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  1. I found the Rondo has better sound qualities that the Opus2, but, I have also had more problems with the Opus2.
  2. I have had the same problem since I got them. I am having to purchase the new Sonnet because I work outside and they both shut-down when I begin to sweat. Can't hear, can't work. Music sounds awful and voices are still mechanical, gravely sounding. Babies crying hurts my ears Very poor workmanship in the design knowing moisture destroys them. Very disappointed.
  3. Ear Gear acts as a wick and only soaks up the moisture and keeps it tight around your processor. You may as well drop your processor in a glass of water. You want to keep moisture "away" from the device, not wrapped around it. My experience is Ear Gear doesn't work and is a waste of money. Wrapping self-stick gauze around it works much better, but not completely. This the flaw in Med El's design. Poor workmanship.
  4. Med Ell will say that there is nothing wrong with you device. Been there, done that.
  5. I am forced to buy the Sonnet because OPUS 2 cannot handle any moisture at all! I work outside. Anyone in that has worn any hearing aid knows that moisture will destroy it. Ironically, Med El can make someone that cannot hear, hear again or for the first time due to technological advances. The only problem is that they were unable to create a water-tight fit to protect the device. Now, this is not "rocket science". This is poor workmanship. As much as these devices cost they should be sealed from external corrosion. Now I have to buy an upgrade, which I was told was in the works when I
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