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  1. @Anne WGC I loved Jeff Campagna’s hands on hearing workshops! I wish Med-El US would bring them back! Sorry I didn’t recognize your name.
  2. @Anne WGC Congratulations on your upgrade! How do you find the Sonnet 2 compared to your OPUS2/RONDO1 processors? My comment is just my thoughts about what works best for me. I did not like the adjustment from using Sonnet 1 in ASM 1 to using Sonnet 1 in ASM 2. I had to get used to the Sonnet all over again. Two adjustments just because ASM 2 was not released in the US when Med-El released the Sonnet 1 here although the Sonnet 1 was released in Europe with ASM 2 active. I had no choice about this because that was the timing of my surgery and activation but I promised myself never to choose to upgrade to a processor in the future until the features that go with the new processor are also available in the US, like in Europe. Right now Sonnet 2 with ASM 3 is released in Europe. Sonnet 2 is still using ASM 2 in the US. So it is just my personal preference to reduce the number of adjustments required when upgrading processors. If I can wait until features are all approved in the US before upgrading, I will opt to do that.
  3. @Jewel For me in TEAMS I just tap the video and select the captions. It is helpful when there is a bad audio connection. In our region lots of families have very slow, limited internet service. But not all accounts have the live captions option.
  4. @Jewel A friend just ordered CozyPhones to use as headphones with her Rondos for video sessions.
  5. @Jewel The Sonnet rechargeable batteries slowly lose their charge when not used. Just remove them from the charger and charge them up in a few months. Have you tried using the Artone with TEAMS? Our TEAMS version has live captions as an option in the app, not the web version.
  6. Focusing on issues related to being a CI or HA user during the pandemic
  7. https://www.chadruffinmd.com/events/2020/4/6/covid-19-hearing-loss-amp-hospitalization
  8. @runner6771 I am glad you are so happy with your Sonnet 2. By far the easiest way to stream audio to your HA and Sonnet 2 would be to use a BT neckloop, like the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop. Both your HA and your Sonnet 2 would need to be on MT or T setting to access your telecoil. While this solution allows you to stream all audio to both your HA and CI and is truly hands free for phone calls, it is not utilizing the internal receivers in your HA nor Sonnet 2. It is BT from device to neckloop and induction (telecoil) from neckloop to HA/CI. Using a BT splitter may introduce an echo. The audio would travel from device to HA via BT but that same audio would need to travel from device to AudioLink intermediary device to Sonnet. If you test out ways to do this, I would be very interested in reading about your experiences.
  9. Tonight I sat down and figured out how to sew some basic face coverings. Our community looks like face coverings will be added to the list of social distancing rules for any time someone is out of their home (taking care of essential business, getting fresh air while maintaining 6 feet of separation, walking the dog). I played with 2 different designs for the elastic bands. One that went all around the head and another that looped on both ears. I am presently wearing my Rondo processors and the winning design is the loops on both ears.
  10. Mary Beth

    Noisy sound

    @iHM24 My guess is the telecoil is picking up some interference. Next time it happens walk into other rooms or outside and see if it disappears .
  11. Mary Beth

    Noisy sound

    @iHM24 Does the sound happen on the T setting when you are outside?
  12. I am sorry this happened to you @Dan W. You can find reports online about this potential issue related to nose blowing and CIs. I hope it does not happen to you again. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/coa.12042
  13. https://open.spotify.com/user/medelcochlearimplants/playlist/4wi6FARvfDXt1WgcqunPIm?si=w744iZ8bTG6XKGXj2yvbvQ
  14. Hi @Addey It may be fine. You pair it to your phone/tablet/etc by pressing and holding the center button until it alternates red/blue. Then let go. If you see it flash 3 red first, that means it was on and now you turned it off. Wait a moment and press and hold the center button until you see the alternating red and blue lights. Then let go. Look on your device (phone) under BlueTooth and select the Artone. Now you are paired. Your device will show a headphone symbol which means it will send all audio to the Artone. Volune control is on your phone and on the Artone. But it around your neck. Set your processor to MT (mix 50/50) or T (streamed audio only) with your FineTuner remote. Enjoy!
  15. @Watersail and @Mary Featherston The Artone is terrific for conference calls. Google Hangouts Meet has an option for live captions. Click on the three dots and then select turn on live captions. Microsoft TEAMS has an option for live captions on their downloaded app (not the web browser). It seems the IT Admin needs to enable it so it shows up. Touch the video, then select captions.
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