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  1. I have two tethers, one short one which attaches to the hair and a long one which when I'm wearing clothes I attach to my shirt collar and to a necklace when I'm unclothed. The only time my Rondo has come off was very early on when I tripped and fell since then it's as if it was glued to my head just checked and I'm on two mags strength I use both tethers and in a way like you moor a boat, i.e. The short one is up on the head and the long one is down, after two years wearing them the above incident is the only time they've fallen off. Mind you I've undressed countless times and forgot that it was attached to the neck of my sweater which results in immediate silence :-(
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm a Rondo user and was implanted in November '14 in the Hospital La Paz in Madrid. I'm here to gather info on using my Iphone with my Rondo and of course to provide whatever support I can give to others. I've been putting this off for over a year mainly I guess because while I was working (I'm retired now) I used the phone a lot (tech support etc.) and after the implant I felt that it was a challenge that I was not ready for.. I think it was mainly a psychological issue as I did so well in my rehab I didn't want to be disappointed by the phone issue as its the most difficult part of returning to hearing everything again. PS I'm in Madrid not down south where the weather is awful at the moment
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