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    iHM24 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Noisy sound   
    Thanks for advised ūüôŹūüŹĽūüĆļ
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    iHM24 reacted to Mary Beth in Artone 3 Max   
    It is an incredible piece of tech With great sound quality and the price is so much lower than other options.
    @Jewel Were you using your Sonnet or Rondo 2?
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    iHM24 reacted to Jewel in Artone 3 Max   
    I am so happy I found this forum and found out about the Artone. I use it often at work. In the past week I have held several calls over the computer with people overseas. I make out about 98% of what is said when I use the Artone! I love it! 
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    iHM24 reacted to Mary Beth in Artone 3 Max   
    Super!  Enjoy listening!
    I agree that the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop is way better than the Quattro.  After I tried the Artone, I gave my Quattro neckloops away and never looked back.
    I have two Artone neckloops so one is always charged and ready to go when a battery runs out.
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    iHM24 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Artone 3 Max   
    What an amazing sounds
    I use it with my LG built in bluetooth sounds quality so much better that Quattro, I watch movies, hearing musics on iPhone and youtube. Using iPhone but still I didn’t try to check calling sound quality but I’m sure it will be great.
    I love it ūü•į¬†
    Thanks again @Mary Beth ūüôŹūüŹĽūüĆļ
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    iHM24 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Artone 3 Max   
    I’m so interesting to use Artone 3 Max for first time finally it’s arrived to Bahrain I purchased it online from Amazon because of advised from @Mary Beth
    Thanks dear @Mary Beth
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    iHM24 reacted to Mary Beth in Comparison of Rondo 2 versus Sonnet   
    Rondo 2 has a built in rechargeable battery.  People are reporting very long battery life.  Some people have reported 20-21 hours.
    There is an optional remote battery pack but that is corded to the Rondo 2.
    The Rondo 2 can also be powered up for less than a full 4 hour charge cycle if needed.
    I am interested in the battery life of Rondo 2 also over time.
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    iHM24 reacted to Mary Beth in App as remote versus app as streaming access   
    I am excited to see the new AudioKey app from Med-El that will function as a remote plus a find my processor tool.
    Right now it seems that although Sonnet 2 communicates directly with the app versus Sonnet 1 which connects with the app via the AudioLink, the functionality of the app is the same with Sonnet 1 & 2.
    That direct connection for Sonnet 2 hopefully will open up direct streaming of all audio in the future.  I hope true left and right stereo for music is preserved.  After decades of hearing music with only one ear, I am hooked on true stereo sound.
    Exciting times ahead for sure!
    Thanks Med-El!
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    iHM24 reacted to Mary Beth in If upgrading from Sonnet 1 to Sonnet 2   
    The Sonnet swap program in the US is only for new surgery kits.  Those of us already using Sonnet1, cannot swap.  We must purchase Sonnet 2 ourselves or when our individual insurance will approve it.
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    iHM24 reacted to Mary Beth in AudioLink is FCC approved!   
    Sonnet 1 works with AudioLink. I am looking forward to it.  Most connections will require a cable to the AudioLink from the sound source for best sound quality though.  Similar to Roger.
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    iHM24 reacted to Mary Beth in Fine Tuner Echo   
    Only from Med-El I believe.  I read that in the US, release is expected in fall.
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    iHM24 reacted to Mary Beth in US new Sonnet (surgery) kit swap option   
    @Dave in Pittsburgh
    LOL. ¬†Us older wiser CI people can at least buy the AudioLink for our Sonnet 1 processors! ¬†ūüė䬆
    I wonder how much it will cost?
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    iHM24 reacted to Mary Beth in Bilateral implanted   
    I wonder if D-coil Synchrony magnet strengths stop at 4 triangles still or if a 5 triangle option was added?
    Let’s ask @MED-EL Moderator.
    I use D-coils with my OPUS2 processors and have no trouble with the Synchrony side but it uses a stronger magnet strength than my Concerto side.
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    iHM24 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Bilateral implanted   
    Absolutely, huge difference we’re not live in sound booth in our life we need 2 CI because of it’s advantages for people who lost hearing due to illness, deafness, accident or whatever they will noticed the difference by hearing from one side so really I recommend it if possible to do both sides and I wish WHO and countries help people by applying new programs for free or at least take care and more responsibility for people who are fit for CI.
