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  1. Med-El asked me to review the Artone neckloop a couple of years ago. Here is the link to my review. I own several and have 2 charged up everyday. https://blog.medel.com/review-of-the-artone-3-max-bluetooth-neckloop/ @Vinod They can be purchased through Artone’s website or through Amazon.
  2. @Joan Actually it was very interesting. I heard the wind clearly but whenever someone spoke to me, the automatic sound management of Rondo 1 focused in on their voices and I heard them perfectly.
  3. And by the way.... it is amazing how great things sound in high wind with the Rondos in waterwear covers.
  4. @Vera talks about now being comfortable on the phone in episode 6 of her video series! @Mary Featherston talks about using the phone in her successful interview process for a new position in her company! @Jewel talks about her new comfort on the phone in a recent post! How did you each become comfortable using the phone? Any suggestions for CI users who are considering tackling hearing on the phone?
  5. Vera and Nigel return for their final episode. I am so happy that your CI journey has gone so well @Vera! @MED-EL Moderator This is an awesome video series! Having both Vera and Nigel’s perspectives is so important. Our hearing loss and CI journeys impact our loved ones so much.
  6. Congratulations @Mary Featherston!
  7. @Shirsee I am sorry I don’t remember when you were activated. In the early months, while we were getting my ear to a stable spot, new MAPs would sometimes set me back for a couple of weeks while I trained them. But then they advanced further than previous MAPs. I did a lot of aural rehab everyday. If a new MAP did not settle in after 2 weeks, I knew the MAP needed to be adjusted. Now that I have been a CI user for 4 years, I know rather quickly if a MAP change will work. But everyone’s CI journey is unique. Trust your instincts. Wishing you the best.
  8. Today I used my Rondo 1 waterwear covers a different way. I was staying completely dry. But I was going for a long walk on a sandy beach in strong wind. To protect my Rondos from being hammered by blowing sand, I used waterwear covers. The only things on me that stayed protected from the blowing sand were my Rondos!
  9. Mary Beth


    @DarlaHS That is exactly what I would try if I had that problem. I hope it helps while you wait for an appointment with your audiologist. Keep us posted. Good luck.
  10. Mary Beth


    @DarlaHS Headaches can be a sign that a MAP needs to be adjusted. Our MAPs should be comfortable to listen to all day after we have been CI users for a bit. Are you able to return to your audiologist?
  11. @Shirsee Do you keep your old MAP in a program slot so you can return to it if needed?
  12. The first hair wash is wonderful! I was able to do that soon too.
  13. @Kylie and @soojjan Terrific that your recoveries are going so well. Soon the exciting times come with your activations!
  14. I had an appt with the surgeon in Dec 2014. Went for audiological testing and a MRI in January 2015. Had another appt with the surgeon and audiologist in early Feb 2015 at which time the surgery date was scheduled. In addition, I had a pre operative physical with my primary care physician and vaccinations. A typical part of the process is to determine if we are mentally/emotionally ready to start this journey. It is not unusual for candidates to meet with social workers/etc as part of the qualifying process. Wishing you the best on your journey. @Lori Martin
  15. @Colleen Powell just want to be sure you saw Joe’s compliment on your blog.
  16. @Jdashiell You are a student of hearing loss AND a teacher of cochlear implants! Smile. Congratulations on your PhD! Smile It does feel like we are always learning!
  17. Tag some friends to get us started. @Joan @Jdashiell @Dave in Pittsburgh @mgfiest @Valentin @Cara Mia @VeroNika @MallaRuth @Jewel @sassychele02 @Mary Featherston
  18. A return to smiling Sometimes I am not even aware of something my hearing loss had taken from me until my wonderful hearing with my CIs reminds me. That happened today. I smiled at a gentleman in the elevator and we chatted about how he moved to Florida from the midwest 30 years ago. I smiled at a mother with a young daughter on the beach and she chatted about a jellyfish she saw for the first time. Not life changing conversations. But I realized that many years ago I stopped smiling at strangers for fear that they would start talking to me and I would be left struggling to understand them. It’s nice to be able to smile at people again and feel confident if they start a conversation. I love my CIs
  19. Oftentimes we say our CIs have been life changing. How have your CIs changed you?
  20. @Mary Featherston I hope your insurance covers as many MAPping appts as it takes until you reach your favorite MAPs. Of course, your April appt may solve this for you!
  21. Hi @Mary Featherston I read through some of your blog entries. Isn’t it so cool to have a record of your CI journey? I have one too but it is just a private journal. Four years out and I’m still entering WOW moments every month. You made a comment about a change to one side’s MAP and could that impact both sides. When we change one side’s MAP for me it impacts that side and also my bilateral sound. There is a summative effect to hearing as well. Sometimes it feels like a complex network of dominoes. A slight change to one setting has ripple effects. Smile. I hope you are able to get rid of the echo. By the way, do you hear the echo when using your Artone bilaterally or only when using the processor mics?
  22. Thank you @Valentin. Looks like a great set up! Did it take you awhile to remember to unclip it before taking your glasses off? I think I may forget they are attached and take my glasses off to clean them and pop off my Rondos!
  23. @Valentin How did you attach it to the loop on your glasses? Are you using the alligator clip to attach to the loop?
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