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  1. dsmerritt

    Switch on

    Hi Ivana Yes the sound is muffled in my good ear. I also feel like I am in a bubble. It is really weird to explain. I am looking forward to going back to the audiologist to play around with the programs. At this stage I only have the Amade as the Samba is not available in Australia yet. I do get to upgrade when it is okayed by the government though which is exciting. With the Amade I only have the 3 settings. The 'meeting' setting is really good and I tend to use that the most as I don't have all the white noise in the background. I haven't figured out what the 'music' setting does for me just yet - perhaps amplify the sound a bit more. It is very exciting but I find I get super overwhelmed with noise and have to take it off. Especially in the morning on the way to work with so many sounds, people, screeching tyres etc. I didn't expect miracles and so far it is what I expected but I look forward to when it becomes a bit more 'normal' for me - both sound wise and routine wise.
  2. dsmerritt

    Switch on

    I have microtia and altresia in the left ear, so have never had hearing on that side.
  3. dsmerritt

    Switch on

    Well finally, after a lot of stuffed up appointments, it has been switched on! Wow wow wow. It is absolutely bizarre. I don't go back to my audiologist for a few weeks, but I was hoping that someone here may be able to answer my question. While I can now hear on my left side, when I am on program 1 I feel like all sound is channelled through that side, and its almost like my good ear has cotton wool stuffed in it. Is this a normal feeling and will subside as I get used to it? I find 'meeting' program so much better as I don't have the constant 'white noise' and that also helps the whole cotton wool in the ear feeling. Is this all normal?
  4. Hi Matt! I'm in Perth. No idea activation day yet. I guess I won't find out till my checkup on the 5th Jan :-)
  5. Thanks Ivana. It says that 'anterior to sigmoid bone removed - posterior scc may have been bluelined, no exposure' and 'posterior semicircle canal ? Bluelined' All mambo jambo to me hahaha
  6. Good luck on the 30th Ross! My pain is still hanging around but I expect that is due to some of the complications they faced getting it in place. It's nice and discreet though which I like. Each day I feel better but looking forward to complete recovery. Ivana do you know what they would be referring to when they talk about bluelined re the surgery? It's mentioned in my notes but no idea what it means! Cheers Darrelle
  7. Well I took the plunge and got implanted yesterday. To be honest I almost walked out of theatre as I was petrified, but stuck with it. Apparently they had lots of issues with the implant due to the skin graft from my previous ear reconstruction surgery but it's in place so the ENT is happy. Pain is kind of under control so feeling more positive now :-) Will keep you updated with my journey! Thanks for your support so far.
  8. That is great news! Glad it went smoothly and he has recovered well.
  9. All the best with the surgery! I am scheduled to get a bonebridge on 18 December. Keep us up to date with his progress.
  10. I love that everyone is so willing to share their knowledge and experience on this forum. I really appreciate the feedback.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! Since it is so close to Christmas anyway, I might just take the following week off.
  12. Well I have finally been given a date for my bonebridge implant - 18 Dec. Very excited. I haven't been given any information on recovery time after the implant, ie how much time off work. Anyone have any suggestions on how much leave, if any, I should take?
  13. Good luck with the switch on! I am interested in your journey as I am about to embark on the same one.
  14. I've signed up for a Bonebridge! Super excited. Now to play the waiting game for when the surgery will be :-)
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