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  1. My name is Suzee Upp-Haney, yes, two words...Upp like "up in the air" (nee) & Haney (married). I got my CI on May 8, 2015. I was not sure what I had been actually told prior to getting it. I had almost an 83% hearing loss. Dr. Isaacson said it was a birth defect. When the audiologist first activated it, I heard much more than they thought I would be able to hear. I wanted to scream and dance and shout all at once! It was amazing. BUT...there were drawbacks...I had not heard much for so long that noise made me physically ill. I persevered. I have recently had my second adjustment. I am
  2. Hi! My name is Suzee and I got my CI on May 8, 2015. What you heard when you got activated was 'normal' I'm guessing. after my second Adjustment just recently, I literally am walking on air!! i still hear sounds I can't yet ID but I have heard the leaves whisper in higher winds, I have heard cicadas (haven't for years), and I have heard my cats meow to me and each other!! I cried... I'm so happy i got my CI! How are you liking yours now? You have had it longer than me. My head still hurts and LOUD noises still hurt my ears, like I have an ear infection. But it has only been a little over a mon
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