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  1. ayazhan84

    Ok I'm confused

    Hi, sorry for the late respond. was busy with kids. Yes, I'm in the US, and FDA has approved Sonnet, waterwear for the Rondo. I haven't used it yet, it is still packed in the box. I think I might need to order headband for the Rondo, and wear it in the gym.
  2. Hi Ivana, Thank you! I'm from San Francisco Bay Area. I don't feel any differences btw Rondo or Sonnet yet. Probably because I still can't recognize many sounds yet in both processors. Thank you! Mary I will try it.
  3. ayazhan84

    Ok I'm confused

    I received my Rondo along with waterwear on May 2015. Why isn't it available?
  4. I'm wearing Sonnet, the magnet #4 is the strongest available, and it is weak on my thick hair. I thought it could be swelling, but seems it it not, because I can clearly feel the implant under the skin. I never used Opus or anything else, so I cannot compare. I like Sonnet, it uses 2 batteries, it is very lightweight, but I'm wearing Ronto at the moment, because rondo has the string, which can be pinned to the hair, and prevent it from falling down.
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