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    Well, it's been 2 years since my implant and I thought I would share some WOW moments of my journey with newbies, those contemplating a CI and my fantastic Hearpeers support group. Don't get me wrong, there are frustrating, irritating moments too but the journey is well worth taking. It's taken two years but now I can hear TV and it's a way to improve your listening skills, even with the annoying background music. I can carry on a conversation with someone while driving and not have to turn to read lips or say "Pardon me, what did you say?" I no longer look for excuses to avoid family and friends get- togethers. I no longer need to let people know I can't hear, because I can. And the biggest of all is when someone says "Wow, you can hear so well"
    My suggestions: take little steps, put yourself out there, challenge yourself each day. And follow the 3Ps - practice, patience and perseverance! It works, I'm living proof! Celebrate your victories and when you need a break from hearing too much and are overwhelmed, turn it off and relax. We have the best of both worlds! Thank you everyone for your insight, encouragement and being an inspiration!
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