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    Rick H

    First post since activation

    This is my first updated post since being activated on October 29th, I’ve been so busy working I haven’t had a chance until now. A little info about myself my name is Rick Horton, I’m 57 years old & I live in Everett, Washington. I have profound noise induced hearing loss in both ears. My left side was implanted with a Synchrony & the right side I use a hi power HA. I was activated about a week & a half ago using a Rondo2 processor ( waiting for a Sonnet2 as well) . All I can say so far is WOW!! This is the most amazing experience! I was surprised that I was able to understand speech immediately, wasn’t expecting that! Aside from the initial robotic sound of voices I was also amazed at how realistic the voices are! Watching TV ( no more closed captioning) Tom Selleck sounds like Tom Selleck & Julia Roberts sound like Julia Roberts! Wasn’t expecting that either! I’ve already had so many wow moments! I can now talk on FaceTime with my daughter! Never been able to do that! & last Friday I went thru a 3 hour class at work that 6 weeks ago would have been impossible! With the instructor constantly turning his back to us to point out slideshow or talking behind his computer monitor where I couldn’t read his lips, I sat at the back of the class & caught every word he said! Amazing!! & soo many sounds that I haven’t heard in 15 years. The sound of my footsteps, running water, & falling rain. Also the sounds of my granddaughter breathing as she sleeps on my shoulder! That one is priceless! It’s not perfect & I still have a long way to go as far as improvements but I went into this expecting to be disappointed at first & I am completely amazed at how much better I communicate already. My confidence & self esteem are quickly returning & it’s as though my old self is awakening from a long sleep! So thankful for that! I had the first mappings a few days ago & everything is so loud now that it was almost like starting over again but it settled down the next few days fairly quickly. I figure that’s just part of the process! This journey is incredible! Looking so forward to all the coming wow moments!!😁 Rick H
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    Mary Featherston

    It's the Little Things

    Yesterday I was able to use my new superpower for real: we had an 8.5 hour flight and a toddler two rows ahead screamed for at least three of those hours (intermittently throughout the flight). I just popped the magnets off my implants. 🙂
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    Med-El CI users in Australia

    Well I am pleased to say the activation is going great! The Audi, Louse at Attune Mt Barker, seems pretty pleased with the progress - I've had two mappings and I have started the online rehab, really pleased to say I can understand words, well most of them anyway! Still have lots of odd and unusual noises but I worked out that if I turn the volume down a little, it is a little clearer. I had a bit of a problem with excessive nasal fluid and blood nose, Doc suggests that's the tubes clearing out after the op. Seems to be pretty good now. Overall I seem to be adjusting quite well, a little confusing sorting out the bedside table with all the accessories - drying box, rechargeable batteries etc.... have managed to work out the Bluetooth/ computer link cords etc. So exciting and rewarding! Thanks to you all for your help, advice and support. Cheers Lorna
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    Hi everyone i just wanted to thank everyone for sharing your experiences & advice! It really helped me to make an informed decision! I had my pre-op appointment with my surgeon & audiologists yesterday. In 2 weeks from today I’ll start my new journey & be implanted with a Med-el Synchrony with Sonnet2/Rondo2 processors! Yeah!!😀 getting nervous but I’m sure it is going to be great! thanks again Rick H
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    Mary Featherston


    I had my interview yesterday. Spent an hour walking around the plant with the hiring manager - this is a noisy plant, it's where they make all the Scotch tape and masking tape (among other things). But I could hear Bob throughout! I put my CIs on adaptive and turned down sensitivity a bit and it worked really well. After that we had another hour in a conference room with Bob and two other guys and that went really well too. AND we went to lunch at a noisy restaurant and I even heard them then. I won't find out whether I got the job till a week from Monday, but the interview already made me really happy from the standpoint of my CIs' performance.
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    Well, there you go. @Jewel covered pretty much everything. 🙂 Probably the biggest thing is the impact on just normal interaction at home with my husband. I hadn't realized till I got my CIs how much I was withdrawing and just not communicating. We talk again, and do more together again.
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    Marion nancy

