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    Mary Beth got a reaction from Joan in Artone TVB. It is AWESOME!   
    After testing out the TVB with @Joan on her TV, I ordered one right away for my home.  It arrived and works great!

    With Joan’s TV there is no audio delay with the TVB connected via the red and white audio out jacks.  On my TV there was a slight audio delay when connected with the red and white audio out jacks.  So I connected the TVB via the optical audio out (cable included in the TVB box).  No audio delay!
    On the TVB there are two switches.  Keep one switch on TX (transmitter) so it sends the sound to our neckloops.
    The other switch depends on how we connect the TVB to the TV.  
    -If we use optical audio out, that switch needs to be set to SPDIF.
    -If we use the red and white audio out, that switch needs to be set to AUX.
    Once set up, we are good.  Set it and forget it.  Smile.
    As stated previously, the directions to pair the TVB to the neckloop are not clear.  But fortunately it is quite easy to do.  To pair the TVB to a neckloop.....
    FIRST make sure the neckloop will not automatically pair to a previous device (like your phone).  I turned on my neckloop, let it automatically pair to my previous device (phone) and then went to BT settings on my phone and told the phone to forget the Artone.  Then turn off the Artone neckloop.  Repeat if the neckloop will automatically pair to other previous devices (like your iPad).  If you are using a new neckloop, you just skip this step.  (I have several Artone neckloops because I love them!  So I have set one specific neckloop aside to use with the TVB.  A sticker easily marks which neckloop is for the TVB.  This makes things easy for me because each neckloop automatically pairs with the device I want to use it with.)
    SECOND Turn on the TVB by pressing and holding the button down for 2 seconds.  Blue blinking light will start.
    THIRD Hold your neckloop close to the TVB.  Press and hold the neckloop button UNTIL the alternating red and blue flashing lights start.  Let go of the button BUT keep the neckloop close to the TVB.  You will see the blue blinking light on the TVB start blinking slower.  Just stay close and be patient.  Several seconds later (longer than you might anticipate) the red and blue flashing lights on the neckloop will stop and the neckloop will begin blinking blue.  You are all set!
    So far for me, my neckloop pairs automatically every time I turn it on.  BUT it does take the neckloop moments longer to pair with the TVB than my phone.  If I just give it those moments, it connects automatically.  Joan needs to re-pair her neckloop each time.  So this may vary.
    We can change the volume while we are on MT (mix) or T (TVB only) two ways.  Our change in volume does not alter the volume of the TV for family/friends. It is our own personalized volume!
    1) Use the volume up/down controls on the Artone neckloop.
    2) Use our Fine Tuner volume controls.  (Remember to reset yourself later if you choose this option.)
    MUTE (3rd option to mute added)
    The mute function of the actual television WILL NOT mute sound through the TVB/neckloop set up. (So we can actually hear the TV perfectly fine while it is on MUTE for others.)  The pause button on the neckloop WILL NOT pause or mute sound through the TVB/neckloop set up.  BUT we do have three ways to mute sound while using the TVB/neckloop set up.
    1) Use the FineTuner to return to M
    2) Take off the neckloop
    3) Pause the TV
    Excellent sound quality.  No audio delay.  Works great as I move around and change rooms!
    This is a winner in my book.  
    @Hearing Again

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    Mary Beth got a reaction from Joan in Artone TVB. It is AWESOME!   
    You are welcome!  I can not tell you how cool it has been today to keep up with the game on TV even when cooking in the kitchen!  Sounds great!
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    Mary Beth reacted to Watersail in Artone TVB. It is AWESOME!   
    That is fantastic, thank you for the update!
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    Mary Beth reacted to Mary Featherston in After activation   
    Hi Nischal, three days is very early indeed.  Keep on listening and doing your rehab and your brain will sort it out.
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    Mary Beth reacted to SWS0107 in My activation   
    Such a beautiful story @Mary Beth I'm definitely going to listen to this at times when I'm losing hope from all that practice!
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    Mary Beth reacted to SWS0107 in Should I get second implant soon   
    I'm getting my second implant in January. Super excited!
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    Mary Beth reacted to Mary Featherston in Cats!!!   
    I'm lucky, neither of our current cats is interested in my CI stuff at all.  Though Spike did once eat a hearing aid - he was younger then. 
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    Mary Beth got a reaction from Nischal Koirala in My activation   
    @Nischal Koirala
    Everything sounded so weird at first for me too.  I tell my story in this captioned video.
