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  1. @pdk Do you plan on going bilateral? I think having two different brands would be so complicated. I know several people who chose that though. Each of my sides (same year, same brand, same brain...smile, same training) took their own unique journeys with speech and music. I am fortunate that my sides are balanced. A lot of people do not have sides that are balanced and refer to one side as their better side. Sometimes it is the first side implanted and other times it is the second side implanted. It is so fascinating how everyone’s journey ...and every side’s journey......is so unique.
  2. @Jewel Most Comfortable Loudness When our audiologists present electrode beeps and we say when it is comfortably loud. Our CIs will not deliver sound any louder than that setting on each electrode.
  3. Traveling today through airports. One gate set off its emergency alarm and no amount of effort from the crew could halt the loud blaring alarm. Everyone was plugging their ears. It went on for quite some time. Eventually the crew passed out ear plugs to the passengers at the gate. Thank goodness for MCL settings! Yes it was loud and yes it was an unpleasant sound.... but.....it was comfortably loud! Many thanks to my awesome audiologist!
  4. @pdk I am glad speech has been great for you Peter.
  5. @pdk We must stick to the processors made by our cochlear implant brand. If we wish to use a different brand, it requires removing all of the other brand and implanting all of the new brand. Each brand processes sound differently. And people’s experiences with the same brand vary. I am enjoying all parts of music. Nothing sounds bad. I love how everything sounds with my bilateral CIs. MAPping is very important. I agree.
  6. @Valentin I have used both. AudioLink works only with Sonnet 1 and Sonnet 2 Roger works with almost all CI processors and hearing aid brands AudioLink only requires 1 piece (AudioLink) and sends the signal to an internal receiver in the Sonnet 1 and Sonnet 2. Roger requires more than 1 piece. The Pen or Select (I prefer the Select) sends the audio to Roger receivers. These receivers can be attached to processors or hearing aids (like the Roger 21 integrated battery cover receiver for Sonnet 1 and Sonnet 2) or can be a neckloop receiver (Roger MyLink) and CI/HA then need to be on MT or T. Both AudioLink and Roger Pen/Select are BT ONLY for phone calls. Both AudioLink and Roger Pen/Select can use an A2DP converter app to stream other audio from phone. The sound quality is degraded. Both AudioLink and Roger Pen/Select can be plugged into TV, etc Both AudioLink and Roger Pen/Select can be used as remote mics worn by a speaker. Both AudioLink and Roger Pen/Select can be used on a table for a small group. The Select outperforms the others in this setting by far in my opinion. AudioLink is a fixed gain mic. Roger Pen/Select adapt to the noise level. Roger Select has 3 mics which create 6 directions. It uses adaptive beamforming. The others do not. AudioLink allows the user to alter the mix ratio. AudioLink is true stereo for left/right music. Roger Pen/Select have a greater range than AudioLink.. The sound quality between these options is different. I recommend people test out these devices before choosing the best device for their needs. I also suggest people test out the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop.
  7. I’ve been working on finding ways to share helpful info. Trying to make things accessible, user friendly and easy to share with others. This link has all my Artone reviews (pdf and video) in one place. -Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop -Artone Mic -Artone TVB I hope it is helpful. http://www.handsonhearing.com/user-review-on-artone-3-max-bluetooth-neckloop/ Have a great weekend! Mary Beth
  8. @Valentin AudioLink only works with Sonnet 1 and Sonnet 2. For Sonnet users there are many similarities and a few differences. Are you considering switching from Rondo to Sonnet 2?
  9. @Daniel the Stranger I hoped you would post a pic of your adorable cat! Smile You are right. Having balanced CI ears is worth it!
  10. @Daniel the Stranger Sorry that happened. I admire your attitude. Wishing you the best! How is your cat handling the home remodeling?
  11. @Dave M Here is a link to the story @Rick H mentioned https://blog.medel.com/i-can-once-again-appreciate-the-color-of-music-ilans-story/
  12. @Dave M It is confusing for sure. But the 3 brands do differ quite a bit on their internal components, which have the biggest impact on how music sounds to us. Be sure to compare the internal components. Wishing you the very best.
  13. @Marcy When ASM 3 is FDA approved in the US and then released by Med-El US, our audiologists will update our Sonnet 2 processors with the ASM 3 software at a MAPping appt and set up the ASM 3 programs. So it is just a software change. The actual Sonnet 2 processors remain the same. How they treat sounds will then have the ASM 3 options.
  14. Exciting @Marcy Hopefully the cool ASM 3 features of Sonnet 2 will become available soon in the US.
  15. @Mike I am sorry to read of your difficulties. Surgeons vary considerably in their surgical methods. Also, there are considerations due to anatomy and the amount of residual hearing. My surgeries involved drilling a well for the internal component. It rests in that well and is secured there. I hope things get sorted out soon for you. Keep us posted.
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