    Wow moments

    Another wow. Was able to understand my bridge partner in a noisy auditorium with the cards covering her mouth. Was not using any ALD🌞
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    Lori Martin


    Hi to here in hear peers I am so grateful for all who has connected here with so many. Yesterday I returned to Boston Medical Center for another three hour session and had my processor reprogrammed, for I just couldn't hear at all. It's better now and I am in stages 1,2,3,4. I could not thank enough for the surgeon and my implant supervisor for all they have done but just for myself but others as well. They say it's baby steps through our journey that indeed. Merry Christmas to all here in hear peers. Lori
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    MED-EL Moderator

    warranty or damage OPUS-2

    Hi @imran khan, we've sent you a private message for more information Best regards, Verena
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    Just submitted my request to upgrade to Rondo2s. If all goes well, they’ll be activated October 23rd. Can’t wait!😊
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    Some concerns before the surgery

    I also found that my tinnitus, which was very loud, is not at all noticeable when wearing my processor. I can still sense it when I go to bed but it's fading, I forget it's there some nights.
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    Mary Beth

    Some concerns before the surgery

    @Evren post CI surgery tinnitus is quite common. It is also common to experience strange tinnitus in the beginning when you remove your processors for the night. My tinnitus is so much better with CIs.
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    Hearoes NEW aural rehab app free

    Thanks @Mary Beth. I was able to access the app via the website. Strange that it wouldn't show up in the App Store otherwise.
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    Yesterday I went to the Arboretum and walked and looked at the trees and flowers. And the bees. And listened to birds! My walk took me through the woods at some places and the birds were just chirping away. And I was so glad to have my Rondo2s because it was warm and I was sweating pretty profusely.
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    @Kylie, that's wonderful, I'm glad it's going so well for you. I referred to myself as a CI-borg in a meeting last week. I'm trying to get my new co-workers as used to this as my old ones were - though my friends at my old site were with me last year while I was being implanted, so it's a bit different. Our site IT manager has a toddler son who was born without external ears and uses AdHear from the sound of it - I haven't spoken to Keith about it yet, I've not got to know him that well yet. But the way others have described the child's devices there's not much else it could be.
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    I'm using this one for my Rondo. it's more than enough in weight and size. I'm sure I'll have line for a few years 🙂 I don't wait to the line broke itself, I change it every 6 months.
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    @thomseabrook Thanks for the last email Thom. That is very clever. By looping at the hinge of rubber port there's little tension on the port cover. Thanks a whole bunch. C T Lex cc: @Mary Beth
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    Me too @Mary Beth. Glad I took a leap of faith and got the CI.
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    I am a huge fan of aural rehab as many of you know. It helped me take my brain from static/beeps to awesome listening. We have shared many apps and online sites here in our rehab topic. It is also important to practice listening with live voices. Here is a sequence of sheets to use with a family member/friend. I trained with these sheets too. Enjoy!
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    Mary Featherston


    Um, no. It's farther from home, BUT - we are looking to move when I retire (in about 5 years or so) and if I get the job in Hutch we'll move earlier. In fact possibly this year. Tomorrow we're going to look at a house that's in the same town as the plant where I'm applying. Well, it's just outside of town - isolated and on a lake. The property actually includes a small island in the lake. So we'll see. It would be serendipitous if we bought the house and I get the job.
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    I heard someone knock on my door not using the buzzer. Began using the phone and Cel phone without any assistance devices. Can watch tv without Rogers pen but upped th sound. Can understand words in songs that I had not heard before. Told I speak much quieter and clearer. I am sure the high pitch sounds will soon come.
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    Well I still have difficulty hearing on the the phone, 😞 working on that. However, I have music back in my life I am able to play guitar and Bass and listen to all kinds of music!!
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    @Mary Featherston It’s a great feeling being able to understand everybody you talk to (for the most part)!!
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    Love that I forget the sad part that in fact, once upon a time, I completely lost my hearing, and with it a big chunk of things I cared about in life. It was not really long ago but now feels like a different lifetime. From the moment I have my CIs on till the time they go to the dry box at night, I have my life, my music, regular communication, lots of sounds as well as birds song - back. At the end of the day I feel I can accomplish anything. Improved mental health definitely a huge plus. I love my CIs for giving me a reason to love life again. I also love that my CIs made it possible for me play music . Something I haven't done for over 2 decades.
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    POLL: Top of your Med-El Wish List