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    Mary Beth reacted to Nischal Koirala in My activation   
    Hi guys I was just swithed on today.Sounds are very very wierd.I can't understand 70% sound.Small sounds are very disturbing and speech are also like robot voice.Very wierd.What was your experience then???Speech voices are very funny (I am implanted in one ear only)
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    Mary Beth reacted to Rick H in Cats!!!   
    @Mary Beth
    good advice on that one Mary Beth, one week after activation my Cat used my Rondo as a cat toy at night! I woke up having to search it down only to find out didn’t charge up before she found it! I was deaf for half a day that day! Lol
    Rick H
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    Mary Beth reacted to suzcohen in Roger DM connectivity with Sonnet   
    @Mary BethThanks for all these thoughts, Mary Beth!  Yes, the Roger 21 that works on his RIGHT CI side fails to work when moved to the LEFT CI side.  We completely replaced every component of the LEFT CI, including new speech processor.
    This morning, we just tried using the RECHARGEABLE battery on the LEFT CI and we were instantly able to connect the Roger Pen to the Roger 21 receiver on his LEFT implant.  A mom in Colorado had encountered the same issue.  After months of replacing the Roger 21 receivers, and then systematically changing out all component parts on the LEFT CI, it never occurred to me to that the disposable batteries were the problem.  Just speculating, but I wonder if some CI maps combined with the Roger DM require greater power input than the Sonnet's 2-battery disposable batteries are able to provide?  I will share this with our educational audiologist so she can go back to Phonak as they had no ideas for us on how to remedy our issue.  This could be an issue for other kids whose maps are very different between one CI and their contralateral CI.
    Thanks again for your support!  Suzanne
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    Mary Beth reacted to MaryGP in October, November, December 2019 surgery/activation   
    Hi everyone,
    Sorry for the delayed post, but here's the update.  I have decided to go with UNC-Chapel Hill - Dr. Kevin Brown (Ok, I really want to call him Kevin Bacon, but you know, he's my surgeon).  Anyway, my surgery is Thursday December 5 (ie - 4 days from now).  I am nervous.  I hate nausea. I think I may be getting pre-nausea sympathy pains for myself haha.  
    Also, I am vacillating between calling myself Jamie Summers the Bionic Woman, or a Cyborg (resistance is futile).  Anyone else deal with anxiety using humor???
    Joking aside, I would appreciate your prayers for a good surgery and easy recovery.  Thank you all for your encouragement and generosity of information here.  It has made my journey so much easier.
    I am still trying to decide to go with the med-el offer of 2 sonnets (as they will trade one up for the new update if I leave it in the package), or a Rondo and Sonnet -  not worrying about the upsale.  Any suggestions?
    @Rick H - thanks for the advice - UNC is 2 processors - as noted above .  
    @Mary Beth- thanks again for the encouragement and information.  You have been a god-send.
    I am now going to get a glass of wine, in case it is a month before I can enjoy it again.... that would be a crying shame...  
    Mary,  the bionic woman cyborg...
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    Mary Beth reacted to MaryGP in October, November, December 2019 surgery/activation   
    @Rick H
    Rick - thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement.  Great advice on getting a Rondo and waiting for the Sonnet2.  I have to wear safety glasses also, so that plays a factor.  It is encouraging to hear the positive feedback!
    Thanks again!!!
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    Mary Beth reacted to Rick H in October, November, December 2019 surgery/activation   
    Hi Mary 
    thats awesome that they are a 2 processor center! I don’t think you can go wrong with what ever you decide as far as 2 Sonnets or Rondo2/Sonnet2. The important thing is having a back up processor.  I’m still waiting for my Sonnet2 so All I have right now is my Rondo2 but I have to say I’m loving it!  The sound quality is great & I like that it charges overnight & lasts all day. It’s so small & discreet & at times I don’t even know I have it on. Also we wear safety glasses at work & it’s nice not having anything on my ear. All in all the Rondo2 is a great processor & though I don’t have any experience with the Sonnet2 yet it’s supposed to be even better! 
    I was nervous before my surgery too, that’s pretty normal but don’t worry, you will do great! Not that I have had a ton of surgeries but I’ve had a few & this one was  by far the easiest one with greatest benefit!!
