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  1. Keep the rain down your way @Hearing Again please! We finally had 3 sunny days in a row!
  2. Exciting times @MrVe9as! I like the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop for BT connectivity. It works with Rondo 2 and Sonnet. Works great with my iPhone. Med-El sells a sports and with pockets for the Rondo 2. There may be a connectivity option coming in your activation kit. Just with your Med-El rep or audiologist to see what will be included in your kit. Kits change all of the time.
  3. @Dave in Pittsburgh @Kara of Canada @Megan L. @Mary Featherston @Carolmarie @Cara Mia @Sandy @Logan @Jdashiell @mgfiest @Hicksy @Neil @Artsy @Julesrdh @Les new Jersey @Hearing Again @knappster @sassychele02 Just tagging some members to get things started.
  4. Med-El is going to help us meet more Med-El users! Cool! I joined. I hope every HearPeer member in the US and Canada joins too. Wouldn't it be cool to get to meet each other?!
  5. @Sandy123 Maybe it helps to think about how it is the internal components that have the biggest impact on how we hear. In our lifetime we will use several different external processors. But it is a hard decision.
  6. @Sandy123 Choosing a processor is a tough decision. There are happy Sonnet users and happy Rondo 2 users. Some users have both and prefer Sonnets. Some users have both and prefer Rondo 2. Look at their features and choose whichever one feels best for you. There is not a wrong choice.
  7. @dongtuuyenblackpeony and @Sandy123 Wishing you both the best on your CI surgeries this week. When you feel up to it, let us know how things go.
  8. @Gerry Let us know what you find out. Good luck
  9. @mshaley2 yes. I use waterwear, EarGear covers with tether and clip and a Nammucap at the same time with my Rondos and it works great.
  10. Hi! I started using my Artone in summer 2016 and it is still going strong. I do not know the typical battery life. Artone responds fast to questions so you can ask them directly and see what they say.
  11. This is my favorite speech in noise training app. It changes the speech and noise balance based on our responses. Getting the sentence correct brings the noise louder. Making a mistake brings the speech louder. Our goal is to get the LOWEST possible speech in noise dB score. It keeps track of the last 10 results or so but always compares your present score to your best ever score on the final screen. It is free.
  12. It’s back and updated to work on current iPad OS! YAY! http://angelsound.tigerspeech.com/angelsound_mobile.html
  13. Wishing you a very good right side activation @Carolmarie! I’m not sure if it’s an option for your left side, but Med-El does make a custom electrode array for complicated cochleas. Your surgeon would be a great person to talk to about it if you are interested.
  14. @Carolmarie You can check to see if your CI audiologist has other Rondo 2 magnet strengths available if it turns out that 4 is too strong. Some CI audiologists have various magnet strengths available and others do not.
  15. I have also had to tell people that the reception is bad and ask if they can reposition the phone. It makes a huge difference.
  16. I’ve been thinking about how much we read articles and research describing how CI users perform in noise compared to acoustically hearing people. I think there is an area that gets overlooked. How less than ideal auditory signals impact us so much more than acoustically hearing people, even in quiet. I’m referring to poor cell phone connections, people using speaker phones on the other end and not actually talking in the phone’s direction, people talking on phones while their TVs are blaring away in the background, poor mic systems at conferences/theaters/schools, etc. Inferior auditory signals make understanding with CIs much more difficult. It impacts us way more than it impacts acoustically hearing people. What are your thoughts? Does anyone know of any research on this? @MED-EL Moderator Has Med-El conducted any research on this that you can share with us?
  17. As a Teacher of the Deaf, we encourage parents of young CI users to take listening walks and talk about the different sounds they hear. We also encourage listening walks in a new school to become familiar with the new sounds they will hear before things get crazy on the first day of school. Today I took a listening drive! It was finally time to replace my old car with a shiny new model. Wow tech in cars has really changed a lot in the past decade! This car has audible beep alerts and a crazy wild Apple Play system that includes maps, texts, songs, phone calls, music, etc. It is a great aural rehab vehicle! You can converse with Siri about any topic you wish while you drive. Ask for the weather, sports scores, etc. The sound from the stereo system is unbelievable. It was quite fun!
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