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    I had my first surgery in April and was given a SONNET and two RONDO's. I chose Med El because I especially liked the RONDO because it did not require the processor to be hooked behind the ear. I was so tired of hearing aids. When I first got the activation I could not keep the RONDO on my head even with a number 4 magnet but now it is my main processor. I could not tell a difference in the sound between the RONDO and the SONNET. Maybe I need to investigate further. I do not hear 100% and the background noise is still an issue with me but since I only had 5% hearing in my right ear, havi
  2. Have an appointment to update my mapping on June 23rd. I will be asking my audiologist if she will special order the Level 5 magnet. If I don't need it later down the line that is great but I selected the RONDO for specific reasons. I researched a great deal before my surgery and was also thinking about the Nucleus 6 because it seemed to have some great features. Was not even interested in Med El products until I started reading about them.
  3. I tuck it under my hair. I even asked if it would be better to shave the area where the magnet is. No, was the answer because the the bristles of hair prevent closeness.
  4. I am joining today. I have already posted questions and received responses. Whow!
  5. Hello! I am new to the forum and have a question about the ability of the RONDO to stay on the head. I had my implant on April 28, 2015 and as of today, June 22 I cannot get the RONDO to stay on my head comfortably. I have the Level 4 magnet which is suppose to be the strongest (however it is my information that there is one stronger but needs to be special ordered). I have not experienced any itching from the Level 4 magnet (something I read would probably happen with the stronger magnet). I chose the RONDO for two reasons: 1. the electron probe was the longest available and would allo
  6. MontanaBabe

    Ok I'm confused

    I received an email just last week informing me that the WaterWear is now available for purchase in the US.
  7. I was implanted on April 28, 2015. I chose the RONDO for my processor. It is now June 22 and I am not able to use the RONDO with confidence. I have a Level 4 magnet which is suppose to be the very strong level. I can keep the RONDO on my head at home if I am very careful about how I walk and my actions cannot be quick or unexpected or the device falls off my head. It has been two months now so the swelling should have gone down by now. I am aware that there is actually a Level 5 magnet but it must be ordered special. I have read that if the magnet is too strong it causes an uncomfortabl
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