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  1. Yes I do have a D coil and DL coil. I prefer the D coil. I find the DL coil and the Synchrony implant with the spinning magnet doesn’t grab onto the right spot all the time. I have to fiddle with it more.
  2. Lozenges. Something to suck on. Or an anti inflammatory might be helpful. Of course seek advice form the CI surgeon but this is back pocket info.
  3. Yes that’s me. Since health care here is provincial you would have to go with that first for sure.
  4. Hi folks! Kara bilateral: first side three years, and the new side nine months Toronto, Canada
  5. Yes I am currently enrolled in a bilateral study in Toronto Canada. The hopital is SunnyBrook Health Sciences Centre
  6. Wow! Welcome @Vera I really enjoyed the videos as well. I especially enjoyed the fact that your CI centre gave you so much info at the first session with activation. We don’t ge that here. So if it wasn’t for this forum I would have been lost as to where to start.
  7. Well @Jewel you are doing amazing and making great progress! I had the same issue with the landline in T. So I don’t use T for phones of any kind. I am also training in noise here days. Not as fun but worthwhile not the less. Have you tried on I and adaptive yet?
  8. Hi I use the rechargeables with the water wear. Then I put them in my Med El headband ans wear them like that. I use Sonnets. No leaking issues or issues with them falling off.
  9. As far as I know it’s a hospital to hospital basis. Since the hospital I go to is a research and teaching facility it is a very limited position. I was very up front about my need to have a second CI. I appealed to the hospital CI team. They approved me. Not sure how many people are in this study as they just did a renovation for testing labs for reasearch purposes. So it’s a new and upcoming thing I think. Hopefully it will change the opinion of one versus two CIs for the general public.
  10. I noticed an article stating Adhear is available in Canada!
  11. So Canada, well Ontario to be specific. We adults get one implant covered by our health care system. Children get two. We are given one processor and a five year warranty on all parts except the rechargeable battery charger. After that we pay out of pocket for upgrades and parts etc. I’m not sure how that works for kids. Each province here has their own standards.
  12. That’s what she said. I told her you were a teacher of the deaf. And she described you. At a conference or something.
  13. Funny you say that! That’s the truth! Mine has claimed to have met you!!
  14. Thanks @Mary Beth she did say to alternate as well.
  15. Well these are good tips, but I need specific settings. SO it has to be direct for one ear like with the neckloop and for the other ear background noise like tv and radio. I am bilateral and Audi wants me to train this way to get my brain to block out the background noise.
  16. I was told to use the neckloop for direct streaming, and have the tv or radio going in the background for the other ear.
  17. So here’s a new one. I was testing for loudness in the electrodes. I noticed that the pitch changed as she increased the volume. She said that it’s because sometimes the electrode array is close to the canal and stimulates more than one hair cell! Was strange for me. But overall still progressing. Ear one was a bit behind so we remapped that too. Told to train my ears with background noise now. That will be tricky! But new!! So forward we go!!
  18. I don’t use anything to hold the processor on. As you can see in my pics above.
  19. I love the crunching leaves as well. I’m quite surprised how loud they sound.
  20. It’s so definitely come a long way! I love this community!
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