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  1. @Alfred There are two ways to do this that I am aware of. 1). Have your CI audiologist create a program for you that has each electrode set too quiet for you to hear. When you want to be in quiet just use your remote to move into this program. 2). The new remote (Fine Tuner Echo) has a monitoring mode which mutes the mics.
  2. @Alfred There are ways to let you do this. Which processor do you use?
  3. @iHM24 Hameed, The AudioKey app is not yet available in the US App Store. Since neither the AudioLink nor the Sonnet 2 are released yet in the US, no one could use the app here at this time. I am looking forward to the AudioLink, the AudioKey app and the Sonnet 2.
  4. I’m following your TV journey with interest @Hearing Again! Keep us updated!
  5. @Mary Featherston Nope I am waiting just like you. Kind of sign up, then wait. Smile. But I have met up with quite a few Med-El users apart from Med-El events. Like what @Dave in Pittsburgh Tried to get organized in Niagara Falls. Recently I spent several days with several Med-El users who have become friends. I posted pics on FB and IG so maybe that is what you have seen. Wonderful time! Terrific people. I look forward to our paths crossing in person someday soon.
  6. I think all regions are in the same spot. They are gathering members right now. I do not think any HearPeers US events have been announced yet. @Mary Featherston
  7. I agree @iHM24. I look forward to the new Sonnet mic cover design to make its appearance in the US.
  8. @iHM24 Do you notice any audio lag time between your BT TV and BT neckloop?
  9. One of the most amazing things about my CI journey is the special friendships I have made with other Med-El users and Med-El employees as well. It really is like a Med-El family. I encourage everyone to meet other Med-El users when you can both through online/social media platforms as well as in person. If you are in the USA, please sign up for the social connections called HearPeers US. Come and join the fun. I can’t wait for HearPeer US events! https://www.medel.com/us/hearpeers/
  10. @Mama2Lu I see now. Ok. Have you checked out any large CI centers which may have clinical trials your son may qualify under?
  11. Welcome @Mama2Lu! Wishing Lu the very best. CIs are quite amazing. They have restored so much hearing to my life.
  12. @Hearing Again Sorry to hear about the cancer but happy it was caught early. Artone has a special TV streamer that attaches to the TV and sends the signal to the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop.
  13. @Margaret Haines SpeakSee lists Italian on their website
  14. @Margaret Haines I am sorry phone captioning services are not available in Italy. Check out SpeakSee. It is supposed to caption incoming voices on calls. Expected release is in 2019. It may have released already. Other than putting the call on speakerphone and using the app LiveTranscribe, I am not sure how you can get captioned calls. Do you think using assistive tech to get a better auditory signal on phones with your Sonnet will help. The AudioLink from Med-El just released in Europe.
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