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  1. Hello dear @Mary Beth what’s different between Quattro or Artone3Max with AudioLink which one better? Still we are waiting for AudioLink in Middle East, everything you will connect wirelessly like Quattro or you need wire for transmitting from TV like RogerPen? Now, I’m using always Quattro but unfortunately wires always twisted and easy corrupted, also I have RogerPen but I’m not use it that much. However, I’m wondering if you have to RogerX in both processor it will work? Or it will connected only to one receiver? Regards Hameed
  2. If you have LG tv download LG TV plus application it’s available on AppStore & Google play. No need to use your original remote because it’s original application from LG but your TV should support WiFi to connect it to your router & your smartphone at the same time
  3. From your tv sound settings you can pair bluetooth, I have LG 49UH603V. I have Samsung also but there is no built-in bluetooth so I used ClearSounds QLink TV bluetooth streamer.
  4. Rarely there is lag time because it’s directly connected and both bluetooth 4.0
  5. iHM24

    AudioKey info

    Thank you dear @Mary Beth 🌺🙏🏻 I wish they release it soon with AudioLink because it will be useless for us who owned Sonnet. I thought it will be available in Middle East region and in my country (Bahrain) on next year! But I wish they release it earlier for us 🙏🏻
  6. iHM24

    AudioKey info

    Hello dear @MED-EL Moderator I have two iPhone one of them I’m using US AppStore and second one using my local country (Bahrain) AppStore. Both of them it’s showing unavailable in my country! Maybe in Bahrain will take time but anyone download it from US AppStore or still not released in US AppStore as well?! Best regards Hameed
  7. Google translate, iPhone built-in speak in the screen to unable this feature: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech. Choose any of the following: Speak Selection: To hear text you’ve selected, tap the Speak button. Speak Screen: To hear the entire screen, swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen. Highlight Content: iPhone can highlight words, sentences, or both as they’re spoken. You can change the highlight color and style. Typing Feedback: You can configure typing feedback for software and hardware keyboards and choose to have iPhone speak each character, entire words, auto-corrections, auto-capitalizations, and typing predictions. To hear typing predictions, you also need to go to Settings > General > Keyboards, then turn on Predictive. Voices: Choose a voice and dialect. To adjust the speaking rate, drag the Speaking Rate slider. However, Also this feature automatically built-in in iPhone keyboard you will see microphone icon in right down corner.
  8. I’m using Quattro 4.0 my LG tv have internal Bluetooth so I connected directly before I have Quattro QLink tv streaming bluetooth system now I’m use it only with old tv
  9. Will be much better and easier to change microphone cover without remove ear hock
  10. iHM24

    AudioKey info

    @Mary Beth hello dear still #AudioKey not released in US AppStore because I’m using US region but I thought it will be useless without #AudioLink for Sonnet users!
  11. How many hours usually till you will recharge them? I’m using Quattro Pro neckloop from ClearSounds and the charge will take maximum 8h like that I’m keeping all batteries ready 😉
  12. iHM24

    AudioKey info

    @MED-EL Moderator my dear in which country AudioKey now available in AppStore ?
  13. iHM24

    AudioKey info

    AudioKey ready for download from website for iPhone but I cannot downloaded it! Anyone download it?
  14. I’m happy to hear that dear @Mary Featherston . Enjoy your shopping
  15. You’re welcome dear @Mary Featherston
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