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  1. Hi Ivana, the surgeons think the damage to the sigmoid sinus done may be irreversible. There was discussion about lifting the implant but there was no mention of that in the report sent to my doctor or the quote for surgery. I am in the process of writing to the surgeon for clarification. I never had history of any type of tinnitus prior to the surgery however it was present immediately following the surgery.
  2. It has been more than 12 months since my last post. I am enjoying the level of improvement in my hearing but still struggling with the pulsatile tinnitus. Two ENTs agree that the tinnitus is caused by pressure on the sigmoid sinus from the implant and one has suggested removing the implant. Both ENTs have said there is no guarantee that the tinnitus will go if the implant is removed so I will be worse off than before the implant. Less hearing and still having to endure the tinnitus. I would still recommend the procedure to anyone who asks but advise to choose their surgeon very carefully.
  3. Hi Ivana, Erik is no longer a moderator so I sent a message to the new one. Still waiting to hear from him. My doctor referred me for some tinnitus counselling however the focus of the counselling was on meditation and sound therapy that I did not find helpful for my pulsatile tinnitus. Still not getting much sleep but trying to focus on the hearing experience and coping as best I can with the thumping in my ear.
  4. Hi Adam, I have now had my implant for six months and it is great experiencing new sounds. I am still struggling with some post implant issues though so I went and got a second opinion. Unfortunately it appears that I may be stuck with these problems. The ENT I saw advised he was not prepared to do anything and that I needed to return to the ENT who performed the procedure for an attempt at correcting the problems. An ultrasound scan shows that the right mastoid antrum is opaque (and the left one is not). The ENT also said that where the implant has been placed it is pressing on the
  5. Hi Ivana, I tried the nose drops and no change to the pulsatile tinnitus. I have been told it is a result of the way the implant was sited and I will have to live with it. I don't give up that easily so I will go and see another ENT.
  6. Hi Ivana, I suffer chronic ear infection in my left ear and only occasional ear infection in my right ear. I have the pulsatile tinnitus only on the right side. The surgery for the implant took just over four hours and there was no other surgery performed at that time. It was meant to be a simple mastoidectomy and bone conduction implant. I am finding it difficult to get a consistent response from my surgeon and when I last saw him he did not know what was causing the pulsing in my right ear and had no explanation for any of my problems. It was the aufiologist I see for regular check-
  7. Hi Ivana, yes, that is close to what the pulsatile tinnitus sounds like. It started immediately after the surgery. Sometimes it is extremely loud and worst at night when I am laying down and trying to sleep. If I press on the jugular, the sound stops but obviously this is not a long term solution. Most of my ear inflammation is in my left ear and I have not had a cold for many years (pretty fit and healthy despite my obsession with chocolate). I don't get hay fever either. My right ear does feel blocked though. The audiologist said she would present my case at the next committee mee
  8. Greetings, the past month has been a busy one full of lots of exciting hearing experiences. I am back at work and hearing so many more sounds. My manager stood up to talk to me the other day and I had a small panic attack because I couldn't see her mouth (to read her lips) but I needn't have worried because I could actually hear her. Such a relief. I have had the magnet strength adjusted in the processor and I can now wear it for the whole day. On the negative side. I have been advised that my implant will never sit flat owing to the way it was inserted. All of it noticeably protrud
  9. Shopping is a much easier experience now. I don't have to constantly ask people to repeat themselves. I go back to work tomorrow so that will be interesting - it is an open plan work place. I have turned down the volume in my car radio, the television and stereo. I love being able to hear all these sounds I didn't know existed and the realisation that I am quite a noisy person. I had an appointment with the surgeon this afternoon. He didn't really have many answers for me and couldn't really explain why I now have more hearing loss in my right ear. He said the swelling may go down a
  10. Yay - switch on went well. It is amazing how much more I can hear now. I had no idea I was so noisy. The audio and Med-el rep are both concerned about the swelling behind my ear so we are all keeping a watch on it. My ear still feels blocked and numb but not as much as last week so I am sure the swelling will also dissipate over time. The processor is small and discreet and completely unnoticeable under my hair. Looking forward to going to the shops and actually hearing what the sales assistants are saying. Usually I don't make eye contact so that I don't have to talk to them. Today wi
  11. Switch on is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Excited. Feeling better than last week however I still have pain and swelling behind my ear. What hearing I had in that ear has not returned yet either. I hope this won't delay switch-on as I am sure it will resolve eventually.
  12. There were complications and I was in surgery for over four hours however everything in my ear was intact prior to this. The surgeon was suggesting he remove the implant if it did not settle down soon. My switch-on date is 25 November so I have just over a week for everything to heal and the swelling to resolve. Fingers crossed.
  13. Hi Ivana, Feeling better today although still cannot hear from my right ear. Yes, I saw the implant and I was expecting some swelling but not quite so large as what is there. When I discussed the issues with the specialist he simply said he would remove it if it continued to be problematic. Don't really want to go down that path and still optimistic for a good outcome. Perhaps I just need to be more patient.
  14. Hi Ivana, I am experiencing pain (stabbing) and throbbing from the site of the implant but not from the surgical incision. The implant site is still swollen. I had expected it to sit flat and be barely noticeable.
  15. Hi, I have conductive hearing loss through chronic infections. One week ago I had the surgery for a Med-el Bonebridge. I am surprised at how painful the surgery was (still is). I had expected the pain and swelling to subside after a few days. I now have even less hearing from my better ear where the implant has been placed. Is this usual?
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