    Nice wishlist
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    newby CI in the future

    The choise FOR me is made: Sonnet. Cant get a Rondo at this moment. Maybe later when the adjustment of my brain is made with the Sonnet...
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    Marion nancy

    Artone mic

    @Mary Beth I took it outside on the stairwell and it paired asap. I assuming it was picking up maybe the Rogers or the audiolink. great to keep handy on me and will get a second loop. Easy to travel with light and inexpensive a Great BIG thank you
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    Although I was/is an avid music listener, I pulled Led Zeppelin IV from my LP collection and realized I couldn't even hear Robert Plant singing... That was it for me😀
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    Audio link with sonnets

    Thank you x
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    Mary Beth

    AudioLink for Sonnets

    @Gerry I did download the A2DP converter app and I have tried it. I don’t care for the decreased audio quality. I enjoy the better sound quality I get through other ways instead. But everyone’s experience with tech varies.
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    Dave in Pittsburgh

    Hi from a new user!

    @Marcy welcome to HP I am bilateral had my first implant 2016 and second 2018 I have the (2) Sonnet and(1)-Rondo at first I did have the same problem with Rondo 2 falling off a lot had to do with internal swelling try just sliding the Rondo on your head instead of just placing it and try to part as much hair as possible. Dont get discourage it will all come together Keep in touch
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    @Mary Beth @MED-EL Moderator Regarding the “ticking” issue in the t-coil which I experienced during the recent activation of my Rondo2s (see my earlier posting in this topic), I’m very pleased that the issue was addressed and successfully resolved very promptly by Med-El and my audiologist. Although I do not know the technical aspects of either the problem or the “fix”, my audiologist has applied the fix to my processors and the ticking is now gone. To any other Rondo2 user who may be experiencing a similar issue with the t-coil, I suggest you contact your audiologist to have the fix applied to your processor(s).
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    This is a great idea @Mary Beth!! I’m definitely going to look into this. My apartment came with a talking smoke alarm but I brought another smoke alarm with a strobe. If anyone ever knocks on my door while I’m sleeping, this might work! I have a door bell that flashes but...ya know most people don’t push it, they knock 👎 Thanks for sharing 😁
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    Tommy C

    New to the forum

    I also ware a cap when the occasion allows it. That keeps me from accidently knocking the Rondo 2 off.
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    Hearoes NEW aural rehab app free

    Hi All, I'm the developer working with the Hearoes app and wanted to say thanks very kindly for posting this @Mary Beth along with everyone's feedback. It is much appreciated. Personally, I found the rehabilitation side of auditory feedback quite challenging, which is why I originally developed Hearoes and have ended up releasing it for free to help others who have faced a similar challenge with training. As I'm always looking to improve the experience and help those with the auditory training process, if you had any feedback or any challenges you're facing with training, please don't hesitate to let me know and you're welcome to reach out here, by DM or via our website https://www.games4hearoes.com/ as I would love to hear from you and how we can help. You're feedback is invaluable as I've been able continually update the app to address a lot of the bugs (such as the sign in process) as well as the addition to new content based on the feedback from those experiencing Hearoes. Elliot
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    Lori Martin

    Cochlear implant upcoming surgery

    Hi Mary Beth I will actually get my date here shortly. I will diffiently keep you posted! Lori
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    Rick H

