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  1. @pdk Test them both out when you are surrounded by live voices. Let us know what you think. I see live speech to text helping many people on their journeys. Especially between surgery and activation. Or if facing the process of a reimplantation. My CIs have given me such awesome hearing, I am so very thankful. But I remember very well how I felt before getting my CIs. So frustrated. So isolated. I am always trying to find ways to help people who are facing that situation. Hopefully for many it is a temporary situation that can be helped by getting CIs. For some it is a permanent situation. And there is no right or wrong. Smile. We vary greatly in our personal preferences for assistive tech. I always enjoy testing things out and reading what others report.
  2. @pdk @Joan LiveTranscribe and SpeechTexter have been designed for different purposes. LiveTranscribe has been designed for accessibility. Real time, fast speech to text on the whole screen in an easy to use format to give access to speech for those who are unable to hear speech effectively in various situations. It also gives access to environmental sounds. SpeechTexter is designed as a tool to dictate instead of type. The delay is longer. The screen display is not as user friendly. For my purpose, trying to give people visual access to speech when they can not access it by listening, LiveTranscribe is the appropriate app.
  3. I will check out speech texter to see if it is as user friendly as LiveTranscribe in these situations.
  4. Tonight I set up this LiveTranscribe speech to text on my Android tablet and plugged in the Roger MyLink receiver. I set the Roger Select transmitter in the center of an oblong dining table with 6 people seated all around. It was a fun-loving, lively bunch of good friends so lots of conversations bouncing all around and sometimes multiple conversations going on at once. Lots of laughter. The tablet was in a stand between a dear friend with hearing loss and me. She struggles to hear well with her hearing aids. I was testing how well this set up works. She LOVED it! Really really LOVED it! Live Transcribe is not perfect. It made mistakes and also once in awhile missed something. But this was a challenging listening setting. People talked on top of one another and oftentimes there was laughter. Using a remote mic, rather than the tablet’s built in mic, increased the accuracy and also the range of voices it detected. Using the Select sending the audio to the connected MyLink, gave additional benefits from the adaptive features and beamforming tech in the Select. This easy to use set up greatly improved my friend’s ability to participate equally. I lost count of how many times she told me she loved it. Really amazing!
  5. @rodriguise Here is my review of the Artone BT neckloop. If you search on HearPeers you will find many people’s experiences with it. Click on photos to zoom in to read.
  6. @rodriguise I am also encouraging people to test it out before deciding on purchasing it. If you are looking for a BT option, lots of us are enjoying the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop. It does require going to MT or T. If you want more info about it, let us know.
  7. I love your tech review @Marion nancy. If you want the Artone sound quality and distance with your TV, you can purchase the Artone TVB. Attached to TV. Sends sound to the Artone neckloop. I can change rooms and even go downstairs to switch the laundry all while listening to the TV show my family is watching. Since I have several Artone neckloops, I chose one and paired it to the TVB. I leave the TVB on. When I turn on the neckloop and wait a moment, it connects automatically. I love that we have so many options. And I agree about the high sound quality, great distance and ease of use of the Artone.
  8. @Marion nancy YAY! You have the: AudioLink Roger Select (with Roger 21 for Sonnet or Roger MyLink receiver neckloop?) Artone neckloop Artone Mic Tell us what you like and don’t like about each one and when you use each one. It’s so helpful to hear other people’s experiences with tech options.
  9. @MED-EL Moderator Med-El released a third packet for adult aural rehab! https://blog.medel.com/rehab-for-adults-auditory-training-with-your-cochlear-implant-part-3/ I love it! Thank you Med-El !
  10. @Marion nancy Let us know how the pairing goes today. If it still doesn’t pair, consider reaching out to Artone customer service. In the past, they have been very responsive.
  11. @James deluca Hello and welcome to HesrPeers. Have you been evaluated at a CI center yet?
  12. @ats169 When you paired your Artone Mic to the neckloop, how did you do it? Any problems?
  13. Turn them off. Try one more time from the beginning. This time start the mic first and then the neckloop. @Marion nancy
  14. @Marion nancy Tell me what happens with the lights on both devices when you attempt to pair them.
  15. @Marion nancy How many devices do you have your neckloop already paired to?
  16. @Marion nancy ok. That’s a good sign. Smile. unplug them both. press and hold the center button on the neckloop until you see red and blue blinking lights. Let go. turn on the Artone Mic. Keep it close to the neckloop. Press and hold that mute/pair button on the top until you see red and blue blinking lights. wait and watch the lights. They should pair and then start blinking only blue
  17. @Marion nancy I am willing to try to trouble shoot with you if you are interested. When your Artone Mic is plugged in, does it show a steady blue light? When you enter pairing mode on the Artone Mic are you seeing a blinking red and blue light? When you enter pairing mode on the neckloop are you seeing a blinking red and blue light?
  18. @Marion nancy hmmm.... have you tried having the devices that are paired to your neckloop “forget this device” under your devices’ BT settings? Then pair the Artone Mic?
  19. @Marion nancy First: turn off neckloop second: press and hold button on neckloop until you see red and blue alternating lights. Let go. third: place the Artone Mic close to the neckloop and turn it on. It should pair automatically. If not repeat the above steps and add a fourth step....press and hold the mute/pairing button on the Artone Mic
  20. Me too! Please state the country you are in and whether your Sonnet 2 is using the new ASM 3 adaptive intelligence features. (ASM 3 is not yet available in Sonnet 2 processors in the US. Sonnet 2 processors in the US are still using ASM 2.)
  21. @Marv I liked the idea of another 5 year warranty on upgrade kits. But I did not know about that when I selected Med-El. I naively assumed all 3 brands offered similar warranties. During my decision making time, I knew about the 10 year warranty on the internal and about the 5 year warranty on the processor kit I received at activation. After already having Med-El CIs, I learned that the other 2 FDA brands had 3 year warranties on upgrade kits. I found out because students needed replacements and their CI processors were already out of warranty so it was complicated to get their processors fixed under their insurances. I asked my CSR and learned that (at that time) Med-El had 5 year warranties on upgrade kits. I felt lucky. This is my upgrade year and as it turns out, Med-El US just changed the warranty on upgrade kits to 3 years. I have learned that activation kits and upgrade kits change quite frequently.
  22. @SWS0107 and Telephone With Confidence has free daily practice... https://www.cochlear.com/us/communication-corner/program/adult-telephone.htm
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