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  1. Thank you all for the feedback. I have been looking around for some more information on the next day turn on, so I appreciate the links Mary Beth. It will be a long two month wait for surgery, but it should also go really fast. In the mean time, if anyone sees any information related to next day activations, please let me know.
  2. I am actually in North Dakota. My experience at Mayo has been great. I am really curious how the day after turn on will work. Hopefully it will go well. I would love to hear from someone that experienced that. I searched the forum and was not able to find a discussion on that topic.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I have a sonnet (and Rondo that I don't wear). I plan to get the sonnet 2 and will look into upgrading the other in December after my five year anniversary. I was surprised to find out they do day after activations now. I guess I need to keep up to date.
  4. Hello all: I am scheduled for my second implant in July at Mayo in Rochester. I had a great experience with the first one and am looking forward to this one. I have a question for the group. Has anyone had their implant "turned on" the day after surgery? For my first one it was three or four weeks later that I received the processor and was turned on. If you have, how was that experience?
  5. Yes, I did have my stapes bone replaced about 2 1/2 years ago. I did have some hearing, but my testing for that ear came in at 19% with optimized hearing aids in place. From what I have read, it does sound like I am dealing with tinnitus, I just wasn't sure if that was it or not. I must be getting used to it since I did sleep much better last night. Thanks for the input. Looking forward to 12/1/15 activation... Steve
  6. Hello all: I have lurked here a bit as my scheduled implantation date neared. Lots of great information. I was implanted on 11/10/15 and made it through that process very well compared to my previous middle ear surgery to replace my Stapes bone. I came out of that extremely dizzy and with considerable facial palsy from the facial nerve being damaged. Needless to say I was pretty nervous about that getting worse. I was very happy to come out of implantation surgery with neither of those issues. My question for the group is whether others have experienced what I can only describe as a rushing air or white noise kind of sound in my implanted ear. It isn't really a problem except when I am trying to get to sleep. It is hard not to focus on that "sound". I would love to hear if anyone has any thoughts on this as I "patiently" wait for my activation on 12/1/15. Steve
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