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  1. @bclap When you say “noisy”, do you mean that you hear a lot of sounds in your environment as soon as you put it on?
  2. @bclap Congratulations! Which processor do you have?
  3. @Nischal Koirala Rondo 2 topics https://forum.hearpeers.com/forum/31-rondo-2/
  4. @Nischal Koirala Sonnet 2 topics https://forum.hearpeers.com/forum/38-sonnet-2/
  5. @Nischal Koirala This is why no one can promise any of us anything before we get implanted.....everyone’s results vary. We also vary with respect to which processor is the best fit for us. I hear well at college lectures, high school classrooms, conference presentations in large auditoriums with both my Rondo and my Sonnet. I have friends who are hearing great with Rondo 2 processors in quiet and in noise. I have friends who hear best using Sonnet’s dual mics in noise. The best we can do when choosing processors is to learn about the features and about what people like or don’t like about the processors. We have both Rondo 2 topic category and Sonnet 2 topic category. Have you found them yet? You can read a lot of people’s posts to help you decide. When do you need to choose?
  6. Some people end up with a BPPV episode or two after CI surgery. Many find treatments from physical therapists helpful. Check with your CI team first. @dkritter
  7. @PFgma I am not sure which part you are looking for. Which processor? Sonnet? Sonnet rechargeable batteries in standard size (up to 10 hours) or micro size (up to 7 hours) may be ordered through Med-El . In the US you can contact your customer service rep to go through your insurance if possible. You may also self pay through your CSR or the online shop.
  8. @MallaRuth Well deserved and most definitely a needed expense for rehab purposes! Cough cough Which headphones are you choosing?
  9. @MallaRuth Will be thinking of you next Thursday when your right side welcomes you back to being bilateral my friend!
  10. @Lori Martin YAY! You have a date!
  11. I am sorry to hear of your child’s accident. @MED-EL Moderator
  12. Hi all! Do we have any Sonnet EAS users in or near New York City? @Neil @JohnL @Laurie @C T lex @stream2525
  13. @mgfiest It seems to be entertainment through speakers for you. It does solve itself it seems. It may just take more time and exposure. Frustrating though I bet.
  14. @Nischal Koirala The majority of what impacts our hearing with cochlear implants are the internal components and the speech processing strategies. These are the same for Rondo 2 and Sonnet 2. Front end processing (how the mics pick up sounds and how the processors treat those sounds) are different for Rondo 2 and Sonnet 2. Rondo 2 uses one omnidirectional mic in Automatic Sound Management 1 (ASM 1). Sonnet 2 uses dual mics in Automatic Sound Management 3 (ASM 3) which uses adaptive intelligence and a new advanced chip set. Rondo 2 is a one piece processor worn off the ear with a built in rechargeable battery. Sonnet 2 is a behind the ear processor that uses rechargeable batteries (which do not last a full day without being swapped out) or disposable batteries. The connectivity options are different. In the end, both will be terrific processors for different people. Some people will prefer Rondo 2 and others will prefer Sonnet 2. Choose whichever one appeals to you and your lifestyle more. Wishing you the best.
  15. @mgfiest Congratulations on two years! Does this happen with all televisions?
  16. @Nischal Koirala Prices vary depending on country. Contact Med-El in your country for current prices. If you need help contacting them. @MED-EL Moderator can help you.
  17. @Nischal Koirala Congratulations on your new CI. Are you looking for comparisons between Rondo 2 and Sonnet or Rondo 2 and Sonnet 2?
  18. @Esteban I love that picture! Hope all continues to go great for you!
  19. @DaveD It may be helpful for you to have an app on your phone that is an A2DP converter so you can test out how other audio sounds from your phone. AudioLink needs to use that for any audio which is not a phone call in order for it to stream via BT and not use the cables. I look forward to reading your experience with AudioLink after you get to test it out.
  20. Such an exciting time on HearPeers! Wishing you all the very best. Hoping the bad vertigo episode and the pulsatile tinnitus all go away. Keep us posted. Just jump in and tell us about your journeys. We are here. buckle up. It’s a fabulous, crazy, life changing ride. Wishing you all the best!
  21. @Rita Marquez Our audiologists have multiple ways to give us perceived loudness in addition to just increasing the MCL settings. -wider pulse width -adjusting threshold settings (quietest sounds we hear) -changing MAPLAW setting -turning off electrodes that are not able to be perceived loud enough and shifting those frequencies to other electrodes -using triphasic pulses instead (This is only available to Med-El CI users.) -and probably even more ways that I have yet to learn about Hopefully you, your audiologist and the Med-El regional team in your area can help you get the perceived loudness on your new side soon.
  22. @Marlene I don’t pay attention to whether the light is blue or red to be honest. I charge the Artone overnight and just unplug it and use it on the morning. Is your Artone working well with your phone now?
  23. @Marlene If you have any questions about the Artone, feel free to ask. There are many Artone users here.
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