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  1. Welcome to the community! I'm bilateral CI users - I primarily use the Rondo, but I also have the Sonnet and Opus 2 processors as well. I'm sure you will constantly find the journey to be very rewarding with lots of "Wow!" moments.
  2. Thanks ya'll. My husband contacted Med-El today just to be on the safe side and they assured us that it's okay. They told us just don't have the fitbit close to the processors for an extended amount of time. I guess that one woman who believe the fitbit may have caused her processor/implant to stop working is either incorrect about what caused it or it was some kind of weird incidence (I have no clue if she's a Med-El patient or not since I just read her post online).
  3. My husband just got me a fitbit charge 2 hr for my birthday. We are wondering if it's safe for cochlear implant users to wear fitbits. I've been wanting one for awhile now, and I didn't think about potential danger that may pose. I did read of one incident where a woman's implant stopped working after she wore her fitbit charge 2 hr. Is this a big risk for CI users?
  4. Welcome. I'm a bilateral CI user (right implanted in January 2015. Left implanted in June 2016). It's a wonderful, blessed journey! I hope you will experience great journey and experience lots of WOW! moments.
  5. I'm still waiting! It's awesome for you though - go bananas!
  6. Thanks Adam! I love being able to share my experience!
  7. Thanks Adam! I agree with you completely!
  8. My Rondo Microphone cover actually broke in half (not sure how). Med-El sent me a replacement cover and we follow the instructions on how to put it on. It would fall of from time to time. The last time it fell off, was at my Mapping last month. It actually turns out that the actual processor piece had a part that had broken off where the microphone cover goes (I have no clue how this happened because I try to take good care of all my processors). Med-El sent me a replacement processor since there was damage. :-) I love how Med-El really takes care of their customers. :-)
  9. Hi. Before my first implant surgery, I was deaf in my right ear (born deaf) and had no more than 10% of my hearing left in my left ear. I had my right ear implanted to see how it would work for me - and it (within a year) became my dominant ear. I had it implanted in January 2015. Last June, I moved forward and had my left ear implanted. Now, six months since Activation Day (my hearing - both together) is basically "normal" hearing now - I hear far better now than I have ever heard before! I hope your mother's journey is a success.
  10. Hi. My first implant was done on my deaf ear. My local ear, nose, throat specialist referred me to my surgeon office - it was a drive, but well worth it. I hope you find a clinic.
  11. Every time I make a phone call, I am beyond in awe at just how well I can hear on the phone! It's becoming more and more "natural" - I don't even have to try. Before my implants, I'm telling you I had already accepted the fact that I would never be able to hear well on the phone for the rest of my life. After the implants - WOW! It's amazing! Being able to listen to the radio, being able to hear things clear. Sorry, I just had to post this update because even at work I am hearing on the phone (okay, it's speaker phone we were using, but still). For anyone who is considering the cochlear
  12. I haven't changed mines. Well, my Rondo for the right side - the microphone cover keeps coming off. It was broken. Less than an hour ago, I received my second microphone cover replacement for this one Rondo. I don't know how the first one broke in half. I don't know how the second one broke. I am very careful with them. At least it's under warranty.
  13. I got my implants at Emory University Hospital - Midtown - in Atlanta, GA. It's good the hearing aid works for you. I hope it continues. :-)
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