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  1. I joined in 2015 when I received my first CI. Getting my 2nd one in January 2021. Excited. I understand there’s wonderful Rehab lessons now. Looking forward to using them
  2. Hello Heer Peers Peeps! I was active in this site after my first implant in Dec 2015. I drifted away (don’t remember why) and now I am glad to be back..
  3. Best of luck to you. May all go well. Elaine
  4. Sandy, How many mappings did it take before you started this program? Elaine
  5. Yes, we have a great group here! Ivana helped me with my eye infection I received after my surgery. If it wasn't for her advice, who knows how long I would've had that infection. Thanks again!
  6. Nikki, I received a CI. At this writing, I received 2 mappings (early stages). I train every day and I have seen improvement, but I will get to a certain level that I cannot pass, so I must practice at another level or train with another application. This group recommended AB Clix software which was easier than the higher levels of Angel Sound. Later on, I went back to Angel Sounds and passed the harder level. I think this is where the 3P's come in! Elaine
  7. Kara and Mary Beth, Wow Ladies, I am impressed. It was my understanding that I could not hear with just one CI - ever - and no HA, but I see that it can be done. Thanks for the info! Elaine
  8. Mary Beth, Can I ask how long did you waited to try a full day with only your CI? I can't hear well at all with just my CI. Elaine
  9. Nikki, I wanted to add, that my tinnitus (not as annoying as yours) has quieted down since I received my sound processor. I wear it 14 + hours a day. Now I don't hear it anymore. Hoping you get the same results. Elaine
  10. Hi Niki, Glad you are feeling better! Yes, every one's experiences are different. I had my 2nd mapping and there are days I go 5 steps ahead and 1 back. But there are other days I do well. You will too, but I does take work. So get ready for your second job - listening training Activation Day will be coming up Elaine
  11. hi Nikki, Welcome to Hear Peers. I got implanted 12/22/15. I needed a week to feel normal. The first week after surgery can be a little rough, so rest up. Glad the surgery went well for you. Activation day will be here soon! Elaine
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