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  1. Fantastic news guys. Can't wait to get connected and get back into the world of hearing again. x
  2. This may seem a silly question but how do u use a normal phone with the bonebridge? Do u hold it up to the processor?? X
  3. Good news is that I have the go ahead for the bonebridge on my deaf side and now just waiting for the private healthcare to authorise it or I will wait on the nhs! Very happy that something will finally be done! I also have mild otosclerosis in my good ear which I have known about and he states I could have one in there at a later date if I wanted too! Trying one first and v excited. The future is bright......the future is bionic
  4. Seeing the consultant this afternoon so finalise what to go with! Just need to make sure my blonde conduction is good enough for the Bonebridge and if it is I think this will be the way forward. Fingers crossed, everyone has been very encouraging x
  5. Thanks Duncan that's fantastic news! Everything is very positive and I think this will be the direction for me too! Please keep me updated with ur progress x
  6. I am looking to go through this process and woud love to know how you get on etc. How was the surgery etc. Did you have the option of a BAHA? If so what were your reasons to go with the Bonebridge. Good luck for processor fitting, how exciting. Thanks Alex ))
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