    Here comes a new challenger

    Hi Evren Just thought I’d check to see how your activation went, I know you said you were getting activated on Monday! Wow sounds like your experiencing a lot of new sounds! That’s really exciting! Sorry about the fainting spell but maybe you were just too excited by that much new sound! I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about! Of course I don’t know yet but everything I’ve researched about it sounds normal, the odd sounds, & increased tinnitus. All that should calm down in the coming weeks & you will begin to progress to the point where things seem normal! I’m still about 6 weeks behind you. I get implanted in 2 weeks. Can’t wait! How is your wife liking you hearing her better? I know my wife can hardly wait to be able communicate better with me. I’ve been with her almost 35 years so she’s used to me using her as my own personal interpreter! Lol. well wishing you the best my friend! Keep us posted on your progress! Rick H
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    Rick H

    New to hear peers & Choosing brands

    Thanks Mary thats kind of what I was thinking . The streaming sounds beneficial but most of the times I’d be using my implants just the way they were intended, just hearing. Hi tech features are great but I don’t want to base my main decision on them. As new technology improves processors I’m sure the MedEls will stream like the cochlear s do but Like I said before I think the implant itself is the most important thing. Its what we live with for years or a lifetime & I just want to get the best I possibly can. I am so looking forward to just being able to hear & communicate with people again! I am so inspired by reading about everyone’s experiences & wow moments on this forum. Its just great & gives me so much hope for the future. One of my biggest reasons for taking this leap of faith is I have a 4 month old granddaughter & I don’t want her to struggle to communicate with me. Thanks again Mary for all the advice Rick H
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    Mary Featherston

    Med-El web shop

    @Mary Beth I've emailed Rob, my CSR, already. We'll see what he says.
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    Good to know that is the one I ordered. 🙂
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    Mary Beth

    Waterwear Alternatives

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    Thank you for your response, Mary. I purchased four leashes as back ups, with no clips. The eyelets at each end of the leash are identical in size, so forcing one eyelet through another is daunting. These eyelets are very tiny, and I have no forceps this small. I suspect I'd break the leash if I did. Thanks, but spare leashes w/o clips is not a solution for me. C T lex
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    Rondo 2 questions!! 😁

    Music sounds better than I expected with time I thought it'll never sound quite right but my new normal is extremely enjoyable. I'm listening to music for hours every day, and feel grateful it comes in as good as I remember. Best of luck to you @MrVe9as
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    Doesn't @Kara of Canada have one of each? I have DL-coils on both.
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    Mary Featherston

    Lots of new HP members

    I'm in the outer edge of Minneapolis suburbs. I was implanted last year, the right in April (activated in May) and the left in October (activated in November). I have Synchrony, Sonnets, and Rondo2s, as I was lucky enough to fall into the PlusRondo promotion with both surgeries.
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    Mary Featherston

    newby CI in the future

    That's not true for me. It does take a long time for the brain to learn how to hear this way, but it does get better! Good luck!
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    Updates from Rondo 2 users

    Actually I realized I had the Select with me and connected it with ease, less than one minute. Seems to work great, as expected.
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    newby CI in the future

    Since my complete deafness is in my right ear, I usually can't have a conversation with my passengers while I'm driving. I am excited to be able to hold a conversation in the car. Of course, if it is back seat driving or nagging, I can always take off my processor to enjoy some peace and quiet. haha! But I am so excited to get started. I'm not worried about the surgery at all. My surgeon is a guy named Dr. Abraham Jacob in southern Arizona. He is one of the leading CI surgeons in the country. When he was going through the risks with me, he mentioned that he has done over 6,000 CI operations and has never injured a facial nerve, but said I could be the first. I asked him what percentage of people are helped by a CI. "Almost everyone" was his answer! WOW! He is going to put a Flex 24 in me. He said that almost every time he has used a longer electrode array, he cant get the last electrode into the Cochlea and said he achieves great results with the Flex 24. Anyway, I report to the hospital to check in for surgery in exactly 48 hours!
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