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  1. Mary Beth


    Northern lights?
  2. Mary Beth

    Find my processor.

    @Hearing Again Med-El does not presently have a find my processor tracker. They do not discuss future tech until release date so we will just have to keep an eye out. I heard about tiny labels for clothing and purchased a sheet of stickers with my first name and phone number on them. I have these stickers on.... backs of my Fine Tuner tops of my dry kits rechargeable battery chargers rechargeable battery wallets travel cases This way if I accidentally leave something behind while traveling and a kind person finds it, she can call me. I know parents who put these small labels on their children’s processors as well. https://www.kiddotags.com/mini-slim-clothing-tags.html
  3. Mary Beth

    Lack of auto logging Rondo 2

    Good memory @Charles https://www.medel.com/hearing-solutions/cochlear-implants/audio-processor-comparison
  4. Mary Beth

    Guide for a music rehabilitation: step by step.

    @MED-EL Moderator Will you move this to our music topic please? Thanks
  5. Mary Beth

    Lack of auto logging Rondo 2

  6. Mary Beth

    Guide for a music rehabilitation: step by step.

    @Hearing Again I understand completely although your musical skills far exceed my own. Check out Beats of Cochlea on YouTube. For the past several years Med-El has run a contest for a paid trip to participate in it. My friend @VeroNika participated a couple of years ago. She is an amazing pianist who composes her own music!
  7. Mary Beth

    Lack of auto logging Rondo 2

    Hi @Charles and welcome. The Rondo 2 is available now in the US. Datalogging is not always needed with adults. It basically tells our audiologists how long we are using the processor and possibly which program we use. None of that info was needed in my journey. I was using the processor all waking moments. I actually was not aware that datalogging was not available in Rondo 2. The ease of use of Rondo 2 is a huge advantage in my opinion. Good luck!
  8. Mary Beth

    Rehab games

    I use it on my iPad
  9. As we get ready to spend our holiday week with our wonderful extended family, I find myself thinking about the first family gatherings post CI and post bilateral CI. I was so tired! The listening demands were challenging and went on for hours and hours. 😊 My friend @Joan encouraged me and promised that the following year it would be so much easier! And she was right! For all of our HPs members who are early in their CI or bilateral CI journeys, hang in there. Take breaks. Be kind to yourself. And trust that next year, it will be so much easier. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic 2019!
  10. Mary Beth

    Dave in Pittsburgh

    I’m glad you will be all set up @Dave in Pittsburgh. The Rondo 2 roll out requires training with the new software Maestro 7. Not all CI centers/audiologists have been trained yet. Hopefully Med-El and the CI centers will get this completed soon so everyone with Rondo 2 can get programmed. I am excited to read of everyone’s experiences with Rondo 2 when you all get to start using it.
  11. Mary Beth

    Rehab games

    @Hearing Again Have you checked out the free app ABCLIX? It is my favorite app for aural rehab for early journeys.
  12. Mary Beth

    Music rediscovery from Mary Beth!

    @Kylie look above for my music journey link Also check out other threads in this topic MUSIC
  13. Mary Beth

    Guide for a music rehabilitation: step by step.

    @Kylie I actively trained musical pitch. I posted about my favorite apps for that here. I did not start actively training music right away with my right ear because it wasn’t ready for that yet. I believe our brains need repeated success to learn so I listened to music and paid attention to the features that were accessible to me at the time and then started training later on. But everyone’s journey is unique. Each of my own ears were unique, especially for music. My left ear loved music before speech!
  14. Mary Beth

    Rehab games

    @Hearing Again In one of the posts I tagged you in, I explain how to use the settings feature in the iAngel Sound app. Maybe it will help you.
  15. Mary Beth

    Guide for a music rehabilitation: step by step.

    @Kylie That is a great question. Unfortunately you won’t know until activation. My right CI would’ve needed a few months off. My left CI was ready right away. It varies.