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  1. I have otosclerosis and bilateral cochlear implants. Even with CIs the otosclerosis continues on its own path and can cause problems with facial stimulation. Are there any other HP members who have otosclerosis and CIs? Feel free to PM if you prefer.
  2. Mary Beth

    Listening to music with Sonnets compared to OPUS2/RONDO

    @Angie @MallaRuth is also a musician, like you. She plays clarinet. B flat clarinet Ruth?
  3. Mary Beth

    Listening to music with Sonnets compared to OPUS2/RONDO

    @MallaRuth I perceive full deep bass tones of music with OPUS2/Rondo and with Sonnet processors. There may be a slight advantage to the Sonnet and bass tones in music but only slight. For me, the ability to perceive deep bass tones in music is a combination of any Med-El processor and an awesome MAP by my audiologist. OPUS2, Rondo or Sonnet all do well with bass tones in music for me. My OPUS2 and Rondo have the same MAPs automatically converted for each processor. My Sonnets require a different MAP. The automatically converted MAPs did not work for me. My audiologist had to create different MAPs for my Sonnets.
  4. Mary Beth

    Dry Box

    I received the Dry Space box I ordered through the Med-El US shop. It holds 2 Sonnets easily. And it has a USB plug for charging.
  5. Mary Beth

    Listening to music with Sonnets compared to OPUS2/RONDO

    @MallaRuth Did you notice a difference in bass tones in music when you switched from your OPUS 2 processors to Sonnets?
  6. For those of you who have both Sonnets and OPUS2/RONDO processors or have had both.... How does listening to music with your Sonnets compare to listening to music with either OPUS 2 or RONDO? Do you notice any difference with bass tones?
  7. @Al West Thanks for your kind words. If your HA (or new HA) has telecoil and your phone is BlueTooth.....you can use the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop and set your CI processor and HA both on MT. It’s hands free. I love testing out tech so if you want to chat about other options, just let me know.
  8. @Al West I read your comment about phone calls with one CI and one HA. Does your HA have a telecoil?
  9. @Jewel I felt most disabled prior to my first CI surgery. I had a long standing completely deaf ear and an ear with a severe to profound progressive hearing loss and a very small dynamic range. That was the period of time that I felt most hindered by my hearing loss. It was isolating, exhausting, frustrating and depressing. Then I started my CI journey. Wow my life changed forever. Amazing! Now that I am as deaf as possible......I hear nothing when my processors are off....I actually feel less disabled. Strange huh? My audiologist guided my hearing journey so well that by the time it sunk in that I am deaf, I was actually hearing better than I had been for decades. I am so grateful for the skill, guidance and caring heart of my awesome audiologist. But your point is valid. Without fully functioning processors, I am completely deaf. I depend on my processors to hear everyday. I need them to be consistently reliable. They are my ears. I am thankful for my CIs and the return of hearing.
  10. @Mary Featherston No need to try it.
  11. Mary Beth

    Meet up opportunity in Niagara Falls NY

    Any updates? Who is definitely coming?
  12. @Emily C. I bet you will figure out a way that works comfortably (and quietly) for you. My teen students with CIs and long hair position their processors on their ears first and then deal with their hair and the coil. Some like to wear the coil under their hair. Others prefer to wear the coil on top of their hair. They each have their own method and tend to follow it every time.
  13. @Megan L. definitely time for a video!
  14. @Nikki thanks for letting me know. So it seems short video clips are not accessible to everyone. So I will not upload video clips as it is important that we all have access to everything. @MED-EL Moderator If you know a way for short video clips to be uploaded and be accessible to everyone, please let us know. Thanks.