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  1. @Mama2Lu If going to UNC is an option for you, they have a large well respected CI center. https://www.med.unc.edu/earandhearing/about-us/
  2. @Mama2Lu you can search clinical trials for Med-El here and see trials like this one for children who fall outside typical approval for CIs https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03900897?term=Med-el&rank=1 You can also contact Med-El US and ask for assistance in finding a trial your son may qualify for in the US.
  3. @Dave in Pittsburgh Always being prepared is definitely a safer bet!
  4. @Mary Featherston Yup. Tinnitus has been my companion since my early teens. It went crazy after activation when I removed the processor before bed. That all resolved itself. I don’t notice my tinnitus at all while my processors are on. At night, I notice it but it is much, much quieter than before CIs.
  5. @Mary Featherston It was a great play. I hope you get to see it. Thankfully all of the other characters were easy to hear. Have you used GalaPro anywhere yet?
  6. Chums wallet to the rescue https://www.chums.com/wallets/surfshorts-wallet
  7. After 4.5 years with my CIs, I really should’ve known better last night. We went to see To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway. I do not usually use any assistive listening devices at live theater events unless I am testing out some new tech so I did not bring my FineTuner remote with me. Bad decision. The actor playing Atticus, Jeff Daniels, was so quiet and hard to hear. At intermission I raced to the assistive tech booth to see if they had ALD with headphones. Nope. Infra-red ear buds or loops. Loops would’ve been perfect IF I had a way to switch to MT. A remote app would’ve been very helpful last night. So I made a mental note to bring my FineTuner to live theater events in the future. (It turns out that everyone was having difficulty hearing Atticus, even typically hearing people. Something must’ve been wrong was his mic. It was better during the second half.) I used the GalaPro captioning app to help for the second half. It worked great. When the show ended, everyone in the theater was shocked that it was raining (really hard) even though no rain was forecasted until overnight. Sigh. No umbrella. No raincoat. Nowhere to put my processors to keep them dry. No plastic bags anywhere. I wish I had brought my umbrella! The weather app now said rain for hours! So I zipped my processors into my wallet, secured it as best as I could and walked back to the hotel in the rain. It was strange walking through NYC, crowded with wet tourists, in the rain and absolute quiet. Thankfully the little zip wallet kept my processors completely dry! I got lucky. Next time....my FineTuner, a waterproof bag or an umbrella/raincoat!
  8. @Evren post CI surgery tinnitus is quite common. It is also common to experience strange tinnitus in the beginning when you remove your processors for the night. My tinnitus is so much better with CIs.
  9. @JohnL Wishing you the best at your EAS appt. let us know how that goes.
  10. Thanks for the update @Evren! When are your activation dates? Rondo 2 for you and your mother? Exciting times ahead.
  11. We have gone retro this week... big band/swing Glenn Miller Marvin Gaye Pointer Sisters The Go-Gos Linda Ronstadt Loving this Apple Music subscription!
  12. Hi all! What have you been listening to this week?
  13. @pdk I am interested if it works on iOS devices. Sounds great.
  14. @pdk We have a separate folder full of info on training called REHAB. It includes phone apps, computer programs, etc. Here is a link https://forum.hearpeers.com/forum/27-rehab/ All of us can start new topics about anything by going to the folder we want it in (rehab, general, Sonnet 2) and selecting start new topic. Give it a try! Let me know if you need any help Peter.
  15. @pdk Terrific update! These CIs are amazing!
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