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    iHM24 reacted to Mary Beth in Bilateral implanted   
    Nice to see you here again Hameed and congratulations on your second CI!  @iHM24
    Two CIs are so much better than 1 CI.  I wish everyone who wanted 2 CIs could get the second one.  When they test us in a sound booth, they do not see the real life huge benefits of having 2 CIs versus 1 CI.  But we do not live in sound booths!  
    Enjoy all the new benefits with your second CI.  It is amazing.
    I have one internal Concerto (right side) and one internal Synchrony (left side) so I also have to pay attention to magnets marked by circles for the Concerto side and magnets marked by triangles for the Synchrony side.
    I know exactly what you mean about the way these different magnet types adhere on our heads.
    The Concerto magnets attract and center themselves over the internal magnets automatically.  
    The Synchrony magnets attract but don’t always center themselves over the internal magnets correctly.  This can be helped by increasing the magnet strength if our audiologists think that is wise.  It can also be helped by a 360 degree rotation with the coil attached.  Ask your audiologist about that.  (The Rondo 2 manual describes this maneuver differently so I’m not sure if Med-El changed their recommendation about that.)
    But there is also the possibility that your Synchrony magnet will adhere better after all internal swelling is resolved.
    We have 9 options for Synchrony magnet strength with the DL-coil.  Our audiologists help us determine which is best.
    strength 1 locked in - position
    strength 1 locked in + position
    strength 2 locked in - position
    strength 2 locked in + position
    strength 3 locked in - position
    strength 3 locked in + position
    strength 4 locked in - position
    strength 4 locked in + position
    strength 5 locked in + position (strength 5 must be locked in the + position)
    Depending on our magnet strength, we use either the low DL-coil cover or the high DL-coil cover).
    I hope your bilateral journey goes great!
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    iHM24 reacted to Mary Beth in Preferred ways of listening to sound sources with Sonnets   
    Hi Hameed,
    Tech is always so interesting to discuss because we all have our favorite tech and it differs from person to person.  I look forward to hearing what you think of the Roger System when you test it out for things other than phone calls.  It has a great sound quality for speech.  It is line of sight when used outdoors.  Inside, the signal will bounce off the walls and line of sight is not as apparent.
    Always great to see you posting here.
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    iHM24 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Preferred ways of listening to sound sources with Sonnets   
    Dear @Mary Beth
    An amazing article, I used on my Sonnet Quattro 4.0 it’s perfect for me because I can connected with Quattro Microphone so I can hear from long distance or in conference room is working perfectly. 
    I have roger pen as well but still I didn’t use it with my Sonnet yet, maybe I will try to use it this week and I will see the difference.
    Previously when I was roger pen I can hear nicely via mobile but unfortunately second person inform me always there is noisy sound and they prefer I used Quattro 4.0 rather than roger pen.
     Thank you 
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    iHM24 reacted to Jdashiell in Sonnet   
    Getting back to your question 
    what do you think about kits I received with Sonnet?
    I received my first kit with Sonnet and Rondo with a 6month supply of disposable batteries a D-Coil for Sonnet.  A few months later I received a letter from MedEl that I would be receiving rechargeable batteries. 
    A year went by from my first surgery when I had  my left ear  implant and then activated a few weeks later. Then I received a kit with another Sonnet/Rondo but with a DL-coil. A also received a rechargeable batteries kit for both sides, 6 regular (3 for each side) and two chargers 
    i prefer the rechargeable batteries for ecology reasons. I like the two microphone features of the Sonnet. I also like the D-Coil R and DL-Coil L differences as it aids in remembering which goes in which ear!
    i have a ways to go before I need to upgrade, and am looking forward to seeing what MedEl gas to offer in the years ahead.
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    iHM24 reacted to Mary Beth in Preferred ways of listening to sound sources with Sonnets   
    I was asked about various tech options in an email and thought it may be nice to read other people’s preferences as well.  Here is how I use tech with my Sonnet to listen to sound sources.  What do you prefer?
    I had used the Quattro 4 everyday until I tried the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop and then I NEVER used the Quattro 4 again!  The Artone 3 MAX sounds so much better, is so much smaller and lighter and has worked without any problems.  So I use the Artone 3 MAX to stream music, audiobooks, podcasts, etc.  I go on T and hear only the streamed sounds.  I have it on right now as I am going to stream music in a moment.
