi for communication support and I could understand nearly every word she said !! I got 4 maps on my rondo each slightly louder than the last, right now 5 hours after activation I'm on map 4 listening to some dire straights and led Zeppelin but it's not really loud enough . Beat that. The music sounds a little tinny and artificial but I can hear it. Kinda like an old radio. Unbelievable
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    Mary Beth

    Why chose medel

    Hi Chris, Welcome to virtual Starbucks west. So if I am following you correctly you are trying to choose between CI brands. That is an odd feeling isn't it? Having to choose our CI company. It felt like buying a car - Subaru, Honda or Toyota. Many of us have spent countless hours studying up on all three US CI companies. I remember that time very well. So while we sip some coffee, I will share my experiences with you. In the end, I chose MedEl because of the electrode array choices and the condition of my cochlea. I have a good friend who has bilateral AB CIs and I work with students who have AB and Cochlear CIs. So I am familiar with all three brands but only have personal experience with MedEl. My right ear had not processed any sound at all for 24 years before being implanted. It started understanding speech several hours after activation. I can use the phone, listen to podcasts or audiobooks, enjoy music, understand the TV without captions- all with that CI alone. It's been amazing! My left ear wore a HA until a few months prior to surgery. It was implanted second and did not understand speech on the first day at all. Weird huh? Not what I expected either. However, once it started understanding speech it just took off! And it really loves music. So far it's been activated 4 1/2 months. Already I can speak on the phone, listen to podcasts/audiobooks, enjoy music etc with that CI alone. Last month I went to a Bonnie Raitt concert and enjoyed it all. Then went to a Broadway musical and understood everything from the stage even though I was sitting far far back. MedEl, as a company, has been great to work with. They respond to emails right away, are quick to fix any problems, etc. I like the MRI compatibility with the new Synchrony implant. I have one Concert implant and one Synchrony implant so I need to follow the MRI rules for the Concert. Here's the catch. You will find successful CI users with all three brands. You will also find people who are struggling CI users with all three brands. A lot depends on what you are willing to do for your auditory rehab. and how much of the sound info your ear sends to your brain. I'm sure you will make the right decision for you. I am thrilled with MedEl. I thank them everyday for the wonderful gift of hearing they have returned to me. Best of luck on your journey, Mary Beth
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    WOW Moments

    Well, this was a first today. I was riding in the back seat of a car and my friend, who was in front of me, asked me a question. I absentmindedly answered her without even thinking about it. That's never happened before. She was facing front, I couldn't see her or read her lips. PROGRESS! Happy dance
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    Hi Ivana and Cara, We gave my CIs quite a work out this weekend! It was awesome! What a difference from before. Saturday evening we went to a music concert by Bonnie Raitt. There was an opening music group that played for 45 minutes. 5 members - vocals, tenor saxophone, electric guitar, electric bass guitar, electronic keyboard, trumpet, washboard (some members switched instruments). We were sitting near the back of the theater and the theater was not looped so I stayed on M and was too far away for any speech reading. I could distinguish all of the instruments and I even understood many lyrics of songs I had never heard before. It was amazing. Then Bonnie Raitt came on with her band (5 members- vocals, various electric and acoustic guitars, huge drum set, electronic keyboard as well as piano). I knew many of these songs so it was not really a test of listening. However, during one song I tested out what the concert would've sounded like if I only had my right CI or if I only had my left CI by popping off the D-coils briefly. Each CI has its own strengths and the best sound was from being bilateral. Then we drove into New York City because I have a mapping appointment tomorrow morning and were able to get discounted tickets for a Broadway musical- Fiddler On The Roof. That theater did not have a loop either and we were sitting high and far back so again no speech reading. I sat in shock that I was understanding so much of the dialogue. I know many of the songs so that wasn't a true test of listening comprehension but I didn't know the dialogue. Wow, these CIs are amazing. Then, no kidding, as we were walking back to the hotel we ran into co-workers from home who were also in NYC this weekend. So standing on a busy corner in NYC with cars, horns, people, etc surrounding us we chatted and I heard everything they said. I am really shocked. But this has been the way the journey has gone for me. It hasn't been a steady gradual change. It's been punctuated by events that amaze me. The most difficult listening task of the past two days was understanding what Bonnie Raitt said in between songs. I was told that her mic was acting weird so maybe that was part of it. Maybe it was just my listening skills. Flashback to last summer, when my right CI was 3-4 months old, and I clearly recall how bad music sounded to me. In fact driving in the car, listening to Tracy Chapman, I was working on trying to guess some lyrics. I was able to get some lyrics correct and people were amazed. Then I told them that no one would pay to attend the concert I was listening to! It sounded awful. Music came slower than speech for me but it is here now and it is amazing. Cara- live music does sound different than recorded music -whether that is because it is a multi-sensory experience or due to acoustics. It sure is fun watching skilled musicians and matching the instruments voice to the sound. Sure hope your weekends were just as grand, Mary Beth
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    Kara of Canada

    March 2018 implant surgeries

    So no official date. Signed my consent forms etc, they are waiting for my implant to arrive. Should be there at the beginning of March. Then we’ll set a date.
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    HI Mary Beth! Thanks for all your questions! The RONDO 2 has an omnidirectional microphone, and is designed for hands-free control with Automatic Sound Management. This minimizes the need to change settings or make adjustments with your remote. There is no need to use a drying kit due to RONDO 2’s splash-proof design at IP54. RONDO 2 uses ASM 1 and does not have a built-in Roger receiver. RONDO 2 has an integrated telecoil that easily connects to Bluetooth compatible neckloops & other accessories, streaming sound from iPhones, Androids and more. The Roger X and Mini Battery Pack can be used in combination for connecting to some Roger microphones. For any extra-long listening days, you can use the Mini Battery Pack that is powered by one AAA battery for around 35 hours of extra listening. Hope that helps!
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    Thanks everyone so much for taking the time to get back to me. I really appreciate it and it has been great to hear the positive feedback that everyone has given me. I will definitely look into aural rehab. BTW, I will continue to wear my HA in my right ear.
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    Mary Beth

    Battery Life

    And skin flap thickness. It is best to test batteries for yourself and find out how long they last. There are many different opinions and experiences when it comes to batteries.
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    My Journey

    Congratulations to you both on such a milestone!! That's awesome
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