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    Mary Beth got a reaction from Joan in Speech to text LiveTranscribe combined with remote mic   
    Test them both out when you are surrounded by live voices.  Let us know what you think. 
    I see live speech to text helping many people on their journeys.  Especially between surgery and activation. Or if facing the process of a reimplantation.
    My CIs have given me such awesome hearing,  I am so very thankful.
    But I remember very well how I felt before getting my CIs.  So frustrated.  So isolated.  I am always trying to find ways to help people who are facing that situation.  
    Hopefully for many it is a temporary situation that can be helped by getting CIs.
    For some it is a permanent situation.

    And there is no right or wrong.  Smile.  We vary greatly in our personal preferences for assistive tech.  I always enjoy testing things out and reading what others report.
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    Mary Beth reacted to MED-EL Moderator in Med-El has a new blog on rehab help for adults!   
    Hi @Mary Beth, great to hear that you like it! Best, Verena
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    Mary Beth got a reaction from MED-EL Moderator in Med-El has a new blog on rehab help for adults!   
    @MED-EL Moderator
    Med-El released a third packet for adult aural rehab!
    I love it!  Thank you Med-El !
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    Mary Beth reacted to Dave in Pittsburgh in What was the last straw that pushed you to get a cochlear implant?   
    My wake up call was: I was in sales and had to do a lot of negotiating and contracts dealsI lost a deal that I shouldn’t have I had a very understandings sales Vice President who also wore hearing  aids as I did at the time and he suggested to me about seeing a audiologists that specializes in Cochlear Implants and see if I qualify which I did.I qualified. Best decision I’ve ever made next to going bilateral.
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    Mary Beth reacted to Marion nancy in Artone mic   
    Big shout to Mary Beth and Ats169 for all the tremendous assistance pairing my Artone mic
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    Mary Beth reacted to Marion nancy in Artone mic   
    @Mary Beth I took it outside on the stairwell and it paired asap.  I assuming it was picking up maybe the Rogers or the audiolink.  
    great to keep handy on me and will get a second loop.  Easy to travel with light and inexpensive 
    a Great BIG thank you
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    Mary Beth reacted to Tracey_66 in Hi I'm back!!   
    Well things have moved a pace!! Pre op tests moved forward for tomorrow!! If all goes well my operation will be on the 29th ,next Wednesday!!!! Eeeek!
    Just wonder what the tests are? As it seems I'm at the hospital from 9-5?
    I'm still trying to get my head round it all. Actually happening after a long wait.
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    Mary Beth reacted to ats169 in Artone mic   
    Make sure both loop and mic are charged. If following Mary Beth's instructions above still doesn't work, check for two things. 
    One, make sure you haven't hit the mute button on mic, and make sure the power switch on mic is on. 
    Two, after you push all the buttons for pairing, make sure to wait a good  ten seconds or so, it seems to be slow to pair. 
    Finally, one last tip. I was having general issues with all of it, no particular reason why. So I followed the manual's instructions on how to reset both the loop and mic: you plug the power cord in for three seconds (at the micro USB end) and then pull it out. I did it twice, once without the power end plugged into the wall and once with it plugged in. 
    After the reset, the pairing procedure "took."
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    Mary Beth reacted to Marion nancy in Artone mic   
    Sharing a wow day
    after playing bridge with the same partner for a year I said You have an American accent.  Says she” what now :  did you not know I am from New York  this was the first time I picked it up.  
    ps:  charging my neckloop will retry later
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    Mary Beth reacted to Marion nancy in Artone mic   
    Back to u tomorrow thx ever so much🥰
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    Mary Beth reacted to Dave in Pittsburgh in Research opportunity at Med-El North America   
    I am going to MEDEL  Durham,NC first week in June can’t wait.
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    Mary Beth got a reaction from Melissa in Awesome resource for tech just updated by Jeff Campagna   
    The biggest benefit of Roger for school use is its multiple mics which use beamforming and its adaptive mic technology that adjusts the gain based on environmental noise levels.  Technically, Roger is not an FM System since it uses a digital sub network connection but many people in schools still call it an FM since they are used to that terminology.
    I mention it because old FM technology was able to broadcast further and did not rely on line of sight.  Of course, the sound quality and mic technology is way better in Roger than the old FM.
    Roger Touchscreen Mic is the Cadillac in the Roger System for school use.  A terrific  Roger transmitter.
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    Mary Beth got a reaction from Valentin in Free PDFs from Mary Beth   
    Hi all!
    After attempting to upload PDFs here and finding out that most members can not open them, I decided to offer the PDFs a different way.
    If anyone is interested in any of the below PDFs, just shoot me an email and list which PDFs you would like to receive (please include the name(s) of the PDFs and not the numbers below).
    Email me at:
    The PDFs have QR codes so just aim your camera or QR code app at them to go to the websites.  This works best if you view the pdf on a different device or print it out.
    1) Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop review
    2) Artone TVB review
    3) Artone Mic review
    4) Stress free cellphone practice
    5) Streaming options for Rondo1 & Rondo2
    6) Tips for keeping the Sonnet on your ear (only if this is an issue for you)
    7) Separate left and right musical audio with Med-El processors
    8. Free online aural rehab practice
    9) Rondo 1 & Rondo 2 in waterwear
    10) Aural rehab that helped me on my CI journey

    Hope these help some people on their CI journeys.
