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  1. @MaryGP Glad your recovery is going well. I did not experience an itchy ear. I always think it is a good idea to run these types of questions through your CI surgical team. I hope it clears up soon.
  2. @Nischal Koirala Congratulations! Everything sounded so weird at first for me too. I tell my story in this captioned video.
  3. @Rick H My cat would do the same thing. Way too tempting for cats!
  4. @SWS0107 Congratulations on your activation! In the early weeks a lot of strange things can happen that are all normal. If you have any concerns, you may want to reach out to your audiologist. Are you scheduled for another appointment soon? Wishing you the best!
  5. @suzcohen I had so much trouble with ZeniPower CI batteries and my Sonnets. Many people did. False dead battery beeps. Terrible battery life. Quite a few of us contacted Med-El US about it several years ago. Power One Implant batteries consistently work great for me in my Sonnets. If your insurance covers batteries, you can order Power One Implant batteries through Med-El . If your insurance does not cover batteries, the exact same batteries are available online for less money. If you decide to try Power One Implant batteries in your son’s Sonnets with the Roger 21, I’d love to hear about your experience.
  6. @suzcohen YAY! So glad you have a work around. Definitely have your son carry extra Sonnet standard rechargeable batteries to school because people are reporting that with Roger use one standard rechargeable battery is not lasting until their children return home. Just out of curiosity, what type disposable batteries were you using? In my experience, the Sonnets are very finicky about power (disposable & rechargeable). It can be frustrating.
  7. @suzcohen It is very interesting. Since the same Roger 21 will work when on the right Sonnet, it seems like the Roger 21 is fine. And I expect the Roger 21 that was working on the right Sonnet, fails to work if you move it to the left Sonnet? You said you tried a different left Sonnet and had the same problem. And you have tried different Roger transmitters to be sure the issue is not with the transmitter itself. This must be frustrating. In the meantime, if you or the school has a Roger X type (02) receiver and a Sonnet FM battery cover with 3 holes on the bottom, you can use that on the left side along with the Roger 21 on the right side. Be sure to set the Roger X (02) receiver to the CI setting for Sonnets using the Touchscreen Mic. It is easy to do and once set it will stay set. or your son could temporarily use a Roger MyLink neckloop receiver (under his shirt if desired) and put both processors in MT. I will reach out to our Phonak rep and see if he has heard of this.
  8. @suzcohen If your son removes his right Sonnet and only listens with his left Sonnet (without using the Roger tech), can he hear well?
  9. @suzcohen Let’s start at the beginning. Roger receivers must be paired one at a time with any Roger transmitter. Have you tried pairing the left Roger 21 by holding the Roger receiver close to it while the right Roger 21 is quite a distance away (not on his right ear or close by). Roger Touchscreen Mic (is that the transmitter used at school?) is a terrific transmitter and has a screen display showing connectivity.
  10. Definitely keep everything out of cat reach! Easier said than done! Rondo 2 will have an charging pad and the processor just rests on top. Very enticing to cats! Possibly plug that in a room you can close off at night. Sonnet 2 will have both a rechargeable battery charger (blinking lights) and a dry kit (light). You may want to keep those in a room you can close off at night too. Everything else can go in drawers or a closet. I love the Artone neckloop do always have two of those charging up too.
  11. @MaryGP I will be thinking of you on Thursday and hoping things go as easily for you as they did for me. You may want to tell the anesthesia team about your concerns of nausea. I did and they dealt with it on the cocktail of meds they used. Worked splendidly. Tough decision..... can you choose one Rondo 2 and one Sonnet. Get activated with the Rondo 2. Leave the Sonnet unopened. Trade the Sonnet for a Sonnet 2. Then you will have one of each of the newest processors. People here have done that. I love Rondo for waterwear. It is spectacular.
  12. @Gerry I know it’s confusing because so many different things are called HearPeers! Sign up for HearPeers US here... https://www.hearpeers.us They emailed the $150 off AudioLink coupon. It expires soon so after you sign up, you may want to contact them.
  13. Great idea Peter. I am an iOS user but hopefully some Android users will review your guide and give you feedback. @pdk
  14. @Marlene This link also is for Canada https://www.medel.com/ca/audiolink
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