    I’ve been activated for about one month now & I’m so impressed by how well the implant is working out. I expected everything to be so different but it’s not really. I could understand speech right away, & within 2 minutes could differentiate between my wife & audiologists voices & I was able to tell what songs were playing on the radio on the way home, though that was more difficult. I turned the closed captioning off on the TV right away & was surprised that I could watch TV the next day & hear perfectly what they were saying. I’ve had so many Wow moments in one month 😁!! The big one was actually being able join in the conversations at Thanksgiving with the relatives! My coworkers & family members say I’m like a different person!  Yesterday me & my wife watched the movie Bohemian Rapsody & I was just amazed at how well the music was coming acrossed. It was about a 8 out of 10 as far as how it used to sound! I couldn’t help but think how much I love this Medel implant & how I should’ve done this years ago! I’ve only had 2 mappings & I still have a long way to go but what a journey so far! 
    so its normal to be nervous,  but get excited Mary because this is going to give you back your life!! It’s that life changing! I can’t wait to hear how well you do! 
    I’m praying for you,  so best of luck to you & keep us posted! 
    Rick H
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    Mary Beth reacted to Valentin in ELECTRICIDAD ESTÁTICA   
    (english version below)..
    Soy usuario de Rondo (el procesador anterior a Rondo 2)  y he llevado gorro sin inconveniente. Lo que evito es ponerme o quitarme un sueter por ejemplo que es cuando se genera una electricidad estática mayor. Si haces la prueba, cuando te quitas una de esas prendas en la oscuridad, se observa un destello que no es otra cosa sino la electricidad estática que se genera. Esta podría dañar el procesador.
    Un gorro de lana no genera tanta "energía", pero al usar Rondo has de tener cuidado tanto al ponerlo como al quitarlo, porque si no se hace con cuidado, este saldrá despedido. Si se golpea con el suelo por ejemplo, se podría romper. La electricidad estática es un problema para los dispositivos eléctricos, pero no creo que un gorro dañe a Rondo.
    Por favor si estoy equivocado, que @MED-EL Moderator me corrija
    Hi Eva María
    I am a user of Rondo (previous version of Rondo 2) and I have worn a hat without inconvenience. What I avoid is putting on or taking off a sweater for example, which is when higher static electricity is generated. If you do the test, when you take off one of those garments in the dark, you see a flash (the static electricity that is generated). This may damage the processor.
    A wool cap does not generate as much "energy", but when using the processor you have to be careful both when putting it and removing it, because if it is not done carefully, it will be fired. If you hit the ground for example, it could break. Static electricity is a problem for electrical devices, but I don't think a cap will harm Rondo.
    Please, If it is wrong, @MED-EL Moderator, correct me.
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    Mary Beth reacted to MaryGP in I am thankful to Med-El for....   
    I am thankful for the open house at Med-El that I was able to attend 11/3.  I met Amanda Smith there - and she was kind and helpful, and really put me at ease.  I am very impressed with everything so far, which is comforting since my surgery is in 4 days
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    Mary Beth got a reaction from Salik in Rondo 2 mini battery pack   

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    Mary Beth reacted to Marlene in Voucher   
    @Mary Beththank you so much ☺️
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    Mary Beth reacted to Nischal Koirala in Experience upgrading from Rondo to Rondo 2   
    Thank you @Mary Beth
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    Mary Beth got a reaction from MED-EL Moderator in Med-El has a new blog on rehab help for adults!   
    @MED-EL Moderator released another new practice set for adults to use with a partner!
    i LOVE these resources for adults!  Thank you Med-El!  (And thanks for the link to adult articles!  So helpful!)
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    Mary Beth reacted to Dave in Pittsburgh in HearPeers US Pittsburgh group   
    Thank You
    Have a great Thanksgivin
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    Mary Beth reacted to Dave in Pittsburgh in HearPeers US Pittsburgh group   
    YES the handsome guy in the white sweatshirt 😇🤷‍♂️
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    Mary Beth reacted to Joan in Making sure we have a person to help if needed   
    @Mary Beth This is a great suggestion and the video was very much appreciated by my family. While I, too, hope it will never be needed, it’s certainly reassuring to know I’ll have help if I should  ever need it. Thanks very much!
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    Mary Beth reacted to Joan in Artone TVB. It is AWESOME!   
    The Artone TVB is a truly amazing piece of technology! Such incredible, clear sound from such a small (2.25”x2.25”), very lightweight and inexpensive device. I live in an apartment and there is absolutely no change in the sound quality no matter where I am within my apartment, including outside on my deck. In a word....wow!!
    Thank you so very much @Mary Beth for making me aware of this amazing device and helping me test it!
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    Mary Beth got a reaction from Jewel in AudioKey not pairing with sonnet 1   
    At the present time, the AudioKey app is not needed for AudioLink use with Sonnet 1 processors.  The app would allow Sonnet 1 users to access settings we presently use the FineTuner remote to access.
    We can use all features of the AudioLink with Sonnet 1 processors without the AudioKey app.
    However I hope you don’t encounter this problem.
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