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  1. We have gone retro this week... big band/swing Glenn Miller Marvin Gaye Pointer Sisters The Go-Gos Linda Ronstadt Loving this Apple Music subscription!
  2. Hi all! What have you been listening to this week?
  3. @pdk I am interested if it works on iOS devices. Sounds great.
  4. @pdk We have a separate folder full of info on training called REHAB. It includes phone apps, computer programs, etc. Here is a link https://forum.hearpeers.com/forum/27-rehab/ All of us can start new topics about anything by going to the folder we want it in (rehab, general, Sonnet 2) and selecting start new topic. Give it a try! Let me know if you need any help Peter.
  5. @pdk Terrific update! These CIs are amazing!
  6. Sirius Radio aired a program today (08/21/19) on channel 110 at 1:00 about Med-El and single-sided deafness with a cochlear implant. It is available to listen to under The Otolaryngology Show as previously aired.
  7. That is wonderful @Sandy123! Keep us updated!
  8. You are welcome @Alfred. Please do not lose hope. You can most definitely find a way to wear your Sonnet yet have it muted for those times you wish to be in silence. Wishing you the best on your journey. Let us know how things are going.
  9. @Lynn Agnes @Alexei @Mark @segoro72 @Karen fudge @Lori Martin @MaryGP
  10. Med-El posted three new videos this week on single sided deafness and CIs, including MAPping, rehab and tinnitus info. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKeXj4XUAG4QgszCH9m874g
  11. @Alfred There are two ways to do this that I am aware of. 1). Have your CI audiologist create a program for you that has each electrode set too quiet for you to hear. When you want to be in quiet just use your remote to move into this program. 2). The new remote (Fine Tuner Echo) has a monitoring mode which mutes the mics.
  12. @Alfred There are ways to let you do this. Which processor do you use?
  13. @iHM24 Hameed, The AudioKey app is not yet available in the US App Store. Since neither the AudioLink nor the Sonnet 2 are released yet in the US, no one could use the app here at this time. I am looking forward to the AudioLink, the AudioKey app and the Sonnet 2.
  14. I’m following your TV journey with interest @Hearing Again! Keep us updated!
  15. @Mary Featherston Nope I am waiting just like you. Kind of sign up, then wait. Smile. But I have met up with quite a few Med-El users apart from Med-El events. Like what @Dave in Pittsburgh Tried to get organized in Niagara Falls. Recently I spent several days with several Med-El users who have become friends. I posted pics on FB and IG so maybe that is what you have seen. Wonderful time! Terrific people. I look forward to our paths crossing in person someday soon.
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