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  1. @Nischal Koirala I hope your exams went well. Thank you for sharing your hearing story. That must’ve been such a difficult time for you and your family. I am glad you received a cochlear implant! There are many many happy Rondo 2 users here. Most of how things sound to us is due to the internal CI components. Synchrony and Flex 28 is exactly what I have on my left side. The processors change all of the time. Rondo 3 is out now. In a few years there will probably be a newer version yet. Over our lifetime we will use different processors and I’m sure will have differen
  2. @Nikki That is an incredibly price! I love my BOSE QC35 headphones
  3. @MED-EL Moderator If we attach the mini battery pack to a Rondo 3 processor that still has a charged internal battery, will the Rondo 3 use the power from the mini battery pack or keep using its internal power? I am wondering if on a long listening day that exceeds the number of hours of the internal battery, we could choose to use the mini battery pack in the morning even though the internal battery is charged so that later we can remove the MBP and use the internal battery well into the long listening day.
  4. @Richard G Med-El US announced on its official FB page that Rondo 3 is now available for new recipients and commented that upgrades will be available soon. Here is a link to Rondo 3 info on the Med-El US website. https://www.medel.com/en-us/hearing-solutions/cochlear-implants/rondo3
  5. @Tomas thanks for the battery indicator info. Sure wish there was a way to know how many hours the Rondo 3 battery will last for me before making a decision. I thought telecoil would drain the battery much less than AudioLink. Interesting. This gift of hearing is a privilege every single day!
  6. https://www.ouiemagazine.net/2020/09/18/med-el-sassocie-avec-meludia-pour-ameliorer-lexperience-musicale/?fbclid=IwAR3SWGjDW1bzC3BpWqZoi7Ak-VMte5oUpNX2KwHKFbytMgHksnciCYe1hEM This article is in French. On an iPhone, tap the AA in the left corner of the url address bar and select translate to English
  7. https://www.meludia.com/en/cochlear-implant/
  8. And @Tomas This line ..... ”Riding my car, it's like a quiet limo” made me laugh out loud! Awesome!
  9. @Tomas I am so thankful that you are posting your Rondo 3 experiences here. Smile. I agree that the dual mic settings are not best for music. I prefer music in omni mic setting with full equal access to all the frequencies. I think the dual mic settings are designed for speech in noise. I am eager to experience the strong adaptive intelligence setting in noise. Sometimes with my RONDO1 processors it can be difficult if there is a lot of noise close behind me. I think it is due to the mic location compared to a BTE processor. I am still struggling with
  10. @Tomas I am so happy to read your post! You are the first Rondo 3 telecoil user I have “met”. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Is the telecoil adapter easy to attach? Do you find yourself leaving the telecoil adapter attached most of the time or do you keep attaching and removing it as needed? How long has your Rondo 3 battery life lasted most days? Have you ever run out of battery power? I have the AudioLink as well with my Sonnet 1 processors and find the range way too limiting. I prefer to use the Artone as well. Did you upgrade from Rondo 1 to Rondo 3?
  11. @Lori m travel case options from Med-El The zippered soft case I use is from Vera Bradley I believe. Any zippered case would do.
  12. @Lori m @Kylie has had a very interesting way of having her CI electrode levels measured for single sided deafness. I did post about travel cases on a different topic perhaps? I use a travel case from Med-El for backup processors and spare parts. I use a zippered case for other items.
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