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    @Mary Beth Wind Block doesn’t work foe me
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    POLL: Sonnet mic & windblock settings

    Hi everyone. And, thanks Mary! I am relatively new to the Sonnets, so still learning. I am currently on the OMNI setting. Didn’t know until today that there was a wind block option. 😮.
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    Hi @Mary Beth, sorry for the late reply. According to our experts there are no current studies specifically on this, so unfortunately I cannot share anything with you right now. If this should change, I will let you know. Best regards, Verena
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    The travel case... what's the best way to make use of it? What to put in it? How to organize things in it? I understand it's a matter of personal preference for the most part.
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    I attended this MeetUp in Rochester, NY today. We had about 16 Med-El users, candidates & parents. It is always so much fun to meet other Med-El users in person. Lots signed up for the new US HearPeers community.
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    @Mary Bethyes indeed sign up for it .It sounds interesting and informative Thanks Dave in Pittsburgh
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    great thanks for taking the time to repost the review of the Artone Mic it is very informative and helpful!!
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    Hello from rainy and more rainy and more rainy SCRANTON PENNSYLVANIA. Hearing again hear (pun intended), Will do. Thanks.
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    I agree @Mary Featherston!
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    I signed up - And thanks, Mary Beth, for reaching out to me via Messenger. Where do we log in to see it?
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    @Dave in Pittsburgh @Kara of Canada @Megan L. @Mary Featherston @Carolmarie @Cara Mia @Sandy @Logan @Jdashiell @mgfiest @Hicksy @Neil @Artsy @Julesrdh @Les new Jersey @Hearing Again @knappster @sassychele02 Just tagging some members to get things started.
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    Thank you so much, Thursday is the big day for me....
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    Mary Beth

    Waterwear Alternatives

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    Mary Beth

    Waterwear Alternatives

    @mshaley2 yes. I use waterwear, EarGear covers with tether and clip and a Nammucap at the same time with my Rondos and it works great.
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    Speech in noise app FREE

    This is great @Mary Beth! Thanks for letting me know. Gonna download it on my ipad so I can return my friend's ipad.
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