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  1. You are right @Jewel. I edited my post. Thanks
  2. @Lori Martin There is a lot to learn in the beginning for all of us! Before you know it you will be very comfortable with all this tech! You will get comfortable pairing the remote with different processors in time. And then you can switch back and forth between processors and still be able to use your remote. I use the same Fine Tuner with my Sonnet, Rondo and OPUS2. It only takes a moment to pair them. In time, you will become comfortable with that too!
  3. @Lori Martin I am glad you like your Sonnet 2. How are things going? @Dave in Pittsburgh Do you switch your one side back and forth between Rondo2 and Sonnet? Are there certain situations when you prefer one over the other? I am still deciding on Rondo 2 or Sonnet 2 so I enjoy learning from everyone. EDITED thanks to @Jewel
  4. Remote control options Rondo 2 uses the Fine Tuner remote Sonnet 2 uses the Fine Tuner Echo remote and the AudioKey app
  5. It is free but we need to register. It will be captioned. I registered. Here is the info: You are invited to a virtual HEARPEERS meeting. During this hour long webinar our MEDEL experts will be discussing listening practice and strategies to help during this time of facial coverings and masks. Many cochlear implant recipients rely on lip reading to help them understand speech and therefore may feel discouraged with their speech understanding during this time. However, there are programs and strategies that you can use to help you and I hope you are able to attend the virtual meeting. Two dates are provided for your convenience, please note that the same topic will be discussed on each day, so you will only need to register once. Upon registration, you will receive a separate email that will give you details about how to log on to the meeting. If you happen to fall in the waitlist for a meeting time, you will receive an email from our events team once space has opened up to register you for the event. You can register by clicking the link below. July 8th – HearPeers Virtual Meet Up 5pm CST, 6pm EST July 9th – HearPeers Virtual Meet Up 6pm PST, 7pm MST
  6. @Tracey_66 This is not my area of knowledge so I’m sorry but I do not know.
  7. Like @Jewel, I do not miss my hearing aid at all!
  8. @SarahH Keep us posted on your journey. I hope everything works out great.
  9. @I.D @Jewel has one side implanted. Maybe she will share her experience of listening with a CI. I work as a Teacher of the Deaf with students who are deaf in both ears but only have one side implanted. They do great. It really helps to have a professional guide you and a close relationship with your CI audiologist.
  10. @Ernie Which CI center/audiologist do you go to?
  11. Mary Beth


    Hi @Ernie and welcome to HearPeers! Congratulations on your new CI. Have you discussed this with your audiologist? It is still early weeks for you so you may have internal swelling still. Which processor are you using? Typical solutions include: -discuss magnet strength with audiologist -use a headband temporarily until this resolves There are processor specific options too.
  12. @SarahH Welcome to HearPeers! I am a bilateral CI user but just wanted to welcome you. Wishing you the best!
  13. @I.D People have very different opinions about using only speech or using a combination of speech and sign. Having someone work directly with you and your child to help your child learn to communicate will be very helpful. Are you able to be connected to another family close by who has a child with a cochlear implant?
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