    Wishing everyone the very best!
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    Mary Beth reacted to Cam in Bonebridge post-surgery advice   
    Hi all,
    sorry for the late reply!
    Yes the swelling has gone down and it is working perfectly. The bonebridge really helps me in picking up sounds and I am very pleased with the results.
    Although since the operation I have developed continuous tinnitus on the left side (opposite to the implant site which is on the right) which has occurred for the last 3 months - which is quite annoying. The medical team have done investigations and there is no sound being directly emmitted by the implant, so they are unsure what has triggered the sounds that I am hearing.
    Perhaps it was triggered as a result of surgery but perhaps not - it could just be a coincidence that I have developed tinnitus post-op. 
    Despite that I am enjoying the benefits that the bonebridge brings.
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    Mary Beth reacted to Rick H in New to hear peers & Choosing brands   
    Thanks Mary Beth, yes I’m enjoying it very much & am doing great. At my last doctors /Audi appointment they told me after 6 weeks of activation I was sitting where most people are at 6 months so I feel very fortunate for it to be working so well. Still waiting for the Sonnet2 to get here for the swap. I really can hardly wait to see how well does!😁
    I’ll  keep you posted
    Rick H
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    Mary Beth reacted to Ford in Research opportunity at Med-El North America   
    Great week. Josh and team are really warm and friendly and i felt really taken care of. Be prepared for some grueling testing which gets quite tiring ... but they are very mindful of not burning you out. I found the projects very interesting and relevant and they are happy to share as much technical detail of what they are doing as you can handle... So I definitely did not feel like a lab rat. Felt great to be able to contribute 😊
    I'll definitely go back next year.
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    Mary Beth reacted to Mary Featherston in A day in my life with CIs   
    Just this morning I was sitting in my manager's office - we were talking about a project we're working on that involves some of the people who sit in cubes outside his office.  Bob started speaking very quietly so that the others couldn't overhear and I was able to hear him well AND lower my own voice appropriately.
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    Mary Beth reacted to Mary Featherston in Research opportunity at Med-El North America   
    I'll be in Durham in late March - early April.  Looking forward to it!
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    Mary Beth got a reaction from Jewel in Awesome resource for tech just updated by Jeff Campagna   
    I have a Phonak pdf that does an excellent job of showing the various transmitters for adults.  If you message me your email, I will forward it to you.
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    Mary Beth got a reaction from Melissa in Ear Gear Retention Device & Air Vents on Battery Cover   
    Sone people use EarGear mini covers just to cover the Sonnet mic area.  Maybe they come with a tether option.
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    Mary Beth got a reaction from Melissa in Audiolink Questions   
    Most devices have an optional headphone jack accessory so we can plug in headphones if desired. The AudioLink will be able to be plugged into those headphone jacks.
    AudioLink is not supposed to be used on planes per Med-El.  That is true with all of those types of RF devices.
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    Mary Beth got a reaction from Jewel in Awesome resource for tech just updated by Jeff Campagna   
    Jeff Campagna works for Med-El US and has a Med-El CI.  He has presented my most favorite Med-El US event...  Hands On Hearing workshops.
    When Med-El US used to offer these wonderful and free workshops, Jeff and his team would teach about various Med-El accessories and various third party accessories that enable us to hear our best.  There was a very valuable hands on component to these workshops when Jeff and his team would work with the attendees and let the attendees try the devices.
    Oftentimes you would hear WOW!  or see tears of happiness as people discovered how well they could hear using these options.
    I attended 4 of these workshops (2 on two separate days).  Raleigh NC where @Angie and I got to meet in person.  Smile.  And NYC.  
    Such wonderful events that helped so many people.  I wish they were still offered.  There is definitely a need.
    Jeff updated his guides for using 
    A2DP converter app
    Roger Pen
    Roger Select
    Roger MyLink neckloop receiver
    Roger X and Roger 21 for Sonnet 1 & 2
    Here is the link
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    Mary Beth reacted to Angie in Awesome resource for tech just updated by Jeff Campagna   
    @Mary Beth,  Where’s the thumbs up button when you need it.  😂.  But how well I remember this event, having the chance to finally meet you in person.  I believe this May will make it four years ago.  Just wow!  Great meeting others as well. 
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    Mary Beth got a reaction from Melissa in AudioLink for Sonnets   
    $20 CozyPhones flat stereo headband speakers sound terrific and let me hear on both sides with my Rondos in true separate left/right stereo.  They are my go to option for my Rondos when I can not use the wonderfully easy Artone...which can be worn under a shirt and is tiny and light.  So for me with my Rondos.... Artone is first choice, CozyPhones is second choice (planes or need to plug into a headphone jack) and mini battery pack with red jack DAI cable is third choice.
    Things sound awesome with the mini battery pack and DAI red jack cable.  It just is more cumbersome.
    I like listening bilaterally always. (Except if I am training speech or speech in noise.)
    There is a bilateral red jack DAI cable which can plug into the left and right mini battery packs or plug into the left and right Sonnet FM battery cover with the Euro jack (3 holes).  There is also a unilateral red jack DAI cable.
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    Mary Beth reacted to DncTchr2 in A day in my life with CIs   
    Two more weeks until activation, but this made me smile...happy for you!  
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