    The FM battery cover and DAI cable sound good to me but it just is not practical.  I have to be plugged into the sound source and that cable is so stiff as I move my head it pulls the Sonnets off of my ears. So I NEVER use the FM cover and DAI cable set up.
    I have access to the Roger System.  It sounds great for speech.  But I can hear speech fine without it.  Even in classrooms and lectures, so I do not need to use it for that.  I listen on phones by holding the phone over the Sonnet mic.  So I don’t need Roger for phone calls.  Roger can not give 100/0 (only sound source) with Med-El when using the Roger 21 receivers because Med-El does not allow our audiologists to set a mixing ratio.  So we are stuck on 50/50.  That means that you can use the mini cable to plug the Roger into your sound source to stream music (since Roger is BT for phone calls ONLY) but you will still hear all the sounds in your environment too.  I don’t like that.  So for me, I do not find the Roger helpful in my daily life.  
    Best audio tech for being bilateral is BOSE QC35 BT noise canceling headphones.  Beyond fabulous!
    Enjoy playing with tech.  Everyone is different.  You will learn what works best for you.

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    iHM24 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Sonnet accessories   
    Prices in Bahrain 
    66$ Sonnet Battery Cover
    20$ Sonnet Microphone Cover
    First prices I published was an Inadvertent mistake from quotation sent by our local agent.
    So when I contacted them they discovered that prices incorrect so they sent the new prices which I post it at beginning of this article.
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    iHM24 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Sonnet accessories   
    Dear @Mary Beth
    in Bahrain, we got free batteries, cables, coil and also microphone cover but only original color (anhatrcite)  if necessary to change free of charge from government hospital but if you want to purchase accessories different colors that you should purchase it from agent.
    However, I contact our agent they sent for me wrong quotation so I can order them from our local agent because almost similar to prices in USA.
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    iHM24 reacted to Mary Beth in Sonnet accessories   
    I agree @Jdashiell, that in the US the best way to purchase items is through our CSRs at Med-El.  In some cases, our insurances may cover some of the expenses.
    @iHM24 is not from the US so the UK store may be a good option.
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    iHM24 reacted to Mary Beth in Maestro and Synchrony   
    There are differences between the internal Synchrony and internal Concert.  One is the magnet design which allows different strength MRI testing.  Another is that the Synchrony internal magnet can be removed for MRIs of the head which would encounter artifacts by leaving the magnet in during the MRI test.
    There are other differences......I read something about the number of electrodes that can be fired in parallel, etc....but to my knowledge those differences are for future processing strategies that Med-El has not yet released anywhere.  So I guess we can think of it as the Synchrony has the ability to do some things that will be coming in the future that the Concert does not have.
    As a user of one Concert and one Synchrony......no differences in perceived sound quality at all.  I just need to keep the magnets right since they require different kinds of external magnets in the coils and Rondo (Concert magnets are marked with circles and Synchrony magnets are marked with triangles).  And since I have one of each, I must follow the MRI rules for the Concert.
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    iHM24 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Sonnet vs Rondo   
    @Mary Beth
    Nice comparison dear Mary
    I have both Sonnet & Rondo
    I like Rondo you can hide it under your hair but when I use my Quattro 4.0 built in telecoil I thought weaker than Sonnet so you need to adjust Rondo will specially when you hold your cellphone near Rondo.
    Sonnet with Quattro much better sound but unfortunately 2 batteries will let you use it for 30 hours but in Rondo you will use 3 batteries for 4-5 days!!
    each one of them have an advantage.
    But when you wear it for sleep I prefer Sonnet rather than Rondo.
    I’m implanted only one side maybe in future I will think to implant left side.
     Thank you dear @Mary Beth
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    iHM24 reacted to Mary Beth in Maestro and Synchrony   
    No need for apologies.  We are not Med-El employees (except for the admin).  We are Med-El users who help each other.
    I agree that the Maestro term is used in more than one way on Med-El's website.
    It may be easier to get the names of the internal component and external processor that your center is considering for you.  Then those of us using the same tech, can share our experiences.
    For me:
    Right Concert implant with medium electrode array
    Left Synchrony implant with Flex28 electrode array
    I have Sonnet, Rondo and Opus2 processors.
    They are amazing!
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