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    Mary Featherston

    Med-El friendships

    Great, @Jewel! I'm looking forward to learning more about this.
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    Med-El friendships

    @Mary Featherston Just heard from the Med-El rep. She said I can definitely sign up for US Hear Peers!
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    Annie Hawman

    Med-El friendships

    I would love to be able to go to a MedEl gathering. As it is, I am the only MedEl recipient in my town, and last I heard there were 19 in my state, but they are scattered. I often check the MedEl Meet Up calendar on Facebook, but so far have not been able to manage one into my schedule in another state. A couple of years ago I was informed that MedEl would be expanding in Alaska, and I am still eagerly hoping that they do. Once they get the US Hear Peers going, it would be great if there were a large gathering put together for perhaps Alaska, Washington and Oregon. I'd buy a ticket and go, for sure! I love meeting others with CIs!
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    Just saying hello

    It's 6 months since activation. I wake up, all is very quiet. I go over to my special overnight storage box. First I put in my hearing aid, not a big difference. Then my CI, beep... And the world opens. The birds are singing in the garden and the next door neighbour's dog is barking. I can now hear a watch ticking, bees buzzing frogs clicking. I can have a conversation. I can have a conversation on the phone. The magic continues. Hope everyone out there is also making progress . How is johnl often think of you. Peter
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