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    I want to buy my first battery pack because I got only 12 batteries in my set (power one implant plus p675). Hadron, I read your review and it seems that zinc-Air batteries last longer. So do you think I should get zinc-air batteries instead of silver-oxide[* Edit]? I read this article: http://www.medel.com/blog/batteries-use-cochlear-implant/ and they are saying too that zinc-air batteries can last longer, but it's hard for me to say anything basing on my own experience since I'm still on my first two batteries (since monday 12 October)...

    In my shop I found these batteries advertised as most powerful, but there are also cheaper versions.

    * edit: sorry, power one are also zinc-air batteries. And in Sonnet manual they write I should only use zinc-air batteries, OK, so problem solved.
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