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  1. @debpap Which processor are you using? The thing with listening practice (aural rehab) is that we are teaching our brains to interpret the CI info so we need repeated success. It is best to work on an easier listening skill longer than it is to move up in difficulty quickly. I will post a link to some early listening levels.
  2. @phobos512 It seems likeS-vector magnets can align to magnetic fields without needing to actually rotate. I have no idea of how that will play out with CIs. I’m sure we will find out soon enough. I sure wish ASM3 would get FDA approved for Sonnet2 and Rondo 3.
  3. AudioStream info https://www.medel.com/hearing-solutions/accessories/connectivity/audiostream?sf_cntrl_id=ctl00%24contentPlaceholder%24C086
  4. @phobos512 Did you read the FDA approval for the S-vector magnet?
  5. @Salik The battery life of Rondo 2 over time is something that several of us have been wondering about. I am curious too. Just like cell phone rechargeable batteries, I would expect the Rondo 2 rechargeable battery to age and gradually decrease in hours. Do you have the mini battery kit to attach to the Rondo 2 if you need more hours? I read that the internal battery can be replaced by Med-El but I’m not sure how that process works or the cost.
  6. @Tracey_66 I am not sure how things work with Med-El in Spain. In the US, we would contact our Med-El customer service representative and it would be replaced under warranty. Does your Artone enter pairing mode? It would show alternating red and blue lights while the center button is pressed and held in during turn on.
  7. @MPeake The regular battery cover does work with the micro rechargeable battery. But there is also a MICRO battery cover that can be used and it will make the Sonnet smaller.
  8. @MPeake There is a smaller battery pack for Sonnets. It uses the micro rechargeable batteries, which are smaller and therefore do not last as long. And micro battery covers.
  9. @2monkeys Here is info on the Rondo 3 swap https://hearlife.medel.com/en-us/local/us-pages/rondo-swap-information
  10. @2monkeys Welcome to HearPeers! The rehab process with a cochlear implant is the same regardless of processor choice. Speak with your audiologist about the Rondo 3 swap promotion if you are in the US (and Canada too I believe). Rondo 3 is expected to release by year’s end and this promo lets you start your daughter’s journey now and swap to the Rondo 3. Personally, I am very excited about Rondo 3. Wishing your daughter the best. Hearing from two ears is amazing.
  11. @Tracey_66 disregard this. I gave you the incorrect email for Artone support. Sorry.
  12. @Tracey_66 Have you been able to pair your Artone successfully to any BT device yet?
  13. @Tracey_66 I have never had a problem pairing various Artone’s with my iPhone, iPad, Android tablet nor TVB. I just go to the device’s BT setting. Then press and hold the center Artone button until red and blue lights flash and release. The Artone shows up on the device BT screen and I select it. Maybe it would be helpful for you to contact Artone for support?
  14. @Tracey_66 Have you BlueTooth paired the Artone with your phone in your phone settings? Is it listed as paired and connected before you switch to T or MT?
  15. @Watersail I would think that info would be very helpful. You may want to ask for those changes in a MAP you use with the AudioLink only if you like your regular MAP for everyday use.
  16. @Watersail Now that you have the AudioLink in its dock connected to your stereo, have you tried altering the bass/treble settings on your stereo to see if that helps improve the clarity? The pulsating EMI (electromagnetic interference) you experience at times when you are using telecoil with the Artone may be microwaves or washing machines/dryers.
  17. Mary Beth

    Rondo 3!

    @MED-EL Moderator Mary, This makes me VERY VERY happy! Thank you Med-El ! Having a designated T only MAP is a fine solution for me. Thank you!
  18. @phobos512 And I am also a fan of 100/0 mix option and wish Med-El included that option In all streaming devices.
  19. @phobos512 yes it beeps two times with a pause between the beeps Maybe one is a dropped signal beep and the other is a reconnect beep
  20. I am having difficulties with my AudioLink. I am looking for bilateral CI users who are happy with their AudioLink for some guidance. Do you change your sensitivity settings? Have you had a special MAP created? If yes, what was changed in the MAP? Any tips? Thank you
  21. @phobos512 That is interesting about the double beeps only in your bedroom. Is it possible that those beeps are the same as low signal beeps? Test it out by having it connected to your phone and playing audio. Set your phone down and walk away. When you get too far away it beeps to let you know of loss of signal. (This happens to me if my phone is in the living room and I go outside to use the bbq grill.). If it is the same beeps that happen in your bedroom, is it happening because you are too far away from something it is still connected to....like the TVB? Msybe you ca
  22. @David S @Ivana Marinac has BoneBridge. Let’s see if she has time to pop in.
  23. Mary Beth

    Rondo 3!

    @MED-EL Moderator Question about the Rondo 3 telecoil adapter. Does it let us choose telecoil only (T) or is it always set to a mix